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Poppy Year 1

Welcome to Poppy Class


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Sports Week


Poppy class have been taking part in numerous sporting activities throughout the week, such as curling, archery, the relay and many more…


All the adults in Poppy class are very proud of our poppies as they showed great teamwork and determination all week.


Well done!! You are all SUPERSTARS!

Chester Zoo


This week Poppy class were very lucky to be able to go on our class trip to Chester Zoo! We all had a great day out and loved seeing all the animals, and luckily the rain stayed away!

Poppies in the Forest


Poppy Class were very lucky to be able to go into our forest area with Mrs Benham! We split into two groups, one group in the morning and one in the afternoon.


After we spoke about our ‘Forest Rules’, it was time for our class to explore… whilst some of our poppies explored the mud kitchen and building some fantastic dens in our den building area, others learnt about whittling and gave it a go, with an adult!


Later on, Mrs Benham very safely lit our campfire, and following all our ‘Forest Rules’ and instructions, Poppy Class had the chance to toast some marshmallows. We are looking forward to our next time in the forest!

Attendance Winners with 99.23%!! Well Done Poppy Class!!


Mini Animal Experts


This term in our science lessons, we have been learning all about the different animal groups; reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, mammals, and insects. We became mini animal experts as we created our very own information posters about one of the groups. We have also been learning all about the differences and similarities between the groups, along with drawing and labelling the different parts of the animals.


We have loved being mini animal experts this term and we have learnt a lot!

Poppy Plants


Poppy Class have been busy planting this week in our outdoor area! We are looking forward to seeing the flowers bloom.

Easter Egg Hunt

Today Poppy Class had been left a mission from the Easter Bunny… He had hidden some Easter eggs around our school!


We had to spilt into groups to follow the clues he had left, and hopefully find the eggs…

Easter Fun Run

Forget about Santa Dash, this is our ‘Easter Fun Run’!

Easter Crafts

This week in Poppy Class we have been getting crafty… all things Easter!


      We have made our very own Easter Crowns for our exciting ‘Easter Fun Run’ and we made some Easter baskets for our very exciting visitor…

Happy Chinese New Year: The Year of The Ox


Today Poppy Class have been learning all about Chinese New Year! Learning all about its history and how it is celebrated all around the world.

We made our own red dragons, tried Chinese food, and wrote our names in Chinese!

Children’s Mental Health Week


This week Poppy Class have been taking part in Children’s Mental Health Week. We have been learning all about keeping our mind and body healthy and happy. Take a look at some of the activities below!

Worry Dolls & Happy Posters

No Screen Thursday: Obstacle Course!

No Screen Thursday: Pizza Making

Santa Dash

The day had arrived… our annual Netherton Moss Santa Dash!


A Wriggly Nativity


Due to this year being slightly different, and with no whole school Christmas performance, Poppy Class decided to perform their own Nativity. After weeks of practice, roles assigned and costumes on, we were ready to perform our very own ‘Wriggly Nativity’. 

Christmas Breakfast


Today we ended our Christmas packed week with our very own Christmas breakfast!

To our surprise, the Elf on the Shelf returned! He had been sent from the North Pole to join us and even have a little dance (and what a brilliant dancer he was!).


Christmas Dinner


With the Christmas music on, the roast potatoes ready and the Santa hats on… our Christmas dinner was ready!

Poppy Class thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas dinner (and the teachers did too!)

Thank you very much to our school cooks.

A Christmas Visitor

We had a special Christmas visitor at Netherton Moss today… it was the ELF ON THE SHELF! The elf popped into Poppy Class to say a quick Christmas hello and let us know that he has been sent all the way from the North Pole to tell us that Santa is on his way!

Thursday Treat

As a reward for reaching 1000 class dojos, we spent this afternoon in our ‘Forest Area’!

You can see from the photos below just how much the children love spending time in the forest! (especially when we have some hot chocolate too!)

Celebration Awards


Each term we celebrate children in our school that truly embody and work hard to follow our school expectations.


Miss Walsh had a very difficult job in selecting just eight children out of Poppy class, as we believe all our pupils have been fantastic all term!


School Expectations:

  • Attend well
  • Think positively
  • Work hard
  • Be friendly
  • Stay safe
  • Show respect
  • Take responsibility
  • Be a role model


Congratulations to all these Poppies! We are very proud.

Maths Topic: Part Whole Models


This week we have been learning all about part whole models. We have learnt about how a part whole model is the concept of how numbers can be spilt into parts.

Have a look at some of our fantastic mathematicians at work…

Remembrance Day


On the 11th of November, we learnt all about ‘Remembrance Day’. After the two minutes silence, we created our own poppies using collage materials and poppy field pictures using paint.

Star of the Week (November)

Bonfire Night


Remember Remember the fifth of November…


Due to not being able to celebrate Bonfire Night as we usually would, we decided to bring the fireworks to us (virtually!).


Our day was jam packed with Bonfire activities:

  • Making our own sparklers
  • Decorating our biscuits
  • Creating our own paint inspired firework display pictures
  • Using different collage materials to create a bonfire picture!

Ending the day with watching a virtual firework display, along with hot chocolate and our delicious biscuits!

Guy Fawkes

As Bonfire Night is this week, Poppy Class have been learning about Guy Fawkes.

We learnt all about ‘The Gunpowder Plot’: Why did he want to go through with the plan? What date did it happen? Did it work?


Poppy Class loved learning all about Guy Fawkes. After writing and developing our own story maps, we are able to retell the story of Guy Fawkes along with the actions we created as a class!



Today something spooky happened in Poppy Class… instead of our usual children, we had witches, werewolves, ghostbusters, and many more spooky friends!

We had lots of spooky and eerie Halloween activities to keep us busy all day, including making our own magic potions, decorating our spooky biscuits and even a pumpkin inspired funky fingers activity!


After our party, it was time for home.


Happy Halloween from Poppy Class!

Our Spooky Halloween Forest Walk

Autumn Artwork


After our ‘Autumn Hunt’ we were inspired to get creative, and so we did!

Using leaves that we had selected from the forest floor, we created our very own ‘leafy hedgehogs’! They all looked fantastic!


Using autumnal colours, we painted leaves onto our very on trees and wrote a sentence or two, about Autumn. We had some amazing sentences in class today!


With the leaves that were left over from the hedgehogs, we decided to cut them up and using our art skills, draw the other half of the leaf. Making sure that our half looked the same as the real leaf!

All About Autumn


This term we will been learning all about the Autumn season! We will learn all about what happens in autumn, from the leaves falling/changing colour to Bonfire Night.

First and foremost, we must begin our topic with an ‘Autumn Hunt’ in the forest!

Music Time!

This term we have been learning all about different types of music; from classical to rap to hip hop! We have been enjoying learning and developing our musical skills and knowledge.

We have learnt all about the pulse (the steady beat that never changes!)

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

 Today we had our very own ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’! We made our very own teddy bear headbands and decorated our own bears. The teddy bears even joined us for lunch too!  

Power Maths


In Poppy Class, we currently use a maths programme called ‘Power Maths’! We all have our own textbook which we will be working through all year long.


Meet our new characters who will be helping us along the way!

Friday 11th September 


This week we have been exploring all the maths resources in our new classroom. We have great fun playing dominoes, repeating patterns, counting multi link towers and counting forwards and backwards to 50! 

Wednesday 9th September


Today was an exciting day as we got to meet our reading buddies! We promised to read to our buddies every night for at least 15 minutes! 

I am looking forward to starting the new school year and excited to see you all very soon.

The new school year starts on the September 3rd 2020 at 8.45am.

You will come into your new class through these doors in the morning and you will go home through these doors at home time.

Here are some photographs of your new classroom...