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We're all going to the zoo....

We're all going to the zoo....

Not tomorrow but on Friday the 18th October Years 1-6 will enjoy at trip to the Zoo. Before then our friends from Chester Zoo are coming to us in school and each year group is enjoying a series of workshops in class before the day of our trip. We are thrilled to be part of their Sustainable Palm Oil Project. The children are learning that they can make a big difference in protecting wildlife by tackling the issue of unsustainable palm oil production. Forest habitats are being lost, animals are losing their homes and carbon is being released into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. The children are learning all about the issue and looking at the ways in which making changes to way we live and the choices we make in our lives can make a real difference.


We are very busy learning the Palm Oil Conga which you can find online at:


Check it out!