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Educate Award Shortlist

Everyone in school is thrilled and terribly proud that Netherton Moss has once again been shortlisted in two categories for the 2021 Educate Awards:


Outstanding Arts in the Primary School

At a time when the world around our children appears to be stranger and more confusing than ever, Netherton Moss seek to bridge the gap and help its pupils make sense of current affairs.

One way in which the school alleviated the anxieties around the pandemic whilst providing an historic and educational premise was with a time capsule. Students were encouraged to imagine a future world that would look back on the children’s generation as an extraordinary one that could provide answers to a confusing time. Via their own imagination, the children became empowered.

The time capsule was innovative, fresh and, most importantly, artistic. Overcoming the inevitable challenges of social distancing, the tech-savvy pupils set out preparing scripts, took part in production and even edited the final piece for future generations to enjoy and learn from.


School Governor of the Year

Recognising the hard work and dedication of our Chair of Governors, Mrs Hilary Lyall and all the work she does for the school and its work in the community.