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Horizon Den Building

We had an unusual challenge, recently. Build a cosy den big enough for two children to sit in side and collect all the materials you need ready for the challenge!

Well, as it happens, year 4 have been reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and we had only just been talking about Mr Tumnus's Cave. We decided to recreate his cave in the woods as it was very cosy! We gathered branches and painted them white as it was always winter in Narnia and never Christmas. Then we read over the text again and tried to make as many details as we could to put into our den. It was lovely (it was so much fun to make we kept it all and put it in the library for others to enjoy afterwards).

The 9th Oct arrived and it was a beautiful autumn day and two other schools from the Horizon Network arrived and we all set to work building our different Dens. They were all very different but everyone admired and gave feedback on each other's work.

It was a wonderful morning. Thanks to all who took part.