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Welcome to our home-learning platform!


Here we will post daily online resources to help Y6 work through their timetabled activities for the day. These will also be shared on 'Class Dojo'.


Please find Y6 Parent Letter attached below (hard copy located within home-learning packs)

26/1/21 Daily Calculations




Good Morning Y6!



Warm Up: Daily Calculations will have been attached to our class page. The answers will be shared at lunchtime.


Main activities:

Today’s focus is on Percentages.


For everyone, watch the video ‘Understand Percentages’


You can then read the attached teacher notes.


Afterwards, try having a go at your CGP page on Percentages, timetabled for today.


If you’re struggling, the video ‘Fractions to Percentages’ is something else you might like to refer to.  Again, you can access this on the above link.


10am today- The 'Celebrity Supply Teacher' today is Katie Piper, discussing ‘Well Being’. Tune in to CBBC to watch it.



Why not try this spelling game using the Y5/6 Word List? Click on ‘Against the Clock’.




Mrs Houghton’s Group

Today’s focus is on writing accurately in paragraphs. See the attached teacher notes before attempting page 26.


For Mrs Roxburgh’s Group
Begin with your spelling practice timetabled for today. Above, I have attached a link to a game you might like to have a go at! You could also try a spelling doodle or practise repetition of ten new words in your Orange books.

After this, you have ‘Echo Effects’ in your CGP to have a go at. Please upload your finished work to your Portfolio for me to have a look at today.



You might like to begin the afternoon watching Newsround as we do in school.


Continue to read your book and fill in your journal.


Education City work is set for everyone, you will find it in your Homework folder.


Keep up the hard work! J


Mrs Houghton


Ready for this afternoon's writing: 


Here are some examples of film reviews to help you...


Example 1: Film Review- Paddington


Example 2: Opening to Film Review- Paddington


Example 3: Film Review- Moana

It's Week 3 of home learning already...keep trying your best and keep smiling!

Don't worry about any pieces of work you struggle with, you can always move on from a question and come back to it. Remember, we're here to help, email or send us a message on Class Dojo if you need any support.







Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and are refreshed ready to start this week’s learning!



Mrs Houghton’s Maths group:

In in your CGP Book today, you will continue to work on Fractions. Specifically, your focus is on Mixed Numbers and multiplying fractions.


Before you begin Page 21 Questions 13 and 14, use the following resources:

- Teacher notes attached below
-  Follow this link and watch the two videos


Before you begin questions 15 onwards, use the following resources:

Mrs Roxburgh’s Maths Group:

Today you will be starting Section 3 of your CGP book which is a little trickier than Sections 1 and 2, but don’t panic, just try your best!! To start the week, choose two pages you feel most confident to have a go at and send over your work via Portfolio for us to have a look at.


Today, you could choose five new words from your list and practise using ‘Look, Say, Cover, Copy, Check’. Should you wish to use it, scroll down our class page to find the blank copy of the spelling format we use in school. Alternatively, you can practise this activity in your Orange workbooks.



Take a look at your timetabled pages from your CGP book today. For some of you, this is ‘Mr Gum and the Biscuit Billionaire’. For others of you, your pages will focus on conjunctions.


For extra support with conjunctions, read the attached teacher notes and follow these links:


What are Co-ordinating Conjunctions?  

What are Subordinating Conjunctions?



This afternoon, you have a fun writing task! It’s time to write a film review.


You could choose your favourite film, or maybe a Christmas film you watched recently? If you’re struggling to think of one, then choose a new one to watch before reviewing it. As you watch, you could make notes on the plot to help you later on.  I will post a few examples on our class page this afternoon to help you get started.



-Be concise about the plot, you don’t need to include every detail
- Offer an opinion about why you would or wouldn’t recommend the film.
- Proof read your writing to check for sense and correct use of punctuation
- Carefully consider different types of sentences. I’ve attached some writing mats to our class page below to help you.


I can’t wait to read your writing! Upload them via your Portfolio or messages.  


Enjoy today’s learning,


Mrs Houghton




Good morning everyone! It’s Mr Hird at the controls today so please message me if you have any questions about today’s lessons. Don’t forget to try and access your Class Dojo Portfolio and put any pictures of your work in there. I have been trying to move work from the Dojo Message Board to the Portfolios where it is easier for Mrs Houghton and I to see it and comment upon it, so you might find some of your work in there already.

In today’s Maths we will move onto Fractions. Access the following resources below before starting your CGP work for today looking at them carefully will make the work easier to understand and remember. Whilst those of you in Mrs Roxburgh’s Maths group are working on the ‘Calculations’ section of your CGP books, please take some time to look at these resources too as they will help with your timetabled work next week.

- Attached teacher notes in the PDF below
- Watch the White Rose Lesson ‘Equivalent Fractions’ via the following link

TOP TIP: Think back to the work we did in school when comparing /ordering fractions. If the denominators (bottom numbers) are different, try to make them the same before comparing them.

Try today’s Word Scramble attached below.

Mrs Roxburgh’s group has a Reading session timetabled. Read another section of your book and reflect in your journal. Also take some time to share what you’ve read so far with an adult. It would be great if you practised reading 2-3 pages out loud to them.

Today’s Literacy for Mrs Houghton’s group is on pages 22 and 23 of your CGP book, which explores ‘Clauses and Phrases’. The following will help you:
- Read the attached teacher notes in the PDF below
- Explore the following link:

Friday Afternoon

To finish off the week, we have the next lesson in our Science topic: Investigating Light. This time we will be looking at the question: ‘What is refraction and how we can use it?’ Be careful not to confuse 'refraction' with 'reflection' from last week because the words look and sound quite similar but as you will learn in the lesson, the meaning is quite different.

The sheet you need from the pack has today’s date and title at the top! If you want to carry out the investigation at home, you will need a glass of water and a small piece of paper. (Don't spill the water!)

It is vital that you watch the lesson from Miss Simkin from the Oak Academy if you can, as she will teach you all of the new learning that you need. You can find that lesson here:

Well done Y6, keep working hard so many of you are doing really well keeping up with the work…it’s almost the weekend!

Any questions, please message or email Mr Hird who will be online today to help.



This morning it’s Mental Maths.

1. Log in to TT Rockstars and spend 20 minutes practising your times tables

2. Locate ‘Mental Maths Sheet Week 2’ and work your way through sections A-E in any order.

Some reminders to help you:

  • 1000ml = 1 litre
  • 1000g = 1kg
  • 10mm= 1cm
  • 100cm= 1m
  • To find ¼ of something, divide by 4. You can also your knowledge that ¼ is half of ½ .
  • When multiplying money, eg. 99p, you can write it as a decimal 0.99 and then multiply in the usual way.

Today, create a new spelling doodle.



Mrs Roxburgh’s group: Your task is to build 15 sentences containing the following:

  • Each sentence to contain one word from your spelling list (spelt correctly!!)
  • Capital letters and full stops for all sentences.
  • Varied punctuation: exclamation marks, question marks, commas for lists, brackets.

Mrs Houghton’s group: Your focus is pages 18 and 19 in your CGP book.


To help you:

  • Look at the teacher notes attached below.
  • Log in to Education City and search ‘Comma Chameleon’ (be careful with your spelling!!) This will take you to a learn screen where you will be reminded of the different punctuation marks, including those you’ll be using today- colons, semi-colons, bullet points and dashes.
  • You can also access learner guides on the different punctuation marks on the following link:


This afternoon…
Education City work has been set in your Homework folders. Please make sure you have a go at these first before moving on to exploring different games yourself! Your scores will be sent through to us, but remember, nobody else can see them!

Finally, add to your reading journal this afternoon. As you can see from the picture I posted on our Class Story, the wall display is a little bare and ready for all of your fantastic reviews!

Well done Y6, you’re almost at the end of Week 2, keep up the excellent effort!


Any questions, please message or email Mr Hird who will be online today to help.

Mrs Houghton

Today's answers to your warm-up calculations...

We have our first two reading journal extracts up on display! There's lots of space for more of your reviews... 



Today’s warm up calculations are posted below. Answers will be posted at lunchtime.


Today’s focus for our main activity is Square and Cube numbers.



I’ve also attached below a Maths extension for you today. You’ll find three sheets which increase in difficulty. Make your choice between ‘Developing, Expected, Greater Depth’ depending on your level of confidence. Remember, challenging yourself a little is good! You can always take a step back if necessary. At the end of the document you’ll find the answers to check your work, but no peeking until you’ve finished!



Have you tested yourself on the spellings you’ve been learning so far? Why not try practising them today for 10 minutes before asking someone at home to test you?


Today some of you have a final page visiting Commas, Brackets and Dashes. You can refer back to yesterday’s teacher notes for this.


You then have a page to complete on speech marks, sometimes referred to as 'Inverted Commas'.


When accurately using speech marks, there are a lot of rules to remember. Carefully read the teacher notes to remind yourself before having a go at the CGP page. You might also find this video helpful: If you didn’t watch yesterday’s CBBC Bitesize programme at 9.40am, try watching it on catch up. There is a small part of it that looks at the use of speech marks.



Others of you have a comprehension activity called ‘Caring for Dogs and Puppies’. Remember, ’advantage’ means why is it good? Also, question 6 asks you to explain your answer- use the connective ‘because’ to help you. 


This afternoon…


This afternoon is Handwriting Practice. Find the sheet labelled in your pack for Week 2. This should be followed by your daily reading and reflection. Keep scrolling down our page and you’ll see our display is starting to be filled with our first two reading journals! Please send in any you’ve done at home, we’d love to see them.


Enjoy today’s learning and remember to get in touch if you need to!


Mrs Houghton

20/1/21 Warm-up Calculations

19/1/21 Answers to today's daily calculations...


Today’s warm-up calculations are posted on our page below. Answers will be posted at lunchtime.

Today’s CGP focus is Factors and Prime Numbers. The following will help you:

-Attached teacher notes.
- Log in to Education City and search for the Learn Screen called ‘Baking the most of it’. This will help with your Factors work.
- For extra practice with Prime Numbers, follow the link below and watch the Whiterose Lesson ‘Primes to 100’.

Have a go at the Word Scramble activity attached below, using the spelling lists in your packs to help you.


For some of you, today’s Literacy starts with the apostrophe use for it’s. Remember, if it doesn’t stand for ‘it is’ then an apostrophe is not needed!

You can then move onto 'Commas, Brackets and Dashes' in your CGP book. We’ve done this previously this term, use your teacher notes to remind yourself.

Others of you have a comprehension activity. Everyone can then complete the following extension: Build ten of your own sentences in your orange books, using commas, brackets or dashes to add in an embedded clause.

This afternoon…

Education City work has been set in your Homework folders. Please make sure you have a go at these first before moving on to exploring different games yourself! Your scores will be sent through to me, but remember, nobody else can see them!

Finally, add to your reading journal this afternoon. In school, we have a display ready where I would like to showcase your reading reflections. So, please upload a picture of your journals to your Portfolio on Dojos, or email me it.

Keep up the hard work!

Mrs Houghton

19/1/21 Maths- Warm-up Calculations

We love this family effort from the Turners, starting the day with PE with Joe Wicks!

Remember. PE with Joe Wicks starts at 9am for those who are interested!

Also, a reminder for this week's personal best challenge: How many times can you pass a ball/toy/sock round your waist in 30 seconds?

Make a note each day and see if you can improve your score by Friday!



Hi Everyone,


I hope you all had a lovely weekend and you are ready for Week 2 of home learning!


Mr Hird and I were delighted with all of your fantastic efforts last week, with lots of great pieces of work being sent in.


Here are your notes for today…





This week, as warm ups to your Maths sessions, I am going to post daily calculation practice.


Today I am going to focus on multiplication and, to help you, I have posted a model video below, reminding you of our written method. After you’ve watched the video, have a go at the multiplication questions (again keep scrolling and you'll find them on today's update). Everyone should attempt the first two and, if you’re feeling confident, try the third question which moves onto multiplying a 4-digit number by a 3-digit number. I’d like you to send your calculation work over to me to have a look at. You can do this by simply photographing your completed calculations and attaching them onto your Portfolio, alternatively you can message or email them to me.




Before attempting your CGP work, watch the Whiterose lesson ‘Common Multiples’, which you can access on the following link:



When moving on to your CGP book work, use the teacher notes attached below to help you.



Today’s focus is on Apostrophes.


The following resources will help you, prior to working through the CGP pages:

  • Teacher notes attached
  • BBC Bitesize video and activity on Apostrophes for Contractions 
  • BBC Bitesize video and activity on Possessive Apostrophes:



Apostrophes for contractions- Remember to carefully position the apostrophe where the missing letter/s is/are. For example, with couldn’t for 'could not', the apostrophe replaces the ‘o’ in ‘not’.


Apostrophes to show possession (belonging)- When it’s a plural noun (more than one), the apostrophe goes at the end. Eg. The boy’s coat = one boy     The boys’ coats = more than one boy.


This afternoon

Today, you have some PSHE work timetabled in and will need to find the sheet in your pack titled ‘Making negative thoughts into positive thoughts’. Developing a positive mind set can be really beneficial to our health and well-being. I’d love to see some of your ideas from today’s work.


You also have your daily reading and journal to continue. You should be reading for at least 20 minutes.


Finally- I’ve posted the CBBC Schedule for this week below. You might like to choose some to schedule in to your timetable for this week. 


Any questions, please feel free to contact me throughout the day.


Mrs Houghton 

Written Multiplication Model 18/1/21

Still image for this video


After you’ve watched the above video, have a go at the multiplication questions I’ve set below. Everyone should attempt the first two and, if you’re feeling confident, try the third question which moves onto multiplying a 4-digit number by a 3-digit number. I’d like you to send your calculation work over to me to have a look at. You can do this by simply photographing your completed calculations and attaching them onto your Portfolio on Class Dojo, alternatively you can message or email them to me.


Good Morning Scarlet Class!

Why not have a go today at registering for you Class Dojo Portfolio and adding pictures of any of your work so that Mr Hird can comment. Remember the order of the activities are just a suggestion and so you can complete the activities in an order and at a time that suits you.


This morning you will be completing some sections of your CGP Books but before you do that you should have a go at Sections One to Five of the Starter Activity above in your orange exercise books:

You might like to spend 20 minutes or so on this, do what you can and don’t stress over what you can’t do!

If you are in Mrs Houghton’s Maths Group, then the following video link will take you to a video lesson that will really help you to understand one of today’s activities:

Following on from this Mrs Houghton’s Maths Group should complete page 11 and 12 in their CGP Maths Book. The page from the study book on the Class Story will also help you.

If you are in Mrs Roxburgh’s Maths Group, then you might like to look at the following activities and games before choosing from your Section 1 of your CGP Maths Book:

Today, you could choose five from your list and practise using ‘Look, Say, Cover, Copy, Check’. We attached to yesterday’s Class Story a blank format you might like to use if you have a printer. However, please don’t worry if you don’t have one- this is something you can do in your orange exercise book.

One of today’s activities looks at Formal and Informal Language. This video and activities for BBC Bitesize will help you know how to communicate well.

The Study Book notes on the Class Story will also help.

This afternoon…

It is Science this afternoon and we will be carrying on with our study of Light and we will be using the lessons I have shown you in class. The sheet you need is in your Home Learning Pack and you need the one called:

What is reflection and how can we use it?

A big clue is the sheet has today’s date on it! Friday 15th January for those of you who have lost track!

Ideally you should follow this lesson from the Oak Academy video that is available at:

or Google – ‘Oak Academy KS2 What is reflection?’ and choose Lesson 2

Any writing you are asked to do during the lesson should be done neatly in the orange exercise book in your pack. You should put today’s date and the title

What is reflection and how can we use it?

neatly at the top of the page.

The rest of the sheet in your pack contains information that will help you to understand the learning and can be completed by everyone even if you are not able to access the online video lesson.

You may need to help of an adult to support you with some of the reading. Once you have read the booklet (and watched the video lesson with Miss Simkin if you can) you should answer the questions on the sheet carefully in your orange exercise book.

Story Time
If you want a story to finish off the afternoon, you can find Mr Hird reading Chapter 1 of Bill’s New Frock by Anne Fine on the schools YouTube Channel at:

Again, please send any questions you have via messages on the Class Dojo account or email Mr Hird at


Morning everyone!


This morning the focus is on Mental Maths. To begin with, log in to TT Rockstars. Mr Hird has set everyone individual times tables questions. Have as many goes at 'Garage' as you can and at least one go on 'Sound Check'. If you find Mr Hird has given you the 14x table, then remember it's just the 7x table doubled!

You might like to spend 15-20 minutes on this. This does not include shopping time; if you do too much shopping...Mr Hird will be closing the shop!

Following on from this, find ‘Mental Maths Sheet Week 1’ in your pack. Remember, you can work through the sections in whichever order you like.


Today, you could choose ten from your list and practise using ‘Look, Say, Cover, Copy, Check’. I have attached below a blank format you might like to use if you have a printer. However, please don’t worry if you don’t have one- this is something you can do in your orange exercise book.

Today’s focus is ‘Prepositions’.

The following resources will help you:
- Teacher notes attached below
- Video explaining prepositions with follow on activity and quiz:
- Education City Learn Screen

Having used the resources and completed the page in your CGP book, use your orange workbook to write your own sentences using prepositions. Try to make them complex sentences, with perhaps different uses of punctuation. Why not try using one of the ‘drop in sentences’ that we’ve been using in class?

For example: The scary monster, who had bulging green eyes and orange prickles all over his back, hid stealthily behind the rock.

We’d love to see any sentences you come up with!

This afternoon…

This afternoon it’s back to Education City where you’ll find a new folder of activities for today in ‘Homework’.
You should find a learn screen recapping some of the content we learnt yesterday and some interactive games.
As well as these, there is also an activity sheet with answer sheet, which you could either print or do the answers in your orange exercise book.

*Please note for the game ‘Knight Typer', you’ll need your sound on!*

You also have some reading to do. Continue where you left off with your book and add to your journal. If you scroll down our Class Story, you’ll find an example from Kasey I posted earlier this week.

Again, please send any questions you have via messages or email Mr Hird at


Another great spelling doodle from Jorja!

Jess has been working really hard on her Maths...

Wow! We love Ethan's organised learning space!


Well done to Freya with her great sit-ups during Celebrity Supply Teacher on CBBC! Today was with Marcus Rashford and the session can be found on the iPlayer for anyone who missed it!



Answers to today's calculations...

We've had such lovely work sent in this week, well done Y6, keep up the hard work!



Why not try this as a warm up for Maths this morning? Answers will be posted at lunchtime!



Morning everyone! Don't forget to tune in to CBBC at 10.05am for Celebrity Supply Teacher, today it's PE with Marcus Rashford.



Today in your CGP books, you will answer questions on Multiplication and Division.


In the teacher notes attached below, I have given you reminders of how to quickly multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000 by moving the digits.


Some of you aren’t as confident using written division. If that’s the case, watch the WhiteRose lessons ‘Divide four digits by 1 digit’ and ‘Divide with remainders’ on the following link , before attempting page 10. Remember, try your best and complete as many as you can. Anything you really struggle with we can revisit in school, so please don’t worry!  




In Literacy, the pages allocated within your CGP book look at the ‘Past Perfect Form’, reading today’s teacher notes first will help you with this.


You also have a page on adverbs. The following link will also give you some extra help and more practice.


Some of you have ‘Pioneer Children’ to have a go at. Remember when it says ‘give a reason’ or ‘explain your answer’, use evidence in the text to help you. I’m expecting to see you use ‘because…’


After your CGP work, something fun to do is a game of charades using verbs and adverbs! The aim is to act out something you’re doing (verb) and how it’s being done (adverb) For example, crawl slowly.


This afternoon…

This afternoon is a Geography session. In your packs you’ll find some work on Dams. A dam is any barrier built to hold back water. Water held behind the dam is usually held in a reservoir. There is some reading for you to do first, before completing the sheet explaining the impact of damming rivers. You’ll need to keep revisiting the reading material to help you.


I’ll be online 9-3pm so please send any questions you have via messages.


Mrs Houghton

What have you written in your reading journal today?


Kasey-Lee has read one of David Walliams' 'The World's Worst Teachers' collection. Here's her fantastic summary and review of 'Dr Dread'.


Please email any you have to and we will share them!





Answers to this morning's calculations...



Morning everyone!


It was so lovely to be sent examples of some of your work yesterday; keep sending them and keep up the hard work!



The next section you are beginning today focuses on calculation methods which we visit daily, so hopefully you will be able to approach this with confidence. As a warm up, here is one of each method for you to have a go at home, I will post the answers at lunchtime for you to check your answers!  

In your CGP book you will look at Addition to begin with. Sections 1 and 2 you should be able to do mentally but be careful not to rush and make silly mistakes! Today in teacher notes (attached below), I’ve just added a little reminder about adding decimals, this isn’t as scary as it looks!!



Have you tried a Spelling Doodle yet?! Draw your shape, choose 8-10 spellings and practise, practise, practise! Here is an example, just remember to choose spellings from your Y5/6 list.



In Literacy, the focus is Verbs. Read the teacher notes attached below to help you! CBBC also have an English focus on their programmes this morning, so why not tune in and watch?


This afternoon…

When you’ve logged onto Education City, you’ll find a folder for today, with a number of activities for you to have a go at. This includes an activity on Determiners, which you visited yesterday.

You also have some reading to do. Continue where you left off with your book and add to your journal. Today, summarise what you’ve read so far. How has the plot developed?


I’ll be online to answer any questions via my email or through Dojo messages.


Mrs Houghton




Hi everyone,


In your CGP book today, you will look at a few different topics.


First up is Roman Numerals- the attached teacher notes will help remind you of these.


Next, is Decimals. Top tip to remember: when dealing with numbers to two decimal places (2 digits after the decimal point), sometimes thinking of it as money can help you. This is especially helpful when ordering decimals. Again, read the attached notes to support you.


Finally, page 6 explores Rounding. This is a topic lots of us find tricky. It’s really important that you read the question to decide exactly what you are being asked to round to. The attached notes give examples that will help you. 


If you are struggling with Rounding, watch the two WhiteRose videos on the link below and then try having a go at the questions in your CGP book. Remember, just try you best and take your time!!



Today in your CGP book, some of you will work through questions on Determiners and Adjectives. Again, teacher notes attached below.

Others will be reading and answering questions on 'The Three Nanny Goats Gruff'; remember to take your time with the questions and frequently re-visit the text!


This afternoon…

This afternoon you have a ‘2021’ booklet to decorate, make and write inside of. Here is my finished booklet...


Carefully read the instructions about where to cut and fold!! I’d love to see some photographs of your finished booklets, especially the things that you hope to achieve this year!


Finally, here is the CBBC TV Schedule that has been released for this week. Some of you might like to timetable in watching some of these programmes.


Well done Y6, keep up the hard work!


Mrs Houghton



Good morning everyone!


In your CGP book today, you will re-visit Place Value and Negative Numbers.


Top tips to remember:

  • When we visited Place Value last, lots of you were confident but some of you made mistakes when writing numbers as words due to rushing it! Remember to read the number aloud in your head as you write it down.
  • With negative numbers, again take care and carefully read the question. Remember, the numbers get less as they move further behind zero, however the digits get bigger! For example, -7 is bigger than -20. This can cause confusion and trick us at times!

Have a read of the teacher notes attached below before attempting each page.



In your CGP book today, some of you will explore nouns and pronouns.  Others of you will do some spelling and reading.  Everyone will benefit from reading teacher notes attached below. Have a read of them before attempting each page.


Here is another link for you , directing you to some BBC bitesize activities and a quiz on Pronouns:


This afternoon…

Use your login for Education City and go to the ‘Homework’ tab on the left hand side. You will find a folder for today, with a number of activities for you to have a go at. It includes both learn screens and games. Once you’ve finished, why not try Play Live?! You may find some of your class mates on at the same time as you this afternoon!


You also have some reading to do. Choose your book and start your journal using your orange book. Perhaps read Chapter One today and reflect on what your initial thoughts are of the book/what you predict might happen next. Remember, sometimes it takes a few chapters to really start enjoying a book so make sure you persevere and keep reading!


Well done Year 6, remember to try your best and not to worry if there is something you need to move on from and come back to.


Mrs Houghton

Orienteering in the Great Outdoors

In order to maximise the time they spend outdoors the children have started to learn the skills of orienteering. Map reading, teamwork, position and direction along with resilience and stamina are all skills that will be developed during this topic. Fortunately most of the children have remembered their left from their right during lockdown although Mr Hird has been busy locating all the Control Markers on the school’s orienteering course which has become somewhat overgrown in the last 6 months!

Scarlet Class School Councillors Elected

One of the first tasks of any new school year is to elect new representative to the School Council. While the COVID 19 pandemic will see the role of School Council change and adapt, it is likely to be busy for everyone involved. Vote for by all the children in Year 6, the Scarlet Class representatives are set to be role models for the rest of the school. Congratulations both of you!

Year 6 have been inspired by the street artist ThankyouX

It has been a very busy start to the year in Scarlet Class, the teachers have been really impressed with the way in which the children have settle back into the routines of school so quickly. The children have been learning about the street artist ThankyouX and have been creating cube style street art that tells the story of their own interests. 

Home Learning Practice Page - How it will work in the event of a Lockdown!


School will open for Year 6 at 8.45am tomorrow, please make your way to the junior playground gates where you'll see your teachers. Home time collection will be at 2.50pm. 


Please remember to bring a packed lunch for week one (this can be in a lunch bag/box if you wish) and your PE kit ready for the week beginning the 7th September. We kindly ask that you don't bring any other belongings with you. 


See you all in the morning! :)