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Career Carousel Celebration

As part of our on-going careers and raising aspirations work, this afternoon Scarlet Class welcomed representatives from a range of different workplaces including: Merseyside Ambulance and Paramedic Service, The Post Office, Glenville Walker Legal Services, The Sovini Group Property Management, The Walton Centre Rehabilitation Team,  and Liverpool City College.  


The children worked in small groups and met with each professional in turn asking questions and learning from each individual all about the pathway they have followed from their time in school to the present day. The visiting professionals were able to talk about their current role as well as all the key milestones that have happened during their respective careers. The children really enjoyed listening to thevery different experiences and learning the top tips for finding a rewarding career.


Amongst the common themes to emerge in all of the discussions was the need to develop good communication skills and the ability to problem-solve. All the professionals were able to highlight for the children the many transferable skills they gained during their time in school and that have been vital in their changing and progressing careers. 


Needless to say, all the professionals involved, commented upon the engagement, maturity and interest shown by all the children.