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Extra session are available on a Wednesday afternoon, please speak to a member of staff for more details. 


Please be aware that the door will close in the morning at 8:55am, if you arrive at school after this time you must report to the office. 



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Autumn 2, Week 1


We’ve had a very busy first week back at Nursery and have joined in with lots of autumnal activities. We have:


  • explored colour mixing, making spooky monster biscuits;
  • compared sizes and weights of pumpkins and squashes;
  • represented movement and sounds with our bright and sparkly firework paintings. 


We have been reading “Room on the Broom” and learning how we can support and be kind to each other by hearing a story called “Purple Plays Differently” through our new whole school PSHE curriculum.

Autumn 2, Week 2


In Nursery this week, we have been continuing to learn about autumnal celebrations. We have:


  • made edible chocolate sparklers for snack, talking about our experiences of Bonfire Night, and observing how chocolate changes when it has been melted;
  • learned about the Hindu Festival of Lights (Diwali), and chalked colourful Rangoli patterns on black paper;
  • found out all about Remembrance Day and what it means. We very respectfully observed a short silence, and made and painted beautiful red poppies.


We have been reading Funny Bones stories and have been joining in with daily number songs and rhymes. Our favourite this week has been “5 Little Pumpkins”!

Autumn 2, Week 3

This week, we have been taking part in Anti-Bullying Week. This year’s theme was One Kind Word, so we have been learning about how we can show kindness. 

We watched an animated story called Rainbow helps at home and followed this up with drawing pictures of our families and thinking about how we can show kindness to our family. We were also spotted showing kindness in school, and we received lovely certificates to celebrate this. 


Autumn 2, Week 4


This week, we have welcomed two early years trainee teachers to our class: Miss Parkes and Miss Quinn. They will be with us each Wednesday until the spring, and will then be full time with us for 4 weeks running up to Easter.


We have been reading “Stick Man” by Julia Donaldson this week in Nursery, and decided to make our very own stick people. We went to the forest to collect sticks, and we:

  • listened to and followed instructions;
  • learned how to keep safe on our way to and from the forest;
  • learned how to carry sticks safely around the forest. We know that we need to keep our sticks pointing downwards, so that we don’t accidentally hurt other people with them. We also know that the safe way to carry big sticks or branches is to drag them behind us. 


We used the sticks that we found in the forest to make our very own stick people.  We chose ways to decorate them, using feathers, leaves and googly eyes. We also found out the best ways for attaching sticks together and for attaching the decorations, using pipe cleaners and glue.

Autumn 2, Week 5


This week in Marigold class, we have continued reading “Little Robin Red Vest” by Jan Fearnley.


We found out that the cold winter weather makes the ground hard, and that makes it difficult for the robins to find worms to eat.  We think it’s really important to help to look after the birds in our garden, so we made bird feeders. We mixed bird seed with lard, pushed it into cookie cutters and then left them to harden in the fridge. Our birds should now have plenty of food to see them through the winter!


We have also made robin Christmas decorations. We made pom-poms, using brown and red wool, and then added eyes and a beak.  Winding the wool onto the pom-pom maker really helped us to strengthen our finger muscles.  We then practised our cutting skills when we cut the wool from the pom-pom maker.


This week, we have also made candy cane Christmas decorations. Threading beads onto pipe cleaners helped to develop our fine motor skills, and we learned to make ABAB patterns, alternating between red and white beads.


Autumn 2, Week 6


It’s been another busy week in Marigold class, as we prepare for Christmas! We have made salt dough decorations, comparing quantities of salt and flour, and noticing how the dough changes as it cooks. Now that our decorations have hardened, we will be able to make them lovely and sparkly next week.


We have also decorated Christmas bags to take home all of our wonderful Christmas decorations, cards and presents. We chose how we wanted to decorate the bags and used glitter, glue, pom-poms and stickers to make them festive.


We have been practising our Christmas songs, dressing up and playing with the small world Nativity set, and we sat together to eat Christmas dinner in class 🎄 

Autumn 2, Week 7


We have had a lovely week in Marigold class this week. We have:

  • Enjoyed a special Christmas breakfast;
  • Recorded our Christmas songs, which will be shared with or families next week (they’re in for a treat!);
  • Been decorating gingerbread men and learning to subitise with jelly tots;
  • Linked numerals and amounts, counting the correct number of snowballs into pots;
  • Been developing our fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination, making paper chain decorations for our classroom;
  • Written Christmas cards independently for our friends and families. We are learning to use some of our print and letter knowledge in our early writing, and we are learning to write our names.


Autumn 2, Week 8


We have had a fun-packed final week of our Autumn term in Marigold class. We have painted Christmas decorations and made paper chains. We have also played lots of Christmas games to support our mathematical development, and we loved our Christmas party!

Spring 1, Week 1


We have had a very busy and exciting time in Marigold class this week. Our new topic is “Space” and we have learned lots of interesting facts, read stories (Back to Earth with a Bump, We’re off to look for Aliens, and The Darkest Dark). We made a visual replica of the moon’s surface when we baked moon bread. We mixed flour, salt, yeast and water to make our dough, and we talked about how the ingredients changed during each stage: mixing the ingredients / kneading the dough / proving the dough / baking the dough. We ate our moon bread for snack and noticed that the salty crust was dusty, just like the moon’s surface. The crust also had cracks and craters, like the moon’s surface. 


As part of our space theme, we have made binoculars and telescopes, to help us to spot the planets. We chose how to decorate them, using glue, sellotape and different craft materials. We have also been busy with space small world activities, and space explorer role play.


We had new friends visiting us in class this week and we are very excited for them to join us properly next week. To help us to understand how our new friends might be feeling, and to help us to think about how we can welcome them into class, we watched an animated story called “Pink goes to school” as part of our 1decision PSHE session.