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School Aims, Values and Mission Statement

Our Aims

The opportunities we provide for children have three broad aims:

  • To develop successful learners who work hard, enjoy learning, persevere and make progress from their individual starting points in order to achieve their full potential.
  • To encourage confident individuals who are able to communicate effectively and make decisions that enable them to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • To create responsible citizens who have respect for themselves, their environment and other people and can make a positive contribution to society and the wider world.

Our Values

We believe that a positive, child-centred ethos is essential in creating a school that is able to reflect the values of our community and those of the wider society, promoting personal development, equality of opportunity, economic wellbeing, a healthy and just democracy, and a sustainable future. We teach the children the importance of three key values:

Excellence   Friendship   Respect

We believe that our values encourage:

  • Our children, as individuals, to be aware of their own sense of uniqueness and worth, capable of spiritual, moral, social, intellectual and physical growth and development
  • An appreciation of difference and an understanding that people possess different skills and dispositions and approach life from different perspectives depending upon their background and context.
  • An understanding that progress is achieved through hard work, perseverance and resilience
  • Friendly relationships, that promote a sense of tolerance and cooperation as being fundamental to the development and fulfilment of happy and healthy lives, and to the good of the community and the wider world
  • A society, which is shaped by the positive contributions of a diverse range of people, cultures and heritages
  • An understanding that our environment is the basis of life and a source of wonder and inspiration that needs to be respected and protected.

Our Mission

Netherton Moss will lay the foundations for a fulfilling future by offering a positive, rich experience for all children.  It will be characterised by high standards, particularly in literacy and numeracy; through a well-designed curriculum that provides every child with a wide range of opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills and dispositions they need in order to become well-rounded individuals, global citizens and lifelong learners. This will be carried out in a happy, safe and supportive atmosphere, which focuses upon the emotional, academic and physical resilience of all children and adults.

We are committed to helping all children succeed regardless of their background or ability, underpinned by positive relationships with parents, carers, extended families and the wider community.

In our school, all children will be challenged and engaged by learning which, excites their imagination, advances their understanding and extends the boundaries of their lives. They will enjoy and make sense of the world through learning that gives them the opportunity to encounter, explore and engage through speaking, listening, watching, thinking and doing.  Children will learn through a wide range of physical, expressive and creative activities. They will work hard and take pride in their learning and will want to do well, thinking positively and having the confidence to ‘have a go’ while understanding that progress is achieved through perseverance.

We will develop a curriculum that offers exciting and inspiring programmes of learning that evolve and develop over time to reflect the changing interests and needs of the children and the world in which they live. Good quality resources will be used flexibly and imaginatively to support our work. We will make best use of the outdoors and the local and wider environment. There will be visits out of school and visitors coming in to school, that will extend and enrich teaching and learning opportunities for all.

Children will be role models and learn from each other, and from the adults who surround them. We will support, encourage and enable their social, emotional, spiritual and cultural development while ensuring they have clear understanding of the challenges and responsibilities they have for themselves and others.