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Welcome to our Governors’ section 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.

The governing body of Netherton Moss Primary School plays a crucial role in the life and work of our school.  Governors make decisions about many aspects of the school, including the curriculum, staffing and finance.

The governing body consists of members of staff and parents, as well as representatives from Sefton Education Authority and the local community.

Netherton Moss Primary Governing Body 2018/2019

Headteacher: Mrs F Wood

Chairperson: Mrs H Lyall         Vice-Chairperson: Mr C Young

Clerk to the Governors: Mrs D Jackson

Name  Category Date Appointed Appointed by Term of Office Roles and Committees
Fiona Wood Headteacher 01/09/2010 Governing Body N/A Headteacher
Hannah Adams   Local Authority 27/02/2019 Governing Body 2 years Pay and Staffing
Hilary Lyall Co-opted 01/09/2013 Governing Body 8 years 

Chair, Finance (Chair),

Pay and Staffing (Chair), Curriculum (Chair)

Patricia Rooney Co-opted 06/10/2020 Governing Body 3 years Finance
Janice Sharp Co-opted 01/04/2015 Governing Body 5 years  
Maria Walsh Co-opted 17/11/2017 Governing Body 3 years Finance
Pauline Glenville Co-opted 26/01/2021 Governing Body   Pupil Premium Co-ordinator, Curriculum
Fiona Washington Staff 26/01/2021 Staff    
Christopher Young Parent 17/06/2014 Parents 7 years Vice-chair, Finance (Vice-chair), Pay and Staffing
Laura Jackson Parent 30/09/2019 Parents 2 years Finance, Curriculum
Vacancy Parent   Parents    
Vacancy Parent   Parents    

Former Governors since 2014

Name Category Date Appointed Appointed by Term of Office Stood Down
Tommy Armes Staff 01/09/2000 School staff 14 years 31/03/2015
Janice Sharp Staff 01/09/2000 School staff 14 years 31/03/2015
Jayne Jones Parent 01/01/2010 Parents 5 years 31/07/2015
Cllr Mark Dowd Local Authority 08/09/2011 Local Authority 4 years 31/07/2015
Pauline Glenville Staff 30/09/2008 School staff 7 years 31/07/2015
Nicola Bradley Parent 01/12/2015 Parents 3 months 01/03/2016
Tony Hird Co-opted 01/09/2000 Governing Body 15 years 30/03/2016
Steve Devine Parent 01/01/2010 Parents 6 years 31/07/2016
Jackie Hughes Parent 01/06/2015 Parents 2 years 31/05/2017
Helen Thackray Local Authority 01/09/2016 Governing Body 1 year 06/09/2017
Kelly Griffith Parent 17/10/2017 Parents 11 months 01/09/2018
Ian Jones Parent 01/09/2018 Parents 2 years 26/01/2021
Pauline Glenville Staff   Staff   31/08/2020






Pay and Staffing


Schools Financial 
Value Standard
Fiona Wood Fiona Wood Fiona Wood Fiona Wood
Hilary Lyall Hilary Lyall Hilary Lyall Patricia Rooney
David Hird Chris Young Chris Young Chris Young
Pauline Glenville Patricia Rooney Hannah Adams Diane Jackson
  Maria Walsh    

Register of Interests

Name of Governor                                Declared Interest
Hilary Lyall Co-ordinator of School Direct programme for Horizon
Maria Walsh Relative of a member of staff

 Attendance Register 2017/2018

Name of Governor Scheduled Meetings Meetings Attended Apologies Accepted



Thomas Armes 6 6 0 0
Pauline Glenville   6 5 1 0
Kelly Griffith 4 3 1 0
Hilary Lyall 10 10 0 0
Janice Sharp 3 3 0 0
Maria Walsh 3 3 0 0
Fiona Wood 10 10 0 0
Christopher Young 7 6 0 1

Netherton Moss thanks all the governors for the time they dedicate to the school.