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School Expectations

Our Expectations

In order to achieve the schools aims and embody our values the children are taught to follow a set of simple expectations that evolve as the children develop and mature throughout their time in school:

Attend well:

Strive to be in school every day and never be late so that you can get the most of your lessons and enjoy every learning opportunity.

Think positively:

Enjoy the challenges you meet every day in school, celebrate your success, learn from your mistakes and know that with perseverance you will always make progress.

Work hard:

Give the teacher and the task your full attention and make it as easy as possible for everyone to concentrate, learn and do their best.

Be friendly:

Make every effort to be kind, cooperative and caring and ensure that you never hurt other people or their feelings

Stay safe:

Make sensible choices and conduct yourself in a calm and thoughtful manner in all parts of the school at every time of day.

Show respect:

Treat other people’s views, feelings and belongings along with school equipment and the environment with the utmost care and attention.

Take responsibility:

Know that your actions have consequences, both for you and those around you, be prepared to reflect upon your behaviour honestly and take steps to improve.

Be a role model:

Know there is always someone looking up to you, work hard, have fun, be happy and look out for needs of others.