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Scarlet Year 6


Class Teachers: Mrs Houghton and Mr Hird
Class Teaching Assistant: Mrs Roxburgh    (Monday- Wednesday)     (Thursday and Friday)

Autumn Term in Scarlet Class Year 6

17th November 2021

A huge well done to our Y6 team who competed against 10 other schools today in Curling and Boccia. They came 2nd place...what an achievement!




Congratulations Chloe!

We'd like to send huge congratulations to Chloe in our class, who won second place in her horse show...twice! Chloe participated in a Supreme Show Down where she was judged on her fantastic riding. Well done Chloe! 


Autumn Term Artwork


As the children begin their still life drawing topic looking at ‘The Fruits of Autumn’, they have been practicing their shading techniques and continuing to build their knowledge of pencil grades and how to use them to create specific effects. These first attempts show real promise!

Autumn Term Science in Scarlet Class


Since the start of term the children have been studying the next part of our Living Things and their Habitats topic, which runs through all of the year groups in school and builds their knowledge over time by revisiting scientific concepts before introducing new knowledge, skills and dispositions. The children have really enjoyed completing a wide range of research as part of their learning. The class computers and activities within the Google Classroom have given the children the opportunity to explore many interactive resources, videos and photographs that have enabled them to understand the Linnaean System of Taxonomy and the way in which all living creatures have their place. They have been able to identify the differing characteristics of living things of all kinds and then classify these organisms for themselves.

Story-time in Scarlet Class


At Netherton Moss, we believe that we can help children to thrive by choosing books to read aloud to them that will engage them emotionally. By listening to and talking about stories, children also meet an increasingly complex range vocabulary. In this way, they add to the store of words they know and thus build their comprehension skills, this in turn supports their own writing. Daily story times are therefore a priority. Time is also devoted to helping the children to learn and enjoy rhymes, poetry and songs. Highlights this term include:

Kindness Is Contagious

Today the children took part in Kindness Workshops run by our friend Krish from the 52 Lives Charity. The children learnt all about the amazing physical, mental and social benefits of being kind. Krish told us the story of Liv, a young woman in need of kindness, the children worked together in creative ways to make a whole range of cards, drawings, pictures, models and messages that will be shared with Liv. This little bit of kindness is going to make a big difference to her life. 



Literacy in Scarlet Class 

We all enjoyed an author visit this week from poet Paul Delaney. Year 6 took part in a workshop where they wrote some fantastic poetry. Some of our Year 6 pupils then performed their poems in our KS2 assembly. They also enjoyed listening to Paul Delaney read some of his own poetry. 


Year 6 have been working hard to learn their spellings since the beginning of September. This week we tested our progress and WOW... what fantastic results! Even our lowest mark was a brilliant 23/30. This shows what hard work the children have all been putting in. Well done Year 6!


Staying Safe in Scarlet Class

We have explored the meaning of a 'digital footprint' and have revisited advice to help us all stay safe online... 



Year 6 took part in a Get Away ‘N’ Get Safe Gangs Prevention Programme. These sessions were delivered by ex probation officer James Riley. Working across Sefton to deliver the programme, his aim is to empower young people to make the right decisions, educating and inspiring them to take control of their future by rejecting the gang lifestyle. 


The children worked really hard during these sessions, engaging in lots of thought- provoking discussions. 



It’s all Greek to me…

This term in History we have been learning about Ancient Greece. Of course...we couldn't resist making our own Greek salads! They were delicious!




CHET 2021 - Year 6 having a marvellous time!