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Year 4!

July 6th 2020

Two weeks of school left and there is still time to open an account with Classroom Secrets for Kids, which has loads of engaging activities for you to try.

The Firebird - part 2

Maths: Take a look at this BBC Bitesize maths page on Interpreting Charts...

If you don't want to join Whizz Maths, you don't have to, just try the activities.

29th June 2020

Hi Jazz Class! Here's some more work to be getting on with at home.

Maths: Continuing with decimals - can you order them? Take a look at this BBC Bitesize page and Twinkl activities. If you can't print off the pages, they are available at school.

English: Follow the strange and wonderful story of the FireBird.

Read chapter 1 here and answer the questions...

Here are two worksheets on chapter 1 for you to try (you should be able to type your answers into them):

How about trying some Optical Illusions??


Magic Tricks?

Can you put the bird in the cage?

Can you turn something solid into something rubbery?

22nd June 2020

Today is quite a special day as we have lots of other children about and different classes open. Unfortunately, year 4 isn't one of them :( 

Nevertheless, I have more work for you to try ;) We have the last Weslandia video and you can take a look at BBC BiteSize for this week. In maths, we're looking at handling money, and in Reading there's an activities to help understanding texts.

If you can't print the supporting activity sheets off, I have a set you can come into school to pick up.


You can catch up with any earlier work from Bitesize from this link.

Weslandia - session 10 - last session

Still image for this video

BBC BiteSize

BBC BiteSize

Reading for understanding

Mon 15th June

Week 12! I cannot believe it! It's been so long since we were altogether working on the Romans! Or Maths! Or Harry Potter!! Well, as always, I hope you are keeping well and continuing to persevere with some school work.

Don't forget you can access all different week's work with reading, writing, maths and topic activities on PurpleMash. If you find this year four work too difficult try other year group's work here.

Weslandia - session 9

Still image for this video

Maths - Money

Try these...

Mon 8th June

CONGRATRULATIONS!!! To all those of you who took part in the TTRockStars inter-class competition! You blasted everyone out of the arena! Well Done!

Now for some more work for this week...

Weslandia - session 8

Still image for this video

PurpleMash have lots of reading material you can access. Have a look at "Alien Hotel" - for chapter 1 follow this link...

...and then complete its  comprehension task.

Remember work on Area? Try This...

I've been contacted by Sarah Longson, Director of UK Chess Challenge, and she is keen for all of you who are interested in playing chess to get involved in a Chess Challenge! She said...

The UK Chess Challenge will be taking part entirely online in 2020 – on We felt this was the best way to give everyone involved certainty on the tournament structure and dates.

We are very excited about this new challenge and hoping to make it as enjoyable and rewarding as possible for the children. Throughout the summer there will be a ‘Festival of Chess’ to choose from. As well as our old favourites (Megafinals, Gigafinals and Terafinal) we are also running a Blitz Championship, “Chess 960” Championship and a few others.

An online environment provides some great opportunities to learn and improve at the game and so we are also running a number of training and coaching events throughout the summer for those keen to improve as well as play. Some of the nation’s finest coaches as well as past champions (including myself!) will be involved in simultaneous displays, “Beat the Coach” challenges and more.

What next?
If you can find a way to get this message to the chess club members that would be superb. If you weren’t able to finish the competition in time players can still register and there are plenty of tools on lichess to help players get up to speed quickly.

Full details and entry form now available on the website.

Weslandia - 7

Still image for this video

18th May

Miss Ray and I are trying to ring round and keep in touch with you all regularly. I do hope you are trying the activities listed below. There are links to...

BBC Bitesize,

Sir Linkalot

ClassRoom Secrets

as well as PurpleMash, Education City and TT Rockstars - I see we're winning the competition with Clover Class - clever :)!



I've forgotten to give you some Sudoku challenges and you were getting so good a completing them! So here is an 'easy' challenge. If you click on this image it will take you to a sudoku site for more! Good Luck.

Weslandia - session 6

Still image for this video

Education City 

If you do English or Maths with Mrs Christian she has loaded some new games onto Education City for you to try.   Keep up the hard work x 

11th May

Hi there Jazzonians! How are things? Did you celebrate VE day in your street?

My neighbours held a game of Bingo, calling numbers across the street! Very funny! And have you coloured a rainbow for your window?

Jodrall Bank, the observatory, are very interested in rainbows and have posted some activities you might like to try on their site. Take a look...

Jodrell Bank

Weslandia - Session 5

Still image for this video


For those in the Jazz Class maths group who are feeling stale with their subtractions, take a look at this video on Efficient Subtraction. It looks at different strategies in subtraction which are great if you are feeling rusty with your take-aways!!

Watch the videos then try these (different) problems below. (If you don't have a printer, enlarge the picture and copy them out. If you do the document has three pages of increasing harder work for you to try!)

Efficient Subtraction

Efficient Subtraction

4th May 2020

May 4th is Star Wars Day! So, for those of you at home looking for something to do why not watch a Star Wars or Star Trek movie, draw a picture of your favourite character, label what characteristics they have that you admire and then dress up as them! Send a picture of yourself to school. We're always impressed with the work we've seen people doing at home.



Weslandia - Session 4

Still image for this video
ClassRoom Secrets have a handy timetable and lots activities to keep you busy. Follow this link for all their ideas. 

27th April

My Stars of the week for working hard on a number of activities in PurpleMash, are... Ta Da...

Jacob and Elizabeth.

Well done Super Stars!!!


I have made some more packs of work for those who want them, and you can collect them from school in the Parent's Room.


Keep safe and stay at home.

Sir LinkALot is a fabulous spelling app which has shown impressive results for those of us who are not strong at spelling. It is free for the next 12 weeks. Please take a look and try- it looks like spelling could actually be enormous fun!!! Click on the picture.

The next part of Weslandia

Still image for this video

Maths: Try this work on Area...

Wish you could go to the zoo, or see lots of differents animals... Keep up to date with what going on in different zoos and do animal related work via this site...

23rd April

Sorry Jazz Class. I've just realised a lot of you can't login to Education City. I don't know what happened but I've updated you logins - very similar to Purple Mash.

Education City Logins....

Your UserName will be your first name initial and surname and 20- e.g. JBloggs20.

Password: Use whatever you used for your first name only - e.g. Joe

Those children whose login hasn’t changed are…




Esmme and Sophia

20th April

Now the Easter Hols are over, take a look at video 2 of Weslandia

Weslandia Session 2.mp4

Still image for this video

And for those of you who love a challenge, try this Roman Numeral code worksheet.

7th April 2020

Classroom Secrets for Kids!

They have lots of ideas for home learning and have set up an Easter Timetable with a range of ideas - and not too intense! Please take a look...

Reading at home - Weslandia


Still image for this video
Enter the witty, intriguing world of Weslandia! Now that school is over, Wesley needs a summer project. He’s learned that each civilization needs a staple food crop, so he decides to sow a garden and start his own - civilization, that is. He turns over a plot of earth, and plants begin to grow. They soon tower above him and bear a curious-looking fruit. As Wesley experiments, he finds that the plant will provide food, clothing, shelter, and even recreation. It isn’t long before his neighbours and classmates develop more than an idle curiosity about Wesley - and exactly how he is spending his summer vacation.
Session 1 - Shelters

Monday 30th March 2020

The current situation we all find ourselves in can be overwhelming and lead to an increase in anxiety levels for some children. This is particularly so for those children with ADHD, social communication difficulties or ASD.  Please find below advice from the ADHD Foundation and the National Autistic Society offering tips to support these children during COVID -19.

Further advice and support can be found on :


This week is also World Autism Awareness Week . Resources are available from :

Friday 27th March 2020

Hi Jazz Class,

How has your first week of staying at home been? I hope you have been keeping safe and helping at home!!


I will be updating this page as much as possible with anything I find that you might be interested in so keep dropping in!


As well as the links to Education City, TTRockStars and Linguascope I have given you, I have updated your logons to...

PurpleMash - to make them easier!

Go to...   (that's small L30 not numbers130)

Screenshot 2020-03-31 at 12.59.04.png

Your UserName will be your first name and surname initial - e.g. JoeB.

Because of duplication, some of you might need to try your name with a 2 after it - e.g. JoeB2

Those of you with double barrelled names put together with no space - e.g. BillyJoeB

Password: Use whatever you used for your first name - e.g. BillyJoe

Log in and have a mooch around. Look in your ToDos tabs to see some activities I have loaded for you.

This link will take you to week 2 activities:

This is a really useful platform as I can give feedback on any work you complete too!


Please sign up to the fabulous Oxford Owl education site to support your child at home with reading, English and maths.  You can choose activities by age group or by subject. Click on the picture above to take you there.

There is also a fabulous, free, age group specific ebook library - giving you access to lots of choice over books to read and listen to with your child.   

There are also lots of other activities to support your child with English and maths - all geared specifically to your child’s age group.  

Creating an account is really simple. Visit, click on join us and add a few personal details including an email address and you are ready to go.  Have fun, we hope that you enjoy visiting the online library and all the fabulous activities available.  

8 Times Table Song | Skip Counting by 8 Multiplication Song

We've also been learning to count in multiples of 8 to help with learning the 8 x table. Children love this song and are really good at counting in 8's. The song gets faster each - children need to keep practising at home and challenge someone at home to sing as fast as they can!

Skip Counting By 3 Song | The 3 Times Tables Song For Kids

Children who do maths in Apollo Base have been learning this 3 x table song to help with their times tables. They are all experts - perhaps they can challenge people at home on 3 x table facts!

Times Tables Challenge

It was a real treat in school on Wednesday to play host to the Year 4 Horizon Times Table Challenge. The eight Mathematicians from Jazz Class. tested their skills against other local schools. Special mention must go to Chloe L who achieved maximum marks in several of the rounds! Mr Hird was very proud of the way in which all the children demonstrated their skills and showed great respect towards the other teams who participated.

Having a Giraffe! Zoo inspired art!

In Jazz Class, we have been using our visit to Chester Zoo as the inspiration for our art work. We have been looking back at the pictures we captured during our day with the animals and using these to fire our creativity. We have been making marks and lines with a wide range of drawing implements e.g brushes, pencil, crayon, chalk pastels, pens, watercolour pencils etc. We have also been mixImg colours to know which primary colours make secondary colours and starting to use specific colour language. When adding colour to our animal drawings we have been exploring tints and shades.

Can YOU work out what these Roman Numerals are that Jazz Class have been making?

Chester Zoo Workshops

Have you got the guts?! Jazz Class have been investigating the digestive system!

In their Science lessons, Jazz Class have been learning to describe the simple functions of the parts of the digestive system in humans and have been getting their hands dirty as the made their own models to describe the journey of food through the body explaining what happens in each part. The children really enjoyed every stage of the process, especially the the last one!!

Resilience and Mindfulness in Jazz Class

Our friends Sharon and Tracey from the Vibe organisation joined Jazz Class today as the children embarked on a programme of sessions looking at emotional health and well-being!

Not so Horrible Histories!

Jazz Class assembly today saw a packed hall watch as the children give a fantastic performance of their home written play that told the whole of Tudor history in just 6 minutes! Bringing history to life has taught the children so much and it was a great way to share this learning with the whole school!

Monday 20th May - Outdoor Adventures

Jazz Class have this week spent a very exciting day enjoying a range of outdoor and adventurous activities with our friends at Crosby Hall (CHET). The children went for the day which started with an hour charging around Church Wood finding and solving the clues on the orienteering course, reading the maps, following directions and working as a team were all the order of the day. With just a few minutes for a drink and a biscuit the children moved on to enjoy all the challenges that the Centre’s amazing Adventure Course has to offer and a quick burst around the Maze. After a well deserved Lunch the children went in to Ben’s Gorse to design and make their own shelters, from all that the woodland floor had to offer. Tired, dirty and hungry the children returned to school after an amazing day long adventure.

Wednesday 26th March - The Easter Experience

Our friends from St Oswald’s Church in Netherton joined us this week to share with us the Easter Story. The children were able to participate in a series of workshops and activities that helped them to understand the significant moments of the Easter and learn how these key events have shaped Christianity. The activities complimented the work the children have completed in class in recent week where they have been reading the Easter Story from the perspective of the four Gospel Writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and comparing and contrasting key parts of the story in the different versions. The team from St Oswald;s were very impressed at the biblical knowledge the children demonstrated during the sessions.



Monday 25th March

A group of children from Years 3 & 4 attended an athletics event today at Kings Leadership Academy Hawthornes, competing against 11 other local primary schools. The children took part in a number of activities including relay, hurdles, soft javelin and  long jump . Well done to everyone who took part.  A selection of photographs from today's event can be found below.

The Science of Sound

Still image for this video
We have all been busy making short films (episodes) on how sound works. Watch these!!!

Science of Sound 1.mp4

Still image for this video

Science of Sound 3.mp4

Still image for this video

Science of Sound 4.mp4

Still image for this video

Science: Sound

Still image for this video

This term we've started our unit on Sound and have learnt that all sounds are made from something vibrating. So as part of our investigations, here are some short videos of us using a tuning fork and feeling it vibrating!


Still image for this video

Wednesday 6th March 

The children in Jazz Class have been out today. Our day started at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool where we visited a number of the exhibitions including the visiting the Leonardo Da Vinci collection, it was great to see some the extraordinary work of this artist who the children have been studying in class. Great fun was had dressing up as some of the famous faces from history that appear in the gallery’s collection of Holbein paintings and works from the same period. As you can see from the pictures there were some famous faces from school there as well. Following our exciting morning we enjoyed the afternoon participating in the School’s concert with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra at the Philharmonic Hall.

Dewa Roman Experience

As part of our Ancient Romans topic this term, Jazz Class have been to explore the history of our nearest Roman City, Chester. Known as Dewa in Roman times the children enjoyed a fully guided tour of the reconstructions, excavations and museum and enjoyed a wide range of hands-on experiences. They were able to explore many of the themes that they will be learning about in school including, Health, hygiene and medicine, Food and drink, Pottery, Archaeology and discovering Roman artefacts. One of the highlights of the day was to go on a Soldier Patrol with a Roman Legionary. Armed with battle shields and under the ‘strict’ instruction of the experienced legionaries, the children discovered what it took to become part of the greatest fighting forces the world has ever known. Our new recruits had the chance to form a testudo, visit the amphitheatre, defend the walls and prepare for battle.

Jazz Class topic Letter for Spring term 2019


Jazz Class prepare for Ponpunoto!

Jazz have been busy preparing their dramatic contribution to the whole school Christmas Performance of our original work Ponpunoto! Written by the pupils, Jazz have based their part of the story around the work they have been doing following their enjoyment of the story of the The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. As you can see from the pictures many favourite characters appear!

Cooking up a storm for the Christmas Fair

We have been busy in school over the last couple of days making Cottage Pies to sell at the Christmas Fair, make sure you come hungry, we have made plenty!!

Jazz Class Topic Letter for Autumn Term 2018

Mrs Christian's maths group have been working really hard to count forwards and backwards 

in 2's, 3's and 5's to 100.  


We have been learning a number rap to remember Multiples of 3.   Check it out below!


Mrs Christian

Skip Counting By 3 Song | The 3 Times Tables Song For Kids




What a busy start to the Summer term! First we had our fabulous trip to Liverpool's World Museum to see the amazing Terracotta Warriors. Have a look at some of the fascinating exhibits we saw.Terracotta Warriors

Models showing how they made the horses.



Armour made from small stone pieces




Then we had a visit from the Science Boffins. We had a whole school Assembly and then a workshop.

Working with Dry Ice


Tasting Carbon Dioxide


Dry Ice

Mrs Christian's maths group have all been working very hard this week to learn the 4 x table.  Over the next few weeks the children need to know the 3x, 4x and 8x table.  You can help by challenging them at home with 'quick fire' multiplication and division questions.