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Curriculum Showcase

We believe that our children deserve and need us to provide more than just the National Curriculum. Life has so much more to offer and our children have so much more to learn and experience. With this in mind, we work to prioritise the opportunities we want our children to have during their time with us. Through our Curriculum Drivers of:

Communication    Community    Resilience    Creativity    Adventure    Health

We seek to fulfill our mission that all children will be challenged and engaged by learning which, excites their imagination, advances their understanding and extends the boundaries of their lives. They will enjoy and make sense of the world through learning that gives them the opportunity to encounter, explore and engage through speaking, listening, watching, thinking and doing. Children will learn through a wide range of physical, expressive and creative activities. They will work hard and take pride in their learning and will want to do well, thinking positively and having the confidence to ‘have a go’ while understanding that progress is achieved through perseverance.

We will develop a curriculum that offers exciting and inspiring programmes of learning that evolve and develop over time to reflect the changing interests and needs of the children and the world in which they live. Good quality resources will be used flexibly and imaginatively to support our work. We will make best use of the outdoors and the local and wider environment. There will be visits out of school and visitors coming in to school, that will extend and enrich teaching and learning opportunities for all.

We are relentless in the way that we use every aspect of school life to enable the children, whatever their background, to access and build up their reserves of both Social and Cultural Capital as well as the full range of knowledge skills and dispositions that are essential if they are to understand, communicate and be successful in the world.

Here we showcase some of the highlights of our creative and collaborative curriculum.