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CHET Day 3!

Day 3 dawned a little later than Day 2 as everyone needed just a little longer in bed after all the activity of the previous two days! With breakfast out of the way, the packing completed and beds stripped we were off to express our creativity in the form of environmental art. The children let their imaginations and their bodies run wild as they searched the woods to gather the natural resources they needed to create a wide range of pictures and sculptures. Following a well earned drink and a biscuit the children returned to the Adventure Course, the exploits of the previous few days gave many the confidence and skills to try aspects of the course for the first time or with greater confidence and proficiency than before. It was great to see the children grow and flourish as a result of their experiences. No visit would be complete with out the opportunity to purchase a souvenir or two followed by a time of celebration as the various awards, prizes and certificates were given out. The children returned to school tired and dirty yet with their horizons broadened and their experiences enriched! Thanks must go to all of our friends at CHET and their expertise and teachers in school who gave so willingly of their time and care.