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Tuesday 25th January


Hi Everyone!


I just want to say another big well done to all of you for the effort and the high quality work that I have seen so far.  You are all doing so well in these unprecedented times.  Remember that the people at home with you are doing their absolute best to help, sometimes that means that they don't tell you the answer because they want you to work it out for yourself! Please don't get upset or frustrated with them, they love you and want to see you be the best person you can be.  They might be trying to do their own work too, so that you have a lovely warm house to live in and food on your table.  They may be looking after other members of your family.  It would be lovely for you to take some time to say how grateful you are to have them help you with your work, cook your breakfast, lunch, tea or clean the house.  It doesn't cost a lot to say thank you but it can mean so much to the people at home that love you.


Today's lessons:



Mr Johnson Maths

Mr Johnson Literacy

Mrs Ray Maths

Mrs Ray Literacy


In the afternoon we are doing art, there is a worksheet in your pack with an example of a decorated face and a blank face for you to fill in with your own design.


Have a great day!



Monday 25th January


Hi Everyone!


On another frosty, winter morning, Ruby class have woken up in a great mood, motivated and ready to make the most of their day at home school!  (I hope you enjoyed my fronted adverbial!)


Remember there are packs of work for the afternoons over the next 2 weeks to pick up from the office.  Each afternoon I will post on the website and Class Dojo which work from the pack I would like you to complete.  Resources will also be given to support the completion of that work.


Please find the lesson links for the appropriate group below:



Mr Johnson Maths

Mr Johnson Literacy

Mrs Ray Maths

Mrs Ray Literacy


Please make sure that you pause the video when asked and complete the activities set.


Just to prevent any confusion I have uploaded the timetable for the next two weeks, it is the same as the last timetable, however as you are all up to different pages I haven't included any page numbers.  I will post the resources and which sheet I would like to do in the afternoon from your pack between 12pm and 1pm each day.  

Today in the afternoon you can go on different Education City and Purple Mash activities.  Keep active using P.E. with Joe
Then carry on with your reading comprehensions.  If you have completed the ones you have, I have put extras in your new packs.


Well done everyone! Have a great day!







Friday 22nd January


Hi everyone!


Paper based afternoon work will be available to collect today from the office!  Continue to use the timetable you have for when to do different subjects. I will post on the website and Class Dojo to explain which sheet is for which subject and when to do it. There will also be some interactive resources to go with some of the paper based activities available from Class Dojo on the day that it is set.


Well done to those who have sent in pictures showing me your work and I'm really pleased with the notes taken from the Oak Academy videos I think it will really boost your learning while you're at home.


Please find the resources for today's Maths and Literacy below:



Mr Johnson Maths

Mr Johnson Literacy

Mrs Ray Maths

Mrs Ray Literacy


Have a great day!



History  21/01/21


This afternoon we are continuing to look at influential people and their lives.  Last week we looked at Dr Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks and today we are looking at Barack Obama, the 44th President of the USA.
Please follow the PowerPoint and use your orange books to complete the activity set.



Thursday 21st January


Hi everyone!


I hope you're all well!

Don't forget that there will be extra work for the afternoons over the next two weeks available from the office tomorrow (Friday).


Continue to use your CGP books in the mornings and try to stick to 2 pages a day to target specific areas.

Each video I post from the Oak academy is a lesson and the children should be able to watch, listen, pause (when it asks them to) and do the activity set.  Each video takes about 45 minutes to an hour to complete if done properly and they don't necessarily need adult help as everything is explained and answered by the expert giving the lesson.  They should be completing the activities and doing any workings out in their orange book.

I have also made sure that the lessons match the children's needs by assigning them to a specific group, the children know which group they are in and this benefits them most. 

If you have any questions please feel free to message me on Class Dojo or email me at .


Please find todays lessons below:


Mr Johnson Maths

Mr Johnson Literacy

Mrs Ray Maths

Mrs Ray Literacy


Have a great day!

Wednesday 20th January


Hi everyone!


How about changing your day up a little with some exercise first with with Joe Wicks


Also you can check out the programming on CBBC, we particularly enjoyed Horrible Histories yesterday!


Today's resources:


Mr Johnson Maths

Mr Johnson Literacy

Mrs Ray Maths

Mrs Ray Literacy


Have a great day!

Tuesday 19th January 


Hi everyone!


I hope you're all safe and well!  The weather forecast isn't great for today but don't worry I've got lots of activities to keep you busy!


Yesterday was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr day and I really enjoyed reading some of your hopes and dreams for the future.  If you haven't managed to have a look at the activity scroll down to find it and have a look!


Mr Johnson Maths

Mr Johnson Literacy

Mrs Ray Maths

Mrs Ray Literacy


Remember to then go to Education City and complete the activities.


This afternoon there is a PSHE PowerPoint in your pack please read and complete the activities.



Monday 18th January


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day


Hi everyone!

Because today is Dr Martin Luther King Day. I have planned this activity for you about Dr Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. These are two very influential figures in history.

The document below explains who these people are and what their people did which really made a difference to the world today.

I have also recorded myself reading from one of my favourite poems which fit perfectly in with this topic. Please find this underneath also.

I look forward to seeing all your fabulous work!

Have a fantastic day!

Martin Luther King Jr PowerPoint On Word

The Undefeated

Still image for this video

Monday 18th January


Hi everyone!


I hope you've all had a relaxing weekend and you're all safe and well!  

A new week is upon us and with that comes a new timetable of home learning!

Please continue to encourage your children to do their best we're really enjoying seeing the results sent to us on Class Dojo!


Remember to watch and complete the tasks in the following videos before you do any work on Education city and it may also help you with the Multiplication and Division section in your CGP books.


Mr Johnson Maths

Mr Johnson Literacy

Mrs Ray Maths

Mrs Ray Literacy


Follow your timetable for the afternoon's activities.


Have a great day and we'll see you on Class Dojo!


Friday 15th January


It's Friday! You're nearly there!


I'm really enjoying seeing all of the things you've done and look forward to seeing more!




Mr Johnson's group


Mrs Ray's group




Mr Johnson's group


Mrs Ray's group -


In the afternoon there is Science for you to complete in your pack and also watch for a bonus activity on Class Dojo!


Thursday 14th January




Mr Johnson's group -


Mrs Ray's group -




Mr Johnson's group -


Mrs Ray's group -


In the afternoon, I have included a map of the UK and Europe for the children to research and write the correct cities and countries.  


Also, look out for another activity from Miss Higginson on Class Dojo!

Wednesday 13th January


Well, we're nearly half way through the week and you all deserve a big pat on the back for everything you've achieved so far.  Let's carry on and finish this first week with a bang!


If you are on Class Dojo you will have noticed that Miss Higginson has joined our class for the next few months, I'm sure you'll all make her feel very welcome.  If you're not on Class Dojo yet please login using the login details in your pack (however you may need to search for 'Mr Johnson' instead of using the code). If you haven't commented on Miss Higginson's post yet you can still do so she would love to hear more about what you all enjoy.

Please lookout for some creative tasks that we may post on Class Dojo during the day,  I know Miss Higginson has a fantastic idea that I'm sure you'll all enjoy.




Please complete the next pages of your CGP book.  If you take a picture of your work and post it on class dojo I'll be more than happy to have a look and share some comments with you!


Watch the following videos depending on which group your in. remember to pause the video and attempt the tasks it suggests.


Mr Johnson's group -


Mrs Ray's group -


Then complete the Education City activity.




Complete the next pages in your CGP book.  


Watch the following videos depending on whose group you are in.


Mr Johnson's Literacy -


Mrs Rays' Literacy -


Please follow the timetable for your afternoon tasks and also keep an eye out on Class Dojo for an bonus activity.  Remember to catch up on anything you've missed too!


Have a fantastic day!  I'm always available to answer questions through Dojo and Email.

Tuesday 12th January 


Happy Tuesday!


You're all doing really well and I'm proud of how you are all giving the things I've set your best go.


Just another question that was raised today that others might be thinking, is that it says reading and then complete reading journal.  This can be one of two tasks, either your CGP comprehension book if you don't have one it's the worksheets with a story/text and questions asking about that story/text.  The second option is to read a book you have at home, you've found on the internet or another research task.  Then in your orange book write about what you've read and adults can also write questions for you about it to see if you've understood it.




Complete 2 pages of your CGP book.


Mr Johnson's group - 


Mrs Ray's -


Education City activity.



Mr Johnson's -


Mrs Ray's -


Follow your timetable for the afternoon!

Have a great day!

Monday 11th January


Morning everyone! 


So it begins, the first full week of Home Learning!  Please try your best and remember learning life lessons are important too, baking a cake is Maths (weighing the ingredients), drawing, reading books, research and even learning how to wash dishes are all invaluable skills!


Check your timetable to help you organise your day.


I'd love to see the things that you've been up to so please don't hesitate to post work or any successes of your day on your portfolio on Class Dojo.  


This is what the children are doing today!



The children are to complete 2 pages of their CGP book.


Then watch this video from the Oak Academy. (Please note that after the quiz you must close it and then press next to see the video)


Mr Johnson's Maths Group


Mrs Rays Maths Group -


Then complete the science activity on Education City.




Complete 2 pages of the CGP book.


Watch this video from the Oak academy


And apply what you've learnt to the writing you started or finished on Friday, editing your work to include expanded noun phrases.


Finish off by completing the activity on Education City.




Complete the first reading comprehension text and questions in your CGP book.


Keeping active choose a challenge from the sheet in your pack, time yourselves and see how many you can do, then challenge each other on Class Dojo!



Friday 8th January

Hi everyone!

It's another cold and wintry morning but we're going to have a great day!

I have uploaded today's work up onto Education city.

Please can you log in using the details provided in your pack.

Then the general layout of the homeschool timetable (found at the top of this page and in packs) should be followed.

Therefore, Maths completed first, then English and (today) Science in the afternoon.


Please watch the following videos to help your Maths.


Mr Johnson's group:


Mrs Ray's group:


Once finished please go on TTRockstars and win some points for Ruby Class!


In English there are some tasks to complete on Education city and then I would also like you to show off your writing to the people that are at home with you.

Write about your Christmas and the things that happened, remember to include all the things we've talked about in the past to make your writing exciting.  Fronted adverbials, similes, expanded noun phrases (The delicious, juicy sausages etc.).  I would love to see some of your fantastic writing!


In the afternoon Science has been set on Education city.  


Please let me know ASAP if you have any problems accessing Education city.


On Education City I can see the children's marks and whether they have completed the activity.



A Christmas Thriller!


This half term as part of our P.E. curriculum we've been doing a bit of dancing!

After a very interesting talk about different songs and what the children liked, we decided to try our hand (and feet) at Michael Jackson's timeless classic, Thriller!


The children have absolutely loved learning the routine, and came up with their own moves in small groups.


After a few lessons it became clear that this needed to be filmed and shown to adults at home as I for one could not be prouder of the effort, time and thought that the children had put into it.


Ruby Class also inspired the video edit too, during an ICT lesson they came up with ideas on how to do it and the results are incredible.


So here it is! Please enjoy 'A Christmas Thriller'!



A Christmas Thriller by Ruby Class.mp4

Still image for this video

Christmas Dinner!


We loved our Christmas dinner and enjoyed being able to eat it together as a Ruby Class family, which is what Christmas is all about!

Thank you to all the staff who made this possible, it was sooooo tasty!

Mayan Tortillas!


As part of our Ancient Mayan Culture topic we decided to try an authentic Mayan tortilla recipe to see what it would have tasted like almost 5000 years ago!


Then we tried the modern style Mexican Fajita with vegetables such as peppers, onions and courgette, to taste the difference!


We enjoyed making our tortillas but the main feedback about the Mayan recipe was that it tasted like 'Play doh' so I don't think anybody will be asking to make it at home!


The Fajitas however, went down a treat and we took photographic evidence in case anyone tries to tell you that they don't like vegetables! Have a look below!





This term we are learning how to code and we have started to design our own programmes to show a simple story!



In Science this term our topic is Earth and Space!


We’ve been learning about how we gather scientific evidence and how we know that the Earth and Moon spherical.

Autumn half term award winners!


Well done to all those that received an award this half term, we’re all very proud!

Don’t forget there are plenty of opportunities to be awarded a certificate throughout the year.

We now have our Mayan display set up in our room.

Well done everyone!





Isolation Pack Resources (to be used if you are isolating)


Please see the timetable above as a guide.


Please see Education city for Literacy work.

Log in using the details your child has been given in their pack.


We've been working really hard the last few weeks studying the wonderous world of the Maya Civilisation.  We've discovered lots of things about them such as the different masks they used for different festivals and celebrations! We've been busy making some, take a look and the fantastic art from some of our children.  Don't worry if you don't see your child's work as it might not be quite finished yet, there will be lots more photos to follow!



Tuesday 29th September


We've had a great start to the year so far!


We've really enjoyed reading the Demon Dentist and are looking forward to what happens to Alfie!


We've started to learn about the Maya and found out about how plants reproduce!


And Place Value in Maths as shown below!


Could all parents please make sure they have filled out the Information update form if you haven't already to make sure we have the most recent phone details so that we can get in touch if needed.  Don't forget to fill out the ICT form on the back.  Thank you to all those who have already given this in.

Welcome Back!!


We are looking forward to welcoming you back to school on Thursday 3rd September!


As you may be aware Mr Johnson injured his knee just before we broke up and had to have surgery on it yesterday 26/08/20.  He will therefore be off for the first two weeks of school and will be returning on the 17th September.  


Mr Halpin who the children know well will be covering for Mr Johnson while he is recovering and of course Mrs Ray will be there as always!






Returning to school!


I can understand that returning to school, into a new Year Group and after a prolonged period of absence there may be a few concerns and worries that you or your children may have.

I realise you may have some questions and I want to try and answer them here however if you'd like to contact me with any further questions please email me on ( I will still be available to contact via email while I'm off).


There are hand washing stations set up outside the building and inside classrooms for children to wash their hands regularly.


The children will stay in their class bubbles and will not come into contact with other year groups at any point during the day.


Children will be encouraged to social distance at all times including play times.


The children will each receive their own pencil case with the equipment they need in school in.


We ask that the only objects brought into school from home are packed lunches or medical equipment such as inhalers.


Everything that the children touch will be washed regularly.


Children are also required to be dropped off and picked up from school, they can't walk by themselves.


Below I've posted some pictures of how the classroom will be set out.