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Friday 10th July


Hi Guys!


Just in case you missed the message on the school app, our reports will be available for collection from the school office, on Monday 13th July.  There are a few bags and P.E. kits that belong to children still in school I sent a message to those that we've found with names on.  If you believe something has been left in school and didn't get a message can you email, ahead of coming to school, to the usual so that we can try and find it before you arrive. This should help with social distancing and keeping everybody on site safe.


As always i will attach this week's learning pack to the bottom of this post, however there are a few other really interesting sites that the children can use.


The first is  This website helps to develop your child's understanding and use of code (or your own as I've found out!)


Secondly, has some amazing resources for practical ideas to do with your child.  It covers Science, Design and Technology and Computing as well as Maths and other subjects.


As we were due to do Materials over these last few weeks this is something fun that can be done at home with few resources




Friday 3rd July


Wow! It's July already! We really are missing you all lots but it was lovely to see and hear from so many of you today on Zoom.


I hope you enjoyed it as much as Mr Hird, Mrs Houghton and I did.


As always I'll attach next weeks work to the bottom of this post, but don't forget to do your poster about yourself for Mrs Houghton.  She wants to know what you like/don't like, what you find easy/hard, what you're looking forward to or worried about, so that she knows more about you for September.  


Have a fantastic weekend!


Mr Johnson



Friday 26th June 2020

Hi Guys!

As I'm sure you have heard we will be doing a Zoom catch up chat with year 5 next week. 

I'm looking forward to seeing and speaking to as many of you as possible!

If you would like to participate you must send your email address to I will be able to then invite you to the session.


You will recieve the ID and Password the morning of the session an hour before it is due to start.


For more details on how to use Zoom have a look at this website.  The first video shows how to join a Zoom Meeting which is what you will have to do.


For any other questions just email me on the above address.


This weeks learning pack can be found below

Monday 15th June 2020

Hey Ruby Class!

How are you all doing?

It's been a long time since we were all together, Mrs Ray and I are missing you lots.

Please don't forget to send any work to the school email address so we can see what you've been up to!

I've put together some more work that you can do over the next week which I hope you will find useful.

Did you see the lightening over the weekend? I don't think I've seen lightening like that for a while and the rumbles of thunder were really loud.  

It gave me an idea for you to write a descriptive scene of a storm think of all the amazing adjectives you could use and use all the emotions you felt when you heard it the other day.  Send me your descriptions and I can put them up on Twitter if you so wish! 

Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Hi Ruby Class,

I hope you are all well and staying safe.  I've been really pleased to hear about all the amazing things that you've been doing at home over the past few weeks.  I've also seen some wonderful photos and I hope you've all managed to enjoy a bit of sunshine too with the weather being so lovely.  

This term we were due to look at World War 1, it would be great if you could do some research into World War 1.  Some of the questions you might want to answer:

When and why did WW1 start?

What happened at the battle of the Somme?

What did a WW1 trench look like?

Who were the allied forces?

What was the Triple Entent?

What happened during the Christmas truce?

How do we remember World War 1?

Why was it known as The Great War?

And anything else you find out about WW1. (When researching on google it is recommended to do this with an adult to ensure that you are looking at a site suitable for children. An easy way to do this is to include 'for kids' or 'KS2' in your search. Stay safe on the internet!)


I have attached some Maths below which you will enjoy too.  Don't try and do it all in one go there is enough Maths there for at least a week if not more, so take your time and do it right!




I have also added a PowerPoint below for you to think about. Our topic in science this term is Materials and their properties! 

You may find some of these materials around your home! Make lists of what they are, how they feel and how they react to different things.  (Always have an adult to help you test materials!)

Tuesday 12th May


I thought as you are all keen and imaginative story writers you might want to take part in the BBC's mission 500 challenge.  Your mission if you wish to accept it is to write your own original story in 500 words.  Once you have written and are happy with your story you can submit it to the BBC to be judged in their competition!


Watch the PowerPoint first to make sure you and those at home understand what you have to do.


Then follow the PowerPoint to write your story.  *Everything that the PowerPoint talks about is in the pack provided.


Remember you can plan, draft and rewrite your story as many times as you like. Don't rush it all in one day!

Monday 11th May 2020


Hi guys,

I hope you are all well and staying safe!  I've heard you are all doing well and making the people at home proud.  I've seen some wonderful pictures and videos and hopefully you may have seen some of them on our twitter page!


Why don't you have a think about all of the positives that have come from lock down and use this worksheet to make a note of them. You may even surprise yourself with how fantastic you have been and the new skills you have learned!




I've been truly inspired by the VE day celebrations over the weekend.  Have a go at this reading comprehension.  The second reading comprehension is if you like a challenge!

Imagine what life would have been like during that time.  Can you think of some similarities and differences to our current situation?  

Write a diary or comic strip to explain how you would have felt!


Have a go at these fractions activities there's lots to do!

Remember if you need anything printed to please email the school at and ask for a work pack, or if you need anything extra.

Please keep sending in your photos and videos of you doing great things at home.  

We hope to see you all safe and sound soon.


Mr Johnson and Mrs Ray

Friday 24th April


Hi guys!

I hope you are all well and staying safe!

You may be getting low on things to do at home but don't worry Mr Johnson has lots of things to keep you occupied.


Have you been watching Britain's Got Talent?

Well why don't you become Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden or David Walliams?  Write a review of your favourite (good or bad) performances!  If you've missed the show some interesting acts can be found on Youtube from previous years!


Every day there is a new Literacy lesson on the Pobble 365 website. Simply go on the website, look at the picture and scroll down to explore what you could do with the image. (Don't like the image of that day? there are hundreds to choose from from previous days.


Fancy some Maths?  

Stick with TT Rockstars for your Times tables, you can't reinvent the wheel when it comes to learning Times tables but trust me it's the most entertaining way to do it!

Use Top Marks Maths games website to practice things like fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Cook and bake! Measuring out ingredients, doubling or halving ingredients for more or less people, weighing, timing adding up the cost of the ingredients.  You could even work out how much profit you could make if you sold portions!


Want to do something different?

There are lots of amazing, fun, creative and most importantly, cheap or even free ideas on the


My personal favourite, as you all know I love Spanish, is that Rosetta Stone for children (Normally £50) is free for the next 3 months!


Stay safe guys! Mrs Ray and I are so impressed and proud of you all.  We have been lucky enough to catch up with people at home and have heard glowing reports,keep it up!  Paper copies of the work listed above is available if you have trouble with anything, please email to ask for a pack at the school email address and then we will send you a message to tell you when it is ready to collect.  


If you have any work you'd like to show us, please send it to the school Twitter page or the email address above, we have really enjoyed seeing what you've been upto!



Monday 20th April

Hi Ruby Class!

I hope you all had a nice Easter and are staying safe.

As I know we are a class who love animals I have received some really interesting information from Fordingbridge who are working very closely with BIAZA (Britiash and Irish Assocation of Zoos and Aquariums).  

They have put together all of the wonderful things Zoos and Aquariums up and down the country are doing for children of all ages.  Follow the link below to explore!


Please look at the BBC Bitesize website to see the specific lessons for the children.


Stay Safe!


Please find the attached PDF below of the NHS guidelines on what to do if your child isn't feeling well.
Chester zoo virtual tour! 

Friday 3rd March


Hi guys!

I hope you are all well and staying safe.  My knee is getting better! 

Just a quick update with some things I have found for you to use over the next few weeks.


Some exciting news from and their partnership with Amazon, who have announced this week that they are making an incredible collection of children's books free to listen to on their website:


Twinkl now have a Parents Hub, where you can find lots of things to do over a range of subjects.


Finally BBC Bitesize are ramping up their materials online over the next few weeks, but there is lots to look at before then.


If you have anything you want to show us at school please go to the school Twitter page and send them to us! 

Mrs Ray and I are missing you all lots but we are very proud that you are coping so well with this unusual situation. If you are struggling, please look at the previous post, which talks through a range of things such as anxiety. You may not think it, but you are doing really well and coming up with your own strategies to get through this difficult time.  Try to enjoy some of this extra time you get to spend with the people at home, remember they care about you so much and want the best for you, so be nice and stay safe!

We hope to see you all soon,

Mr Johnson and Mrs Ray.

Monday 30th March 2020

The current situation we all find ourselves in can be overwhelming and lead to an increase in anxiety levels for some children. This is particularly so for those children with ADHD, social communication difficulties or ASD.  Please find below advice from the ADHD Foundation and the National Autistic Society offering tips to support these children during COVID -19.

Further advice and support can be found on :


This week is also World Autism Awareness Week . Resources are available from :

Friday 27th March 2020

Hi Ruby Class,

I hope you are all well and staying safe at home.  I will be updating this page as much as possible with anything I find that you might be interested in.  

For example,

David Walliams is reading short stories on some of his favourite books click, which can be found at


Also I'm sure you know by now Joe wicks is doing P.E. lessons at the start of every day for you to enjoy on his Youtube channel.


A lot of the Zoos are currently live streaming enclosures of animals, or doing virtual tours. Edinburgh Zoo and Chester Zoo have the information on their websites.


Research Topics

This term we were looking at Anglo Saxons and the Scots, try to find out as much information about them as you can. You could even write your own Anglo Saxon battle or story.  

We were also due to look at the Grand Canyon after Easter and this could also be a great opportunity to find out some interesting facts about one of the Wonders of the Worlds.

Please remember our stay safe rules when researching.


Stay safe everyone and keep washing your hands.  Keep or take photos of everything you do so that you can show me when we are all back together!

See you soon,

Mr Johnson and Mrs Ray 

Oxford Owl!

Here you can find lots of things to do!

Please sign up to the fabulous Oxford Owl education site to support your child at home with reading, English and maths.  You can choose activities by age group or by subject.  

There is a fabulous, free, age group specific ebook library - giving you access to lots of choice over books to read and listen to at home with your child.  

There are also lots of other activities to support your child with English and maths - all geared specifically to your child’s age group.  

Creating an account is really simple.  Visit, click on join us and add a few personal details including an email address and you are ready to go.  Have fun, we hope that you enjoy using the online library and all the fabulous activities available.  

Monday 2nd March

The Fox And The Twixside Down


Year 5 proudly present their very own Opera “The Fox And The Twixside Down”.

As the imaginative name suggests Year 5 have created a unique and exciting Opera that promises to wow children and adults alike.  
“5 star design” says the Guardian.

”Amazing acting” Shakespeare’s Guild

”Musical masterpiece” The Liverpool Philharmonic

There will be only one special performance on Friday 6th at 2pm in the school hall.
Seats can be reserved through Mr Johnson, but get them soon to avoid disappointment.

14th February 2020

Amazingly, we have managed to fill our Wonder Wall with a piece of writing from every child in class.  Normally, we only choose a few pieces to go on the Wonder Wall but Mrs Ray and I were so proud of the effort and ideas of the children that we decided they all had to go home.  Well done Ruby class! It was a challenge but you all succeeded! 

Thursday 23rd January

Chinese New Year!

We got our chopsticks at the ready this week, as we delved into some interesting oriental dishes. We tried Sui Mai (a steamed pork dumpling), prawn crackers and chow mein stir fry.  The food was enjoyed by all sans some of us tried water chestnut for the first time, scrumptious.

As part of our Smile Project we have made some Christmas decorations to take to the local nursing home. Some of the children met a number of the residents and certainly left a smile on their faces! Just what Christmas is all about!

Friday 29th November

Today we have been discussing friendships, what they mean to us and why we have them.  We talked about how much we value our friendships and how they can stop us from feeling lonely.  We spoke about situations that can make friends feel sad and thought of ways to strengthen our friendships. 

Friday 22nd November 

The referee waved play on!

Today we had a visit from a very special ex-pupil of Netherton Moss.  Premier league referee, Peter Bankes, took time out of his busy schedule of officiating at the highest level of football in England, to visit his old Primary school.  Peter wowed the children with the amount of kit needed by a top level referee and introduced them to how much team work and communication is necessary to control a premier league match.  The children then designed their own piece of referee’s kit to assist them in their high pressure and challenging role.  Peter is an inspiration to the children of Netherton Moss and has shown them that they can get to the top of any profession with hard work, passion and commitment.  We look forward to seeing Peter in the future and wish him the best of luck this season and hopefully he’ll be able to keep his hands warm in the specially designed referee’s gloves created by the children!

#respect #respectthereferee #respectthegame #wecandoanything


Have a look at the video below to make air dry clay at home.

We have been very busy in Ruby Class this term as we have explored the roles and purposes of the artists, designers and craftspeople of The Mayan Civilisation, we have used our own designs from both our observations and our imagination in order to draw and sculpt a range of Mayan inspired jewellery and Masks in different materials. We have used artefacts and pictures found at the Mayan sites in South America to help us to select the textures and colours we have used in our designs and our finished pieces of work.

Mayan Arts and Crafts

Thursday 24th October 

Today we welcomed the Denbigh Workshop theatre company to Year 5 and 6.  Through the use of drama they made us even more aware of the plight of orang-utans and other creatures in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra. Did you know the equivalent of 300 football pitches an hour are cleared in order to meet the worldwide demand for Palm Oil? This causes up to 50 orang-utans to be needlessly killed every week.

We desperately need to only use products that are made from sustainable Palm oil.

Tuesday 22nd October 

Ready, steady, cook! We’ve been making ancient Mayan tortillas and comparing them to the modern day alternative, ‘Veggie Fajitas’. The Veggie Fajitas got a thumbs up from all of the children and many tried vegetables that they’d never eaten before. We even learned what a courgette was! Great fun was had by all even if we did get a bit messy!

Friday 18th October 

Do the Palm oil Kong-a! What an amazing day at Chester Zoo! Ruby class loved every minute, learning lots about the animals, and going to see the Orangutans that we have been protecting through our Palm Oil Challenge. Topped off with some brilliant action from the two young elephants, playing in the waterfall and going for a swim, as the sun came out.

Tuesday 15th October

We have started our buddy training, which involves Ruby Class going onto the infant playground, organising and playing games and helping everybody get along.  Year 1 loved having their older school friends playing games with them and are really looking forward to seeing them on a regular basis.

For more pictures have a look on the news section of the website!

Mayan Masks

This half term we have been studying The Ancient Mayan Civilization. In art we’ve been looking at the different masks they used for different festivals and celebrations, so we decided to create our own!

We have also started the process of turning the Year 5 corridor into an Ancient Mayan Cave, more updates on this to follow!

Thursday 3rd October

Our Year 5 boys took part in a football tournament along with a number of schools. Not only did they play really well, but they were also awarded the respect certificate! Every school voted for a team they thought were the most Respectful and our boys did Netherton Moss very proud and were voted by the other children as the most Respectful. Well done boys on showing off our core school values.

Wednesday 25th September 2019


The Maya! We’ve had a go at making our own Mayan celebration masks! We’ve used lots of different materials to make our masks 3D!

Friday 20th September 2019


Today we looked at how to keep ourselves and others safe on the internet.  We played Band Runner on the internet safety website ThinkYouKnow. It’s a fun game that also tests the children’s knowledge of internet safety. Have a go with your child!

Friday 20th September


We had our first session from our lovely visitor from Chester Zoo today. We are beginning to understand what Palm oil is and how it affects the environment and the animals that live in the places it is grown. We understand we need Palm oil for lots of everyday objects but we need to make it sustainably. Look out for products with the sustainable Palm oil logo on. Do the #palmoilkonga

Clarinets continue!

Still image for this video
Having mastered the assembly of the clarinet in their first session last week, today was time for Ruby to start making some music (noise!?) Miss Waldron said that it was one of the best first attempts she has ever heard. Watch and listen for yourselves!

17th September 2019

We were absolutely transfixed by the theatre production of Pinocchio this afternoon, What an amazing show! And remember always be kind and tell the truth!


Still image for this video

Sound times as the clarinets arrive in Ruby

Ruby Class embarked on the next stage of their musical adventure today as Miss Waldron introduced them to their new clarinets! While it took a while to get all the different parts assembled, there were some very encouraging sounds by the end of the lesson! 

Crosby Hall educational Trust (CHET) Day 1! September 9th 2019

Another wonderful year is about to begin at Netherton Moss Primary School.  The new faces in Ruby class are about to begin a journey they will never forget.  Have a look at our Topic letter below to find out some the exciting things that will be happening during the Autumn term!  Welcome and enjoy, Ruby Class of 2019-20!


Friday 14th June 

We have been lucky enough to have visitors from Active Sefton come to talk to us about how to keep healthy. We've really enjoyed learning about how to keep our bodies in the best of shape and the games we can play doing it! 

Friday 17th May

Here in Ruby class we understand how important exercise is to our mind and body which is why we take part in the Daily Mile. Today we joined other year 5 classes from around the area and completed our mile together. We all had a great time, except for Mr Johnson, who got the biggest blister he’s ever seen........he hasn’t mentioned it once though just that, that might be the reason the children beat him. On a serious note, well done to everyone who took part, I can honestly say everybody had a huge smile on their face and it has sparked an interest in a running club that will be happening after half term.


Still image for this video

Thursday 9th May

Did someone say ‘Veggie Fajitas’?

We followed the recipe and listened to safety instructions, with the results being a delicious and very healthy meal. It was great to be able to eat what we cooked and we may have even slipped a few spicy jalapeños into Mr Johnson’s! angel It was so much fun!

This half term in art we have been looking at Jean Michel Basquiat.  

We have been using his techniques to develop a Basquiat style and experimented with colour and lines to produce some fabulous and unique artwork.

Monday 29th April

Today we had some special guests joining us brought in by the Mobile Zoo ‘Boo’s Zoo 2 You’.

We got to find out all about the exotic animals, from where they lived in the wild, to what they eat at home.  We learnt that snakes aren’t slimey and skunks don’t always smell (thank goodness!).

A wonderful experience for all involved.


Thursday 4th April - Ruby Class Assembly

We made some hot cross buns for our family to enjoy after our assembly.

Today was our turn to perform the school assembly. We acted out a short story to showcase all the amazing activities we do in school. Mr Johnson was so proud of everyone, we even wrote our own script! Unfortunately the whole performance can’t be uploaded but hopefully short clips should start appearing on the Clubs page over the Easter holidays. Thank you to all the parents who attended and supported their children learning their lines at home, we couldn’t have done it without you. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and our hot cross buns we’d made went down a treat!
Our fantastic visitors came into school to tell us all about the story of Jesus over Easter, why the egg is a symbol of this special holiday and we also got to experience some of the feelings Jesus and his disciples may have felt at the time. We loved getting our feet dirty in the paint and experiencing how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. It was a fantastic afternoon!

One a penny...two a cross buns!

As the finale to our Christianity topic this term, we have made hot cross buns today, learning about the tradition of baking them at Eastertime. The sweet smell of yeast, sugar and spice has been attracting the attention of everyone passing through Moss Munch! We have looked at the effect yeast has on the dough and managed the tricky task of getting the crosses on the top. We are looking forward to sharing them with our friends and family after our class assembly tomorrow, don’t forget to butter them!!

King Kong by Anthony Brown 21/03/19

Still image for this video
Today we have been recreating the eerie atmosphere that risk-taking director, Carl Denham, and his anxious team are greeted with on Skull Island.

Our fabulous new display, combining the incredibly beautiful and colourful Hindu festival of Holi and our art topic Pop Art.

Wednesday 6th March 2019

In the afternoon we went to the Philharmonic Hall, to listen to their famous orchestra performing their ‘British Values’ concert.  We listened to lots of different pieces of music from composers all around the world.  To finish, we sang ‘This Is Our Song’ along with the orchestra, using the sign language we have been practising over the past few weeks. All of the staff were very proud of the children’s effort, well done guys!

Wednesday 5th March 2019

Today we visited the ‘Western Approaches’ museum, where we saw the super secret site that the ‘Battle of the Atlantic’ was won.  We tested out our own coding and decoding skills, used morse code and wrote each other secret messages.  It was a brilliant morning!

Friday 15th February 

On a sunny winter morning, a group of Year 5 and 6 children, went to the Sefton Swimming Gala at Crosby Leisure Centre.  They were a credit to the school with their effort and behaviour, always striving to do their best. A special mention goes to the 4 boys who reached the Freestyle Relay Final, a very good effort indeed.

Tuesday 12th February 2019

Today we have some musical visitors from the Pop Project!

”I feeeeeel good!” 

We talked about eating healthy foods to “feeeeel good!”

It’s Friday that means only one thing, Clarinets!


Thursday 7th February 2019

We have been looking at North America 

and all of the human features it has to offer!

Author Day!

Wednesday 6th February 2019



We have been reading the epic true story Of Philippe Petit who walked on a tightrope between the The World Trade centres.

Spring Term 1- We hope you all had a lovely festive period and are ready for an action-packed Spring Term! Please see our Topic Letter below for more information.

Mr Johnson

Christmas Experience St. Oswalds

Super Scientists Separating Solutions

Information for Year 5 Parents/Carers

Year 5 & 6 Residential Trip to Crosby Hall Educational Trust