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Can you believe it, it’s your last week as a Y6?! It’s been lovely to see some of you back at school over the past few weeks, and we’re sad that for some of you we won’t be able to see you before you leave us to go to high school.


This week, take some time to reflect on your memories of your time at Netherton Moss. Choose a few and have a go at the memories sheet attached at the bottom of today’s webpage update. You can add this to your record of achievement when you receive it from school and look back on it in years to come. 


We want to wish you all the best of luck starting your new school, we know you’ll all have great fun and remember to always try your best! When everything settles down, do make sure you come back and visit us! We'll miss you all!




Hi everyone,


Here is our home learning update for those of you who aren’t back in school this week…


Education City work continues, so make sure you log on and take a look.  



This week, I’d like you to head over to the Whiterose website using the following link:

On there, you’ll find a series of videos to watch, building on our work on angles from last week. BBC Bitesize lessons are also exploring angles this week so please visit these daily.



This week, we’re going to revisit apostrophe use. Many of you find using apostrophes for contractions (eg. can’t instead of cannot) much easier than using apostrophes to show possession.


So, I’ve attached a Powerpoint at the end of today’s webpage update for you to revisit possessive apostrophe use. Once you’ve done so, have a go at the attached booklet, also at the end of today’s page update. The answers are at the back for you, just remember- no peaking until you’ve had a go yourselves!


Let’s get active…

It’s Virtual Merseyside School Games Week! Here's Tuesday's challenge. Visit @southseftonssp Twitter for more throughout the week...



Here are a couple more letters from the Y6 Bubble in school...



Hi Everyone!


We hope you enjoyed reading some of this week’s letters from our ‘ Y6 Bubble’ in school. More will be shared next week, it would be lovely for some of your friends in school to hear from those of you who are at home. You can email us your letters to  


This week, for those children in school, their focus in Maths is on angles, specifically those on a straight line and around a point. I’ve posted a couple of learn screens in Education city for you which look at this, as well as some games to practise.



In Literacy, we are practising our handwriting and spellings daily, something you can all be doing at home! We are also working on our reading comprehension skills. So, I’ve posted some comprehension practise for those of you at home too, you’ll find this on this week’s Education City folder. Also, remember to keep up your reading journals. 


In Science, we’re starting to look at the circulatory system. Here’s a home learning activity for you to take part in:

  1. Watch the following BBC Learning Clip  and make some notes.
  2. Using your notes, write your own explanation of how the Heart works. Next week, we’ll share with you some of our explanations from in class.  

Finally, here’s this week’s activity to help get active…


We all miss you in school and hope you’re all keeping well!




Hi everyone,


Here is our home learning update for those of you who aren’t back in school this week…


Education City work continues, so make sure you log on and take a look.  



At the bottom of today’s web page update, I’ve attached a sheet full of fronted adverbials . Have a go at using some of them to build your own sentences in your workbooks. Try to include a different adverbial for each sentence, as well as a different piece of punctuation. You could include dialogue, using inverted commas, or maybe an embedded clause. You could also use your Y6 spelling list and try to include a variety of vocabulary.


Here’s the answers to last week’s Maths challenge…

This week, have a go at the activities, exploring prime numbers and rounding.

Remember, prime numbers only have factors of 1 and themselves. For rounding, don’t forget, half way or more- round up!


For a bit of fun, why not try a game of Soduku?!



Let’s get active…



Monday 22nd June 2020


Welcome back Scarlet Class!!  We have missed you!!


To keep you safe in school we have put in place some new procedures that you must follow.


Please see the photos and their captions below.


When dropping off and picking up your children please stand on one of the yellow crosses outside of the playground gate. (Parents, please do not enter the school premises).


Your children will be met by a member of staff, who will direct them across the playground to our external hand washing facilities.

Please remain 2 metres apart when walking across the playground.
Remember to wash your hands before you enter the building at our outside hand washing station.
Once inside, please follow the floor markings to your classroom.
Please take notice of all the reminders located on posters around the Year 6 learning bubble.
In the classroom each child will have their own individual table.  On that table you will find your tray, that includes everything you will need to enjoy your school day. (Let the fun begin!)


Hi all, 


Hope everyone’s well and keeping their spirits up! How did everyone get on with the Geography activity on counties last week? It’d be great if some of you shared your scores with us on Twitter or by email!


This week, why not focus on twenty tricky spellings to master?! At the bottom of today’s webpage update, I’ve attached our spelling doodle grid for those of you who have access to a printer. Remember, you can also make your own doodle grid in your blank workbooks.


Education City

Having checked on Education City, some still have activities to complete so, for those of you, please revisit this week and have a go! If you have completed the tasks set, then there should be updated content on there for you.


Letters to your class…

I thought that this week, it would be a nice idea for you to share with each other what you’ve been enjoying doing during lockdown or perhaps even new things you've learnt?! If you would like to write a letter to the rest of Y6 and email us a picture of it, we’ll upload it to our webpage.  Sharing positivity and hearing from each other would certainly put a smile on all of our faces! You might also like to talk about some of the things you’ve been doing in preparation for High School- I know that lots of you have started to receive things through from your high schools already, how exciting!


Email - so Mrs Jackson can share it with us.


Maths Challenge

Here are the answers to last week’s Maths challenge…



This week is the last week of the Whiterose Maths Challenges, so give this a go! The last one is particularly tricky, so just try your best!



Keeping active..

Let’s see what you can be doing to keep active…


Some of you might also like to get involved with this competition...




Hi Y6!


Firstly, well done to all those who completed last week’s Education City work that I set for you- keep up the hard work! There should now be a new folder uploaded for you, full of activities.


What have you been reading so far?

This week, in your journals, try writing some chapter summaries. Detail what’s happened throughout the chapter…were there any tense, amusing or exciting parts? Then predict what you think might happen as you read on.



Today’s BBC Bitesize Literacy lesson is all about apostrophes, a tricky piece of grammar that would be worthwhile revisiting.



In Geography, we would have been revisiting the location of counties in the United Kingdom. Notice the spelling- counties not countries! Reminder- a county is a smaller area of the UK containing lots of towns and villages. Our county is Merseyside.


How many can you locate across the UK? There are lots- 107 in total!!!


Have a go at the activity attached at the end of today's webpage update. Then have a look at the answers towards the end of the document and give yourself a score, it doesn’t matter if this is 1 or 107! Having done this, try learning as many counties as you can before attempting it again at the end of the week.


Remember, no peeping at the answers when testing yourself, or you won’t be learning anything! See how much progress you can make in a week. I’m going to set you the target of remembering 20 of them… good luck!


Here is the solution to last week’s Whiterose Maths challenge…


Here’s this week’s challenge…


Finally, here’s this week’s activity to help get active…



Click below for the counties activity...


Welcome back!


This week, I’ve set a few home learning tasks on Education City for you. There are some Maths and English activities for you to try. You’ll see a mixture of learn screens, which you can watch first to help you; games and activity sheets (for those of you who have access to a printer). However…please don’t worry if you don’t!! Reminder: to see these, simply log on and click on ‘Homework’ on the left hand side.


Classroom Secrets are also currently offering free access to their kids version of their website which has Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, Reading, Maths and History games for each year group.


Today’s Maths lesson on BBC Bitesize is looking at fractions and percentages which you were working on with Mrs Houghton and Ms Glenville last term. It would be really useful for you to revisit this.


Remember, if you haven’t access to the Internet, please visit your hard copy home learning packs this week and choose some activities to have a go at; if you need work updating in them, please don’t hesitate to ask.


I’ve also set this week’s Whiterose Maths challenge for you below, good luck, the answers will be revealed next week.  


Finally, here's a fun challenge for you to try this week...



Hi everyone!


Below I've shared with you the answers to last week's anagram puzzle and Maths challenge.



How many did you manage to solve?!



As it's half term this week, we hope you enjoy spending it with your families as well as perhaps some outdoor exercise in the lovely weather that’s been forecasted.


Stay safe and look out for the next update on our page on Monday 1st June!


Hi everyone!


Here's a little challenge to start your day... can you unscramble these letters to find words from your Y6 Spelling list? Keep at it and don't give up!



Did you have a go at any BBC Bitesize daily lessons online last week?

Head over today to learn all about...

Recently, we worked hard on a series of lessons in school multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. So, this would be great for you to revisit and refresh your knowledge! If you've missed any lessons, remember they're all still available to watch.


Here are the answers to last week's Maths challenge as well as the next set of questions for this week.


All answers will be revealed next week so watch this space!





Hi everyone!


To start with, here’s last week’s answers revealed to the Whiterose Maths questions…


Here’s this week’s challenge questions for you to have a go at…



If you have access to the internet, have you taken some time to log on to Education City at home yet? Don’t forget that not only is it full of fun games, but that there are ‘Learn Screens’ too which will help you across a range of subjects. You might even like to use these to support you when working on your home schooling packs.  


For Maths, some of you may also remember playing ‘Hit the Button’. You can find this on; it’s a great way to keep up that speedy recall of your tables!  


Finally, don't forget, if your home schooling packs need updating, please let us know and we'll arrange for more work for you to collect.


We hope you're keeping safe and well!


Mrs Houghton, Ms Glenville and Mrs Roxburgh




Hello Y6!

Let's start the week with some positivity and a bit of fun...

Our school sports partnership have come up with a fun game for you to try out this week with your family- why not give it a go?! 






What have you read recently? Why not try reading something new? Don't forget to try to keep up with your reading journals!


For something a bit different, you could visit You’ll find a variety of video posts of Michael Rosen’s stories and poems for children. A good deal of Michael Rosen’s poems are about his life between the ages of 2 and 12 and they’re sure to put a smile on your face. His poems and stories are also on his YouTube channel Kids’ Poems and Stories with Michael Rosen.  

Maths Challenge


Here are last week’s Maths answers revealed…


Here is this week’s set of questions- they require some careful concentration, give them a go and good luck!



Finally, don't forget… keep smiling!





Hi everyone!

As we enter into another week at home, we thought we'd give you a new focus with a History project.


We would have been starting the new term in school learning all about Martin Luther King Jr. You may have heard a little bit about him already and your family might even have some facts they know to share with you too.


At home, try and find out as much as you can about him and why he is so famous. Then think of different ways to present your research...


If you have access to a computer, you might like to create a PowerPoint presentation, using some of the skills we've learnt in school such as creating transitions across slides or cropping and removing backgrounds from images. Don't worry if you can't access this...


Alternatively, you could create a written fact file, a bubble brainstorm or even a bright and engaging poster! For those up for a challenge, you might like to organise your facts into a written biography working your way chronologically through his life. Or, if you're feeling really creative, why not create a video sharing all that you've learnt?!


Give it a go and remember, we'd love to see any work you do! You can tweet us @netherton_moss or email



Well done to everyone having a go at the Maths challenges we've been posting. Here's the solution to last week's challenge:



Now let's have a look at this week's challenge...



Good luck and look out for the answers next week!




Take some time to revisit the Y6 spelling list. How many can you spell accurately? It would be great if you could timetable in 10 minutes practice each day just like we do in school-how about asking someone at home to test you each week on a few of them?


We hope this might give you some new ideas for learning at home but remember, just try your best, keep smiling and stay safe!


We miss seeing you all in school,


Mrs Houghton, Ms Glenville and Mrs Roxburgh

A huge well done to Peter who has been busy writing letters to the residents of a care home! He has written 8 so far, and plans on writing more to bring a smile to their faces throughout such a tough time. What a lovely idea! 




We hope you all enjoyed a happy Easter at home. To start the week, here’s the solution to our first set of White Rose Maths problems we posted on our page on the 4th April. How did you do?!




Here’s the next one for you to challenge yourselves with…


Remember, the solution will be revealed next week!


Have you used your exercise book yet? It’d be great to see some daily reading journals.
How about starting a diary at home? 


Parent update:

The guide aims to answer children’s questions about coronavirus, tell children how to stay safe and protect other people and how to help them make the best of their time at home.


This page has been created to support parents during COVID-19 and the closure of schools. Each fortnight, they will be releasing new home activity packs with simple 15 minute activities you can do with your child to support their online safety at a time when they will spending more time online at home.

What is coronavirus? A fact sheet for kids

Understanding Covid 19 Coronavirus can be confusing and daunting, so here's a handy short video Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation trust have created to explain what it is and how it works.


Hi all,


We hope everyone is well at home, it’d be great to see some photos of the things you’ve been working on…why not share it with us on our Twitter page @netherton_moss?


Here we have a few new ideas for you whilst home learning…


BBC Bitesize Update

Further to our suggestion at the start of the week to visit the BBC Bitesize website, here is an update on how Bitesize will support learning further from 20th April…


National Museums Liverpool is launching a fantastic new home learning project called #MyHomeIsMyMuseum where you get to create your own museum exhibition or art gallery! For more information visit :


Amazon has announced that they are offering free subscription to their audible Stories. Audible works on most devices, including phones, tablets, Echo, Sonos and more. It even remembers and picks up where you left off when you switch from one device to another. For more information visit:


The Maths Factor

Why not take a look at Carol Vorderman’s Maths Factor?


We’re also going to post a weekly Maths challenge from WhiteRose Maths which consists of a few problems to solve. The answers will be revealed the following week and a new challenge will be set. Here’s your first one to try, have a go!


Let’s get creative!


With Easter coming up, why not get creative?!


Whilst sadly we won’t be able to enjoy our Easter Bonnet competition this year, can you use some materials at home, for example, cereal boxes or toilet rolls to create, paint/ colour an Easter model?! We’d love to see some of your creations.


For any questions about home learning, email and Mrs Jackson will forward them to Mrs Houghton or Ms Glenville. Remember, it’s okay to make mistakes, not everything you try will be easy, challenging yourself enables you to learn new things.


Finally, above all, we hope you have a safe and happy Easter with your families.


Mrs Houghton, Ms Glenville and Mrs Roxburgh




Hi everyone! We hope your first week at home has gone well, choosing some activities from your home learning packs as well as enjoying some quality time with your families. We miss seeing you all in school! 


Have you visited the BBC Bitesize website yet? You’ll find some great tools for learning across a range of subjects, not to mention some fun games too!


This week you could try something a little different- how about some observational drawing? Simply choose a household object and start sketching ! You could try shading in different areas and have a go at creating a shadow.


The current situation we all find ourselves in can be overwhelming and lead to an increase in anxiety levels for some children. This is particularly so for those children with ADHD, social communication difficulties or ASD.  Please find below advice from the ADHD Foundation and the National Autistic Society offering tips to support these children during COVID -19.

Further advice and support can be found on :


This week is also World Autism Awareness Week . Resources are available from :


Why not kickstart your day actively?





Why not timetable in visiting at 11am each morning where David Walliams will be reading some short audio stories. 

Please sign up to the fabulous Oxford Owl education site to support your child at home with reading, English and maths.  You can choose activities by age group or by subject.  
There is also a fabulous, free, age group specific ebook library - giving you lots of choice over books to read and listen to at home with your child.  

There are also lots of other activities to support your child with English and maths - all geared specifically to your child’s age group.  
Creating an account is free and really simple.  Visit, click on join us and add a few personal details including an email address and you are ready to go.  Have fun, we hope that you enjoy using the online resources and all the other fabulous resources available.  

March 2020- Tree planting to develop our forest area

Spring Term Y6 Science: Light


We've had great fun this term learning all about Light and in the past couple of weeks, we've enjoyed being scientists...


Take a look at this amazing observation we made about water and how light refracts through it, creating the illusion that the arrow is facing in the other!!




Tasty Squash!

Once we had finished with all the squashes and pumpkins we had used as part of our autumn sketching topic it seemed a pity to let them all go to waste! In order to make good use of these interesting vegetables we made pumpkin soup and a most unusual but delicious squash cake. Not only were these fun to make but fantastic to eat, topped with a mascarpone and orange icing! We were all very popular indeed with the teachers when we sent a finished cake along to staff meeting!!

Thursday 24th October 

Today we welcomed the Denbigh Workshop theatre company to Year 5 and 6.  Through the use of drama they made us even more aware of the plight of orang-utans and other creatures in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra. Did you know the equivalent of 300 football pitches an hour are cleared in order to meet the worldwide demand for Palm Oil? This causes up to 50 orang-utans to be needlessly killed every week.

We desperately need to only use products that are made from sustainable Palm oil.

Scarlet Class are finding their way in the world!

Don’t panic! It is not our Job Junction careers project until the Summer Term but Scarlet Class have been learning how to set their direction and move forward in the world as part of their mapping topic in Geography. They have started use eight cardinal points to give directions and instructions and follow routes on maps describing what can be seen. They are learning a range of OS symbols and beginning to understand that different maps use some different symbols. 

Scarlet and Ruby Class get creative!

The children in Scarlet and Ruby Class have been artistically and culinarily creative this week. Using the last harvest of the allotment along with some purchases from the supermarket, they have been developing their drawing skills and their use of colour as they have drawn and painted their late summer bounty! It would of course be rude to let such good produce go to waste and so a most delicious chicken and vegetable curry was the order of the day! 

As you will have seen in the news, the children have been enjoying the delights of CHET this week. Follow the link to Ruby class below to find even more amazing photos.

It is lovely to welcome our new Year 6 class back to school.  Scarlet Class has been full of smiley faces and we are looking forward to seeing what the year has to offer.  For a sneak peak at what we will be doing during the Autumn term have a look at our Topic letter below.

Rock and River 2019

The children in Scarlet Class today enjoyed a fantastic adventure at the Rock and River Outdoor Pursuit Centre near Mawdesley. The children took on every challenge that was put in front of them, from the high ropes to the leap of faith the children grew in confidence and demonstrated their strength and resilience. The highlight of the day was of course the raft-building, which saw our intrepid adventurers design and build their own waterborne transport before setting out on the lake to test their design and construction skills. Naturally, everyone and everything got wet including Mrs Ray, Mrs Roxburgh and Miss Glenville!! A hot shower and a good lunch soon sorted everyone out

Tuning Up!

Everyone in school is busy getting ready for our School Summer Music Concert on Thursday 11th July at 9:15am. Following our work about D-Day and watching some of the commemorations in Portsmouth and France we have been learning to play a range of different military marches that we will perform at the concert.

Not bad for a first attempt!

Still image for this video

Sounding Brass!

Still image for this video

Year 6 have a rotten time!

In Scarlet Class over the last few weeks we have been investigating micro-organisms and the conditions they need for growth! Over 21 days we have monitored what has happened to slices of fresh white bread that has been stored in different conditions! During our final observations things have definitely got a little bit mouldy! We will be drawing some conclusions during our next session! 


We are Games Designers

Scarlet Class is busy designing and coding interactive multiplication games for our friends in Year 3. Turns out there is a lot to think about and many problems to solve along the way, knowing our tables is the place to start. Mrs Washington tells us that Clover Class need to practice their 3s, 4s and 8s so we have a starting point for our design. Once they are complete we will be able to trial them with the younger children, only if we know the answers first!

Friday 24th May - Moving Day for Scarlet Class

Phase 1 of the rewiring of the school is about to begin after half-term. In order to minimise the disruption this will cause and to allow most of the work to happen in the next two Summer Holidays, Scarlet Class have kindly moved a few doors down the corridor and taken over Apollo Base from Mrs Christian who has in turn moved into the Parent’s Room with Miss Redmond moving her RWI group into Moss Munch. It is only for the last half-term of the year although it is going to take a little bit of time to settle and for people to get used to their new locations. Scarlet Class proved to be great at furniture removals, this is very encouraging especially after all their Career Carousel work!

Scarlet Class Park Picnic!

After all the promises made, the day finally came for Year 6 to visit the park! The end of term, end of tests treat had looked in doubt as the rain clouds gathered but Scarlet Class were not to be put off and so the snacks were packed and they headed to the park for a fun filled hour!

Daily Mile Event 17th May 2019

With the SATS tests over, Scarlet Class started the day with their participation in the Sefton School’s Daily Mile Celebration! With one of the questions from the Maths Reasoning Test in mind, Year 6 took on the task of laying out, measuring the course and converting the metres into miles! With their 4 laps of 402m complete, the reward of a Bacon Butty awaited the runners!


Career Carousel - 8th May 2019

As part of our on-going careers and raising aspirations work, this afternoon Scarlet Class welcomed representatives from a range of different workplaces including: Merseyside Ambulance and Paramedic Service, The Post Office, Glenville Walker Legal Services, The Sovini Group Property Management, The Walton Centre Rehabilitation Team,  and Liverpool City College.  


The children worked in small groups and met with each professional in turn asking questions and learning from each individual all about the pathway they have followed from their time in school to the present day. The visiting professionals were able to talk about their current role as well as all the key milestones that have happened during their respective careers. The children really enjoyed listening to thevery different experiences and learning the top tips for finding a rewarding career.


Amongst the common themes to emerge in all of the discussions was the need to develop good communication skills and the ability to problem-solve. All the professionals were able to highlight for the children the many transferable skills they gained during their time in school and that have been vital in their changing and progressing careers. 


Needless to say, all the professionals involved, commented upon the engagement, maturity and interest shown by all the children.

Questioning the Professionals!

Summer 2019 Topic Letter

Job Junction

As part of our on-going participation in the Job Junction Project, Scarlet Class have spend the afternoon exploring the difference between Skills and Talents and how a combination of personal qualities and attributes can help people make a positive contribution in the world of work.

The Job Junction - Career Carousel

As part of our careers and raising aspirations work, Year 6 will be participating in a Career Carousel with our friends at Positive Footprints and Primary Futures. Mr Hird is looking for anyone who has a career they enjoy and who might be willing to come into school and answer the children’s questions. It is really important that our children should have aspirations and dreams for their future as this gives the work of nurturing their talents and developing their employability skills real meaning and purpose and provides them with that essential motivation to work hard.  The event itself is on the afternoon of Wednesday 8th May 2019 and anyone with a contact should let Mr Hird know.

The Art of Alberto Giacometti

Scarlet Class have been studying the life and works of Alberto Giacometti who was a Swiss sculptor, painter, draftsman and printmaker. Beginning in 1922, he lived and worked mainly in Paris but regularly visited his hometown Borgonovo to see his family and work on his art. Giacometti was one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century. After their research and design work the children are enjoying getting their hands dirty (and the desks and the floor...)

After trying their hand at a number of savoury dishes in recent weeks, including Super Scouse, today was the opportunity to make some sweet (but fairly healthy) treats. Tasty Oatie Cookies with raisins were on the menu. The most important piece of equipment was the weighing scales as precision with the ingredients makes for crunchier cookies! Sugar, Oats, Honey, Raisins and Butter were the key ingredients and the top tip was to try and make all the cookies the same size so that they cook in the same amount of time.

Sweet and tasty treats are the order of the day!

RomeoRomeoWherefore art thou Romeo?

The world famous story of the two young, star-crossed lovers was brought to life this afternoon for all our children in Key Stage 2. The children watched, spell bound, as with minimal set and props and simple costume, Emily, Josh and Peter from the Manchester Actors Company told the tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet. The children experienced the full range of emotions as they cringed at the kissing, gasped at the the stabbings and gazed in silence as the poison did its worst!

The quality of the performances were reflected in the questions the children asked after the play, from technical questions around set and props, to the difficulty in learning lines and rehearsing the set and costume changes. The Shakespearian language was no barrier, as the children gained a clear sense of the story, questioning the actions and motivations of the various characters and a genuine disbelief a how such a tragic story could unfold in just such a short space of time!

It is such an important opportunity for the children to see the language of Shakespeare lifted from the page and brought to life through performance.

What light from yonder window breaks?

World Book Day Celebrations.

Year 6 enjoyed a visit from the Litherland High School Drama Department. We enjoyed taking part in a drama workshop about Grease The Musical. Later that week we were invited to Litherland High to watch the school production. We were so proud to see a number of our former pupils taking on lead roles and playing in the band.

Y5 and Y6 enjoying a wonderful, interactive day out at The Western Approaches in preparation for our World War 2 topic. We then went to listen to the Liverpool Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Top Secret Day Out!

Enjoying our morning at the Liverpool’s secret WW2 HQ

Investigating electricity!

Today we have been carrying out an independent investigation to discover the effect of adding increasing numbers of batteries to different electrical components in a circuit! The light and sound meters in the iPad have been invaluable for measuring the effects! We will be using a spreadsheet to present and analyse the data.

Super Scouse, made by Scousers!

To celebrate Global Scouse Day on 28th February 2019 Scarlet Class have been busy in Moss Munch cooking some of Liverpool’s Finest culinary creation, a big pan of Scouse! We have also been learning about the term ‘Scouse’ and it’s different meanings. If you like the sample the children brought home then the recipe and further information can be found at: 


A tasty treat to take home!

Friday 15th February 

On a lovely sunny winters morning a group of Year 5 and 6 children, went to the Sefton Swimming Gala at Crosby Leisure Centre. They were a credit to the school with their effort and behaviour always striving to do their best. A special mention goes to the 4 boys who reached the Freestyle Relay Final, a very good effort indeed.

The Battle for Equality

KS2 enjoying learning how to stay healthy with The Pop Project!

Welcome back after a our festive break! Scarlet class will be doing lots of exciting things this term. Please see our topic letter below for more information.

Getting into the festive spirit, enjoying our Santa Dash🌲

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas!

Still image for this video
It may still only be November but it’s never too early to rehearse! Scarlet Class started the run up to Christmas today in this morning’s clarinet lesson with a burst of Jingle Bells!

Squashing in some (Souper) Autumn Art!

We’ve picked them, drawn them, cooked them and eaten them! Super Squashes! Lookout for our Spring Greens, coming soon (well about April actually)!

It’s all Greek to me!