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Joseph And His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the outstanding performance of Joseph And His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. The shows were on Thursday night and Friday morning and both demonstrated how versatile and hardworking all the children involved are.

Of course, I rehearse particularly with Drama Club and know how hard they work. There were so many songs these children had to learn and the demands of this music meant we were using a far larger group of children than we usually do – and as they’ll tell you – it’s not easy!

Not only did they learn the words (and songs like Joseph’s Coat runs to many pages long), but they had to build up their vocal range as many songs are quite high and some songs demanded they sing in three part harmony. Then there were all the moves and actions that had to be incorporated too. And boy, did they sing with gusto! They were fantastic. I was so proud of them.

We have so many talented singers this year; Amelia took the lead as Joseph and sang her solos with such feeling; we had to split one role – that of the Pharaoh (The King…. Elvis!) between two children, Connie and Scarlet, and they had everyone rocking in the isles!! Well done to Robert too as he sang solos as Jacob and Potipha.

It is also lovely to see other children coming up through school who love singing and performing, as we did with the year 1 and 2 performance of the Benjamin Calypso.  And how French were the year 4’s?!

Thank you to the year 5&6 students who were invaluable helping and singing with the little ones in reception in the finale.

As the song says, ‘Raise Your Beret’ to those talented children in Netherton Moss!!