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Sunflower Year 2

Welcome to Sunflower Class!

16th & 17th December 2019

Children from both Clover and Sunflower class have enjoyed an end of term overnight visit to Crosby Hall. The children took part in lots of great activities including the outdoor adventure course, christmas decorations making, egg drop challenge, "midnight" walk, shelter building, toasting marshmallows and they even had a surprise  visit from Father Christmas ! Please see a selection of photographs below. 

Investigating World Habitats

Investigating World Habitats 1
Investigating World Habitats 2
Investigating World Habitats 3
Investigating World Habitats 4
Investigating World Habitats 5
Investigating World Habitats 6
Investigating World Habitats 7
Investigating World Habitats 8
In Science, Sunflower Class have been exploring different world habitats. Our Year 6 research partners from Scarlet Class have helped us to find out about the different creatures that live in the Ocean, the Rainforest, the Arctic and the Desert. We have discovered how different creatures are suited to the habitat in which they live and the way in which this allows them to survive in often very harsh conditions.
The Pop Project this year was all about happiness and how it can have a positive effect on our mental health. We sung some great happiness songs as well as learning some fun dances too! The pop project gave us some good tips on how to keep ourselves happy. Back in class we discussed how we know if someone is happy, sad or angry and we gave some really good ideas! We then drew 3 things that made us happy as well as our happy little faces! 
As a whole school we have been involved in Chester zoo’s palm oil awareness campaign. We have had weekly sessions with the lovely zoo ranger, Niara, who told us all about the dangers of not checking the labels on our packaging of the things we buy weekly. We now know we should check for sustainable palm oil usage in all the products we buy! To celebrate the end of our workshop we all enjoyed a fun day out at the zoo! Thank you so much to Niara and everyone at Chester zoo for this amazing opportunity we are very lucky!
We have been learning how to use a search engine on the internet to search for pictures. We learnt how to use the ‘safe search’ filters and why they are super important! We are still working on our mouse and keyboard skills.

Mapping Habitats

Mapping Habitats 1
Mapping Habitats 2
Mapping Habitats 3
Mapping Habitats 4
Mapping Habitats 5
Mapping Habitats 6
Mapping Habitats 7
Mapping Habitats 8
Mapping Habitats 9
Mapping Habitats 10
Mapping Habitats 11
Mapping Habitats 12
Mapping Habitats 13
Mapping Habitats 14
Mapping Habitats 15
Mapping Habitats 16
Mapping Habitats 17
Mapping Habitats 18
Mapping Habitats 19
Mapping Habitats 20
Mapping Habitats 21
Mapping Habitats 22
Mapping Habitats 23
Mapping Habitats 24
Mapping Habitats 25
Mapping Habitats 26
The children have been exploring the habitats we are fortunate to have around our school and looking at the plants and animals that live there. To illustrate their findings they have had a go at drawing some maps of the gardens and the creatures they found.

London Past and Present

London Past and Present 1
London Past and Present 2
London Past and Present 3
London Past and Present 4
London Past and Present 5
London Past and Present 6
London Past and Present 7
As the children begin their topic exploring The Great Fire of London in 1666 they have been investigating London Past and Present, as well as linking this to the facts they learned about the Gunpowder Plot last year. The children enjoyed creating a timeline for the last 500 years.

Acting Out! The story of Joseph!

The Horizon Fun Run!

Our Reading Garden!

We have had a lovely upgrade to our reading corner this week! We have some lovely flowers with our RWI special friends on, to help us with our sounding out, as well as some amazing butterfly adjectives to help support creating noun phrases in our writing! We will also be adding any new vocabulary we learn to our beautiful garden. Here are some photos of us enjoying the new reading area! 

Enterprising Sunflowers - Macmillan baking!


We have been putting our baking skills to good use this week in aid of our whole school Macmillan coffee morning! After our science investigations outside, we decided to make chocolate brownies that look like worms in their natural habitat... Soil! We weighed and measured all the ingredients ourselves and they tasted amazing at the bake sale! Thank you to everyone who came to support our coffee morning. 

Sunflower Number Storyboarding

Sunflower Number Storyboarding 1

Habitat hunting!

Habitat hunting! 1

Pinocchio! M&M productions

Pinocchio! M&M productions 1
The fabulous m and m productions visited us in school and performed the play Pinocchios! How lucky are we?!
For Roald Dahl day we were inspired by our whole class story the a Fantastic Mr Fox! We learnt interesting facts all about Roald Dahl and even wrote a fact file. We learnt how to draw a fox and used this to create a wanted poster for the pesky Mr Fox! We finally used our art skills to make lots of fantastic foxes!

Magnificent Maths!

We have been practicing recognising numbers all the way to 100!

Our first day!

Our first day! 1

Sunflower Class 2019-20

We used our knowledge of healthy eating and our chopping skills from DT to make ourselves an alternative to traditional pizza! Yummy!!

We had such a fun time, for some of us it was our first time in Liverpool! We explored the history of transport and the famous overhead railway in the morning, then during the afternoon we discovered some of Liverpool’s finest history!

Local Church Visit!

Our friends at St.Oswalds ran a session all about celebrations! We explored a wedding and a baptism as well as discussing all the church symbols!

Picture 1


Sunflower class have been learning all about D-Day including the ships that helped make D-Day, such as the HMS Medusa! We have really enjoyed learning all the history and have even created a fabulous whole class display! 

Healthy Schools Week!

Sunflower class have been really lucky this week and have taken part in healthy schools week! This means we have been trying to make the right choices with our lunches as well as taking part in a smoothie workshop! It tasted very yummy! We were also very lucky to have a visit from Matt Lee who is a real life decathlon athlete! He came and ran an exercise workshop with us, it was so much fun!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
We took part in the whole school daily mile event. We had to run around a marked out track for a whole mile! We tried our best and had very tired legs afterwards!

Celebration Assembly! 

Congratulations to our fabulous school value and dojo winners!

Wild Animals!!
We had a visit from BooZoo for you this week! We were able to meet lots of their friendly animals including meerkat twin brothers Ben and Jerry! We were given lots of interesting facts and were able to ask any questions we wanted- thank you BooZoo!

The Easter Experience!

Science week- Journey through nature!

During science week we discovered the effects of pollution and global warming. We carried out an experiment to see if a busy park or a busy road would have more pollution, we created a hypothesis of what we thought might happen and searched for an explanation afterwards! We were really sad to hear about the melting ice caps so we worked really hard, with a little help from home, to create information posters for our classroom doors. 
World Book Week!laugh
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

During world book week we had a really exciting visit from an author called Grant Knopper. He came to read us his new storybook it was really fun! He even let us have an autograph and our pictures taken with him!

on world book day we got to wear our favourite PJ’s to school (the teachers even joined in!) we brought to school our favourite bedtime story to read with the class we had a very comfortable day!

On Pancake Tuesday we designed our own pancakes and carried out our designs in class! We tried to make our patterns even. We learnt all about lines of symmetry and making repeating patterns in maths. 

PE! Gymnastics!

PE! Gymnastics! 1
PE! Gymnastics! 2
PE! Gymnastics! 3
PE! Gymnastics! 4
We have been learning all about counterbalancing in gymnastics. We have been working in our groups to create sequences!

Chinese New Year!


We celebrated Chinese New Year by tasting foods such as spring rolls, prawn crackers and fried rice! We had a really tasty time! We also made lucky money puches and dragon masks!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Celebration Assembly

Congratulations to our celebration assembly winners! You have all worked very hard to earn these awards linked to our school values, Well done!

Super Scientists!

We have been learning all about habitats. We started by deciding if certain things were dead, alive or had never been alive. We then looked at how to decide if something is living. Finally we explored what animals live in different types of habitats!

Maths magicians! We have been learning how to make equal groups in our multiplication and division unit.

Maths magicians! We have been learning how to make equal groups in our multiplication and division unit.  1
Maths magicians! We have been learning how to make equal groups in our multiplication and division unit.  2
Maths magicians! We have been learning how to make equal groups in our multiplication and division unit.  3
Maths magicians! We have been learning how to make equal groups in our multiplication and division unit.  4
Maths magicians! We have been learning how to make equal groups in our multiplication and division unit.  5
Maths magicians! We have been learning how to make equal groups in our multiplication and division unit.  6

We Will Rock You!

This term we have been learning all about different rock bands. We have learnt how to play the Glockenspiel and have learnt how to keep the beat in the rock songs.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Welcome Back and a Happy New Year!

Please find below our topic letter for the new spring term! We will be focussing on our writing skills a lot this term, read the letter to find out what we will be writing about!

The Christmas experience

Visitors from our local church came and delivered a workshop based on the Christmas story. Each station represented a section of the story and allowed the children to creatively retell in small groups. 

Crosby Hall!

Some children from Sunflower and Clover classes enjoyed an over night stay at the award winning CHET centre. We had an amazing time exploring the woods and completing the adventure courses. We over came challenges and even took part in the maze! Luckily no one was lost! Santa even came to visit us in the evening bringing with him selection boxes while we sang our favourite Christmas songs! smiley

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Santa Dash

We had a very fun afternoon taking part in our Santa dash! We ran around and used up all of our energy whilst wearing our Christmas hats! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Remembrance Sunday

We have learnt the history of Remembrance Sunday and what it means when people wear the poppy. We made individual poppies to for us to keep as well as larger poppies in groups to decorate our classroom with.We decided to join them all together to create a poppy display.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Halloween fun!

We have been learning all about the history of Halloween and we even made some spooky decorations for our classroom!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Celebration Assembly!

Congratulations to our first celebration winners of the year! Our awards are linked to the updated school expectations. This includes our class Dojo certificate for the child with the most Dojos earned in class!

Welcome Back to a Brand New School Year!

Please find below our latest Topic letter with all of our key information for the term ahead!

Autumn Topic Letter

Meet the Teacher Booklet

Summer Term

We hope you had a lovely Easter and are ready to kick start our final term in Sunflower!


Please click on and read our summer topic letter below to find out all the exciting things we have coming up this term!


Homework club will take place Tuesday and Thursday afternoons until 4pm.


Key dates:

3rd May - School closed for Polling Day

7th May- Bank holiday

25th May- Half term :) 

June 19th- Trip to Liverpool Philharmonic and Liverpool Reform Synagogue


Science Awards

Congratulations to Jacob, Jorja, Zak and Olivia for winning our Super Scientist awards, following on from our school Science Day on Thursday 12th April. 

They look very happy in their new coats and t-shirts. A very big well done to you all! Our future Scientists!

Science Day

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo 1

World Book Day 2018

World Book Day 2018 1 Happy World Book Day!!!
World Book Day 2018 2 Where's Wally?