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If you have any fabulous work that you would like to share with us please email either or Alternatively, tag our school twitter account in your posts.

  Keep checking our page for daily challenges.

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Home Learning Update

Education City


We hope you have all received your Education City log in letter which was sent to you before the Easter Holiday.


Education City is an educational resource for children.  It has curriculum based classroom software which perfect for all children.  It is packed full of exciting activities and learning resources which to are linked to the reception curriculum.


If you have already had the chance to have a little look around this website, you may have seen that we have set some activities for you to do.


How to find your classwork

1) Login using your username and password (You will find this on the letter that was sent)

2) Click on 'classwork'

3) Find the work set by 'Mrs R'

4) Have a go :)


We will be updating the Education City website weekly and look forward to seeing all of the work you have completed.


If you are having any difficulties accessing this work please don't hesitate to leave a message at school and one of Daisy Class team will get back to you.


We hope you are enjoying the lovely sunshine we have at the moment and we look forward to seeing you all when it becomes safe to do so.


Thank you.

Hello Daisies!


We hope you are all looking after yourselves and we look forward to seeing you all soon. In the meantime, we hope the home learning packs we have provided will keep you all busy and you have been able to access the list of online resources.


We would love to see photographs of some of the exciting learning that is taking place at home so if you have access to Twitter please either send a photograph to our school twitter page via direct message or upload and tag our school in your photographs.



Many thanks and stay safe

The Daisy Class Team.

Hints and Tips for Home Learning!

Whilst our lovely Daisies are working from home we thought we would put together a possible timetable for you to follow each day. We recommend that you spend at least 2 hours a day focusing on the home learning activities you will find within your packs or from the list below. This time may be made up of 20-30 minute sessions across the day. All of the activities and the resources required can either be accessed online or within your packs.


8am- Get dressed, have breakfast and share some quality time with your families.

9am- Why not start the day with a little bit of exercise? There are online, child-friendly workouts on Youtube e.g. Joe Wicks, Cosmic Kids, GoNoodle, Wake and Shake or a walk in the outdoors.

10:00-11:00- Academic Time- This could have a maths, phonics or writing focus. You could choose a worksheet from your pack, read a book, practice your RWI sounds, practice letter or number formation. Try not to use this time for electronics.

11:00-12:00- Creative Time- Play a game, draw a picture, colour, paint, sing, dance or you could even bake.

12:00-1:00 Lunch Time

1:00-1:30- Exercise Time

1:30- 2:30- Academic Time- Again you could choose something from your packs or even access one of the online learning websites listed below.

2:30-3:00- Quiet Time- Relax with a book, watch the TV or play a board game.


We will also be uploading daily activities for you to access during the day.

Free online learning websites-

-Oxford Owls- a reading website that you just need to make an account for (free)

-BBC Bitesize

- Pobble 365 (no log in required)

- Phonics Play

- Phonics Bloom

- Topmarks Maths


Most of all, we hope you are spending some quality time with your families during this time away from school. We hope to see you all sooner rather than later.


The Daisy Class Team.

Post Lockdown Learning and Fun!

                                            New Task 32                                               




Good Morning everybody! I hope you are all well. We miss you all very much and are so looking forward to seeing you in September.

This week some of your Daisy Class friends have been learning all about hot and cold holidays, doubling and halving, they have learnt 3 new sounds (ay, ee and igh) and they have made delicious ice creams!

We would love for you to spend a little time at home learning about doubling and halving this week too. In class we have learnt 2 new phrases. Doubling- 'add the same again' Halving- 'you've got to share to make it fair'. I have attached 2 sheets with some practical doubling and halving activities that you can try at home. I would love to see some photographs of your work too!


Have a great week and we will see you soon!


Miss Rainford

                                               New Task 31                                            


2nd July 2020


Happy Thursday everybody! We hope you are all happy and safe at home and are doing little bits of work for us. We are so proud of everybody and can't wait to see you all very soon.


As you know we have been learning about sun safety (ironically). The children have leant the following phrase to help them remember how to stay safe, 'Slip it, slop it, slap it'. Slip on your t-shirt, slop on your suncream and slap on a hat. Today, Daisy class will be creating their own sun-safety posters to share what they have learnt with others. I have attached a blank colouring poster if your child would like to have a creative afternoon or please feel free to create your own and send it to us via email.


I look forward to seeing your creations.


Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Rainford




                                               New Task 30                                            


29th June 2020


Happy Monday everybody!


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend regardless of the rainy weather and that you are all safe and well.


In Daisy class today some of our children will be learning how to tell the time (o'clock). We will introduce the 2 hands of the clock. We will talk about the minute hand (the long hand) and if the minute hand is pointing to 12 we say 'o'clock'. We will then look at the hour hand (the short hand) and discuss how this hand will point to the hour e.g.7 o'clock. The children will be shown many clocks displaying o'clock times and will be asked to write the times below.


Also, our children will complete a writing sheet about sun safety in order for them to practice their RWI sounds. We will listen to a great story called 'George the sun safe superstar' and recap over the really important steps to stay safe in the sun. Following this, the children will answer the questions on the sheet to display their understanding.


I have attached all of the resources below for you to complete at home too. Feel free to recreate any of the resources you wish :).


Have a great day!


Miss Rainford

Maths- O'clock worksheet

Sun Safety Writing Sheet

George The Sun Safe Superstar

                                              New Task 29                                             


Wednesday 24th June 2020


Good Afternoon everybody!


I hope you are all well and enjoying all of the homeschooling you are doing. Here in Daisy class we have been recapping addition and subtraction using our fingers and counters to help us. If you haven't worked on this for a little while, please have a practice today :)


We have also spent lots of time in our Daisy garden because the weather is so beautiful. Before we went outside we spent some time talking about the sunshine and how important it is to stay safe in the sun. I have attached the powerpoint we have been through in school so that you can have a little chat at home too.


We then went on to make ice cream cones as we know how important it is to stay cool when the sun is shining. I have attached the sheet to show you how to make one at home.


I look forward to seeing you all soon. Have a lovely day.


Miss Rainford

Sun Safety Awareness

                                                New Task 38                                         


Monday 22nd June 2020


Hello children and parents. I hope you are all happy, well and ready for another week of home schooling. Today in school our children will be accessing the topmarks game 'helicopter rescue'. 

Helicopter Rescue is a mental maths game designed to help children, between 4 and 8 years of age, to identify and work with numbers up to 100. The game is tablet-friendly.

The game modes include ‘Find a Number’ and ‘Count On & Back’. In the first, children are asked to find a number on the grid, either directly or in between two voiced numbers. The count on and count back games are designed to help children learn some of the vocabulary of addition and subtraction; count on, count back, more than and less than. I would encourage the children to work with numbers 1-20.


Have a great day and I hope your children enjoy playing the interactive game.


Miss Rainford

                            Daisy Classroom - Our safe place                          


We know that returning to school may cause our children to feel a little anxious because things may look a bit different. Just to set your minds at ease we have done our best to keep our classroom environment looking 'the same' as when we went into lockdown. Obviously, we have had to make adjustments to keep us all safe. Please feel free to use the photographs below to help your children with the transition from home to school. We are very much looking forward to seeing the children in school next week if they are returning. If your child is staying at home and continuing with home-schooling, I will continue to upload work to our class page for you to access.


Miss Rainford

Classroom Pictures

                                              New Task 37                                             


Wednesday 17th June 


Happy Wednesday!


Today we are going to have a mathematics focus. The children should use real objects to see that the quantity of a group can be changed by adding more. At first the children may need to re-count all of the items to see how many they have altogether e.g. 1,2,3,4,5  6,7,8. When they are ready encourage them to count on from 5 rather than starting at the beginning.

I have attached a sheet to help you with some ideas to support this mathematics strand. Don't worry if you can't print the sheet off, just choose the questions you fancy and draw/write them out.

I look forward to seeing some of your work in my emails.


Miss Rainford

Adding More Worksheet

                                              New Task 36                                          

Tuesday 16th June 2020


Hello all :)


Today I will be adding a video to help your child to learn how to use syllables when reading and writing. Please watch the video first and then encourage your child to clap out loud the syllables in some of their own words such as their name or their favourite animal.

I have also attached an activity I would like the children to complete which asks them to choose some words from the rainbow, clap out the syllables and write each word into the correct cloud depending on whether they have 1 or 2 syllables. I would then love to see some sentences containing a word from the '1 syllable' cloud and the '2 syllable' cloud.


When teaching syllables in school, I like to play a game with the children where I place a number of objects in the centre of a circle (all of which contain different amounts of syllables) such as a banana, apple, car, dinosaur, penguin etc. I tell the children that I am thinking of an object and they have to guess which one - the only clue I give is how many syllables are in the word. I thought I would share this, as you might like to play this at home.


I have also uploaded a song to help the children understand syllables even more. The song is a Jack Hartman song and the children will be familiar with his songs from school. 


Have a great day!


Miss Rainford


Syllable Activity

Learn Syllables | Syllable Song for Kids | Clap, Stomp and Chomp | Jack Hartmann

Optional Syllable Sheet

                                                New Task 35                                         


Monday 15th June 2020

Good Morning everybody,

I know that many of you, like myself, will have been saddened by the news events recently so I thought I would find some resources that might help the children explore, embrace and appreciate our wonderful diversities. Below you will find links to many stories. I hope you enjoy these books and find them useful in helping us to help our children love, appreciate and respect one another.


It would also be great if you could take some time to complete a mini science experiment. Please read the instructions below. This experiment should give you a great opportunity to talk about diversity.


1) Find two apples of different colours (red and yellow)

2) Ask the children to describe the apples based on their appearance.

3) Ask them to predict what the inside of the apple looks like and explain their predictions.

4) With an adult, cut the apples in half horizontally to display the inside of the apple (the inside should show a star shape and the children will notice that even though the skin of the apples were different, the inside is exactly the same)

5) Talk about what you can see and discuss how we all look different, we may speak differently, we may live in different houses but inside we are all the same, just like the apples.


Enjoy everyone!


Miss Rainford

Same Difference (A Children's Book Story by Calida Rawles)

All Are Welcome


                                      Returning to school tasks                               


Good morning Daisies. I hope you are all happy, healthy and enjoying what could possibly be your last week of homeschooling. Today I am going to upload a selection of tasks for you to access this week in preparation for the potential opening of school next Tuesday. Feel free to do as much or as little as you want however I would suggest sharing at least one of the powerpoints or stories with your child to help with the transition from home to school as we know it has been quite a while since we have seen many of you. 

We are aware that there will be a mix of emotions about returning to school and we want to reassure all children that their emotions are valued and respected.


Have a lovely day and we will speak to you all at some point this week :).


Miss Rainford



When You Come Back To School

In It Together Story

Super Soap's Handwashing Story

                                            New Task 34                                               


8th June 2020


Morning everybody!


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for what could possibly be our last week of homeschooling.


Today is a very special day! On the 8th June every year many people celebrate World Oceans Day. This day encourages people to discuss and share awareness of how our oceans desperately need our help in order to protect sea creatures and shores. As our current topic is based on the seaside I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to join in the celebrations.

Today I have uploaded a powerpoint all about World Oceans Day. I would like you to spend some time talking about some of the issues our oceans face and ways in which we can help at home and at school. This activity should allow your child to voice their opinions, encourage them to talk about what they understand and to also develop their vocabulary. 

Below the powerpoint you will also find a couple of Youtube links which will take you to a few stories which should help your child to understand the problems our oceans are facing.

Lastly, I have uploaded some discussion cards. Feel free to use any resources you wish :).


Have a fabulous Monday and we will speak to you all at some point this week.


Miss Rainford

World Oceans Day Discussion Cards

A Whale's Tale

A whale helps smaller sea creatures who are trapped in plastic waste. On land a young boy seeks support to clear the sea in his area.

The Pout Pout Fish Cleans up the Ocean

                                             New Task 33                                            



Hello Daisies and Happy Friday!


These weeks seem to be flying by. I can't quite believe we are on task 33 already!


Today I would like you to cast your minds back to Monday's story about Kipper and his friend taking a trip to the beach. They had an awful lot of items to carry and Kipper found it really tricky to hold everything at once. If you were going to the beach on a lovely sunny day, what items would you take with you? Have a think about what you might NEED whilst you were there and what you might want. I would love to see some seaside pictures and a list of equipment that you would take.


Have a gorgeous weekend and we will speak to you all soon.


Miss Rainford and the team

                                               New Task 32                                         


Thursday 4th June 2020


Hi everyone!


Today, I come with exciting news! Mr Riley, Mrs Barnes and I have been very busy making our classroom nice and tidy for when you return to school and we have made some little changes which will be exciting to see! One of the most exciting changes is our role play area. When you left school back in March, our role play area was a police station. Now our role play area is an…..ICE CREAM PARLOUR!

We decided to change our role play area to fit in with our seaside theme and to inspire the work we set now and when the children return.

Today I would like you to spend some time talking about your favourite ice cream! Sorry if I am making you hungry. I would love you to talk about the flavours that you know, why ice-cream is a great thing to eat on a hot day, how we make ice-cream and what might happen if you leave it in the sunshine for too long! Following this discussion it would be great if your child could design their own flavoured ice-cream! I would love to see some paintings or labelled drawings and it would be fantastic if we could pop them up in our classroom when our children return. Their work would really complete our ice-cream parlour!


I have attached a video clip for you all to learn a famous seaside song too.


Have a lovely day and we hope to see you soon.


Miss Rainford

Beside the Seaside | Sing A Long

                                             New Task 31                                            


Wednesday 3rd June 2020


Happy Wednesday!


Today we are going to do a little bit of number work. At this part of the year we encourage the children to count beyond 10 all the way to 20, learning the number names in order. It would be great if you could give your child various amounts of objects to 20 e.g. 15 sweets or 17 cheerios. Ask the children to firstly estimate how many there are and discuss what would be a sensible guess. Following this, ask the children to count each object by moving the objects into a line once they have been counted.

A little game you could play following this is called ‘spot the mistake’. This game requires two players. Player one (adult) should say numbers in order but should make deliberate mistakes (miss a number out). Player 2 (child) should listen carefully for the mistake and call out when they hear it. Errors could include missing numbers, repeated numbers or numbers could be in the wrong place. You could also play this game by asking the children to watch carefully as you write number sequences e.g. 12, 13, 41, 15, 16.


Here are two links to some games that you can play online which support this week’s maths learning.


Have fun!


Miss Rainford

                                               New Task 30                                          

Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Happy Tuesday guys! I hope you are having a lovely time at home with your families and staying safe. Don’t forget to keep washing those hands AND applying lots of sunscreen.

Sunscreen is very important on sunny days as it helps to protect our sensitive skin from sunburn. We should also try to stay in the shade as much as we can and wear clothing that is cool but covers our skin.


We watched a story yesterday all about the seaside. Kipper and his friend Tiger were REALLY enjoying their day in the sun at the beach. Today, I would like you to have a close look at a photograph of a ‘typical’ beach that you might find in the UK. I have chosen a couple of items from the picture and I would like you to write a sentence about each one. REMEMBER, we don’t like boring sentences in Daisy Class! Please try to include some exciting adjectives to your sentences!


I have added a couple of examples below for you to have a look at. Parents, please try to encourage your child to sound out each word independently. If they struggle to think of the sound then it would be great for you to teach them the sound they are struggling with.


1. A fluffy dog is on the sand.

2. The man is in the cold water.

3. It is a hot day.

4. I can see a cool drink.



Have fun!

                                              New Task 29                                          


Monday 1st June 2020


Good Morning everybody! Welcome back to the final half term of the year. This half term our topic is called ‘Beside the seaside’ and what an exciting topic it is!


To start our topic, today I would like you to watch the video clip below. This story is all about a dog called Kipper (who you may already know) and his trip to the seaside. I would like you to watch the clip with your family and then answer the questions below.

Following this, you may want to share a discussion about your own seaside experiences. I would love to see a seaside drawing if you fancy getting creative today too!

Have a lovely day in the sunshine and feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or if you have any super work to share. I look forward to seeing you all soon!


What is the setting in this story? (Discuss the meaning of the word ‘setting’)

What season do you think it is?

Why was Tiger struggling to walk on the sand?

Can you remember all of the fun things Kipper wanted to do at the seaside?

Do you enjoy these things too?

Why did Tiger fall asleep?

Where did Tiger wake up? How would you feel?

How did Kipper rescue Tiger?

What do you think might happen next, now that Kipper and Tiger are safe?


Miss Rainford

Kipper the dog - The Seaside

                                                New Task 28                                         


Friday 22nd May 2020


Happy Friday and last day of term!


Today marks the end of our Space Topic and the end of a very strange half term of schooling.

I have uploaded two images below. One of Earth and one of the moon. I would like you to use describing words to write a couple of sentences about each. You could explain to your children that a describing word is an ‘adjective’. We use adjectives to explain what something looks like, smells like, sounds like, feels like and tastes like.

For example:

Earth- The Earth is a sphere.

Moon- The moon is bumpy and cold.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your hard work over this half term and for the wonderful emails and deliveries we have had to school. We are ever so grateful. We are also BEYOND proud of you all.


Have a lovely half term and we will be back with more online tasks on Monday 1st June.


                                             New Task 27                                            

21st May 2020


Happy Thursday everyone!


I hope you have brought your best singing voices with you today everybody because you are going to learn to sing a brand new song. In Reception, we encourage the children to build a repertoire of songs and dances so today I thought it would be nice to learn a new song that we can then share in school once we return. It would be great if you could make up some actions for the song too. The song is called ‘Zoom, Zoom, Zoom’.

I have also attached a song that your children should already know as we sing it in Daisy Class already.


Have a lovely day.


The Daisy Class Team.

Zoom Zoom Zoom We're Going to The Moon

Five little men in a flying saucer

                                               New Task 26                                         


Wednesday 20th May 2020


I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday!


Today, we are going to learn about Neil Armstrong. The first man to ever walk on the moon. In the video clip below you can learn about how Neil felt and what he experienced on his trip to the moon. Neil speaks about how beautiful the Earth looked from Space and how important it was for us as humans to protect and preserve it. I would like you to spend time today thinking about ways of looking after our Earth. Could you make a poster to help teach others of ways to look after our Earth? Could you create a song to teach others about how beautiful our Earth is? Could you record yourself explaining the importance of recycling?


Have a great day and thanks for your support.


The Daisy Class Team.

                                               New Task 25                                            

Tuesday 19th May

Happy Tuesday!

We have looked at space rockets, planets, the solar system and the sun. Today, I would like you to learn a little bit about astronauts and what it takes to become an astronaut. I have attached an informative Powerpoint for you to share together and I have made a little list of writing activities that you can choose from.

  1. Label a drawing of an astronaut with any facts you have gathered about being an astronaut or about the suit that has to be worn.
  2. Write a fact file about life on a spacecraft.
  3. Write a list of positives and negatives about living in Space.


Please encourage your child to use their phonics and to ‘Fred Talk’ each word.

I would love to see your work J


The Daisy Class Team

Astronaut Powerpoint

                                                New Task 24                                        


Monday 18th May 2020


Good Morning everybody and welcome to the last week of this half term! Can you believe it?


Today, we are going to look at ‘counting on’ when adding. At school we use real life objects to help the children see that the quantity changes when we add more on e.g. I had 5 sweets until my friend gave me 2 more. How many sweets do I have now?

The children will be encouraged to hold 5 in their heads and to count on 2 more.


A little game that we would play before moving on to problems is called ‘I count; you count’. This game is used to practice counting on from different starting points. Begin by counting as you point to yourself. When you point to your child they should continue counting. This is also great for rhythmic patterns. For example, MY TURN- 1,2,3    YOUR TURN – 4,5,6     MY TURN – 7,8,9      YOUR TURN – 10, 11, 12.

Move on to starting at different starting numbers e.g. MY TURN- 7,8  YOUR TURN- 9,10

If your child is confidently counting on, you can move on to asking your child to count out 5 objects e.g. trains, then ask them to give you 3 more. Encourage them to count on from the first number to calculate.


Good luck guys.


The Daisy Class Team

                                              New Task 23                                           


Welcome to Funky Fingers Friday. Today I would like you to get arty at home and create a fingerprint solar system!

If you have black paper that would be great but it looks great on white paper too.

First, paint a large yellow circle at the left hand side of your page to represent the sun.

Then, using your little finger, create a red dot for Mercury, the ring finger with yellow for Venus, the ring finger with blue for Earth, the little finger with red for Mars, the thumb with orange for Jupiter, the thumb with yellow for Saturn, the middle finger with green for Uranus and the pointer finger with blue for Neptune.

After that, draw rings for Saturn using a marker or a crayon.

It would be great if your child could write the name of each planet beneath each finger print and they could even learn the following mnemonic to help them remember the order of the planets.

‘My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles’










                                               New Task 22                                         

Thursday 14th May 


Good morning everyone!

Earlier in the week we spoke about aliens and listened to a funny story too. Some believe that aliens exist on other planets and some even believe they have been visited by aliens. I would like you to imagine that an alien has visited your house and I would like you to think about ways in which you would try to make them feel welcome. Have a little think about what they might NEED to learn about Earth and what you would like to teach them while they are here. Today’s task is not a written task but a chance to develop your child’s communication and language and to talk about the world that they live in.


Have a lovely day in the sunshine and we hope to see you soon.


The Daisy Class Team

                                            New Task 21                                             


Wednesday 13th May 


Happy Wednesday!

Today, we are going to be looking at our solar system and what it consists of. The solar system is made up of the sun and everything that orbits around it. I have attached 2 videos below that you and your child could watch together to learn about each planet. One video is 11 minutes long which looks at each planet in depth, the second has a song that might help your children remember the order of the planets.

Here is a list of facts that I would like your child to learn from the videos and it would be great if you could discuss these with them.


-The sun is a star

- It is the same as the stars we see in the sky but many times closer to us.

- The sun is the largest object in the solar system.

- The Sun’s gravity keeps all of the planets in place.

- The sun gives us heat and light because it is always burning.

- The order of the planets from the sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.


Once you have watched the videos I would like you to have a go at ordering the planets from closest to the Sun to furthest from the Sun.

Then, you could possibly choose one planet and do some further research around it. There is a website link below too which gives you the option to choose your favourite planet and learn all about it. I would love to see some fact files if possible.


Have a lovely space themed day and I look forward to seeing some of your work.


Many Thanks

The Daisy Class Team

Wednesday Worksheet (Space)

Exploring Our Solar System: Planets and Space

                                               New Task 20                                          


Tuesday 12th May


Hello Daisies! Today we are going to be reading a new story that I think you will find pretty funny. This story is called ‘Aliens love underpants’. I know some of you have read this story before so you will be able to tell your family all about it. What I would like you to do is listen to the story from the Youtube link below. Have a little chat with your family about what happened in the story and see if you can answer some of the questions below.

-Why did the aliens come to earth?

-Why did they want our underpants?

-How did they travel to Earth?

-How did they steal the underpants?


Following this, I wondered if you could put your super creative hats on and use your RWI sounds to create some names for my alien friends. There are pictures of them below and they are nameless. Maybe you could have a go at drawing one of my aliens and write their name below.

Most of Daisy Class know all of the single letter sounds e.g. a,b,c,d etc. but I would like the children to use 2 letter sounds in their names too.

Here are some of the sounds you could include: sh, th, ch, qu, ng, nk, ay, ee, oo, igh.


My example alien names: Thayp, Pronk, Feeg


Aliens Love Underpants

                                           New Task 19                                              


Monday 11th May


Happy Monday! I hope you have had a lovely bank holiday weekend and you managed to enjoy VE day from home.


Moving on from last week’s focus on 2D shape, this week we will be looking at 3D shapes. Children naturally explore 3D shapes through block play but as adults we need to begin to introduce the names of the shapes and give the children the opportunities to explore similarities and differences between them and to sort them according to what they notice. Today I would like you to spend some time hunting for 3D shapes around your home. Try to focus on the following shapes- cylinders, cuboids, cubes, spheres, cones and pyramids. Ask the children to talk to you about each shape. You could discuss whether it could roll, how many curved or flat sides it has, how many vertices it has or whether you could stack it to make a tower? Another great activity is to ask the children to sort the collection of shapes that you have into two groups and ask them why they have sorted them in this way. They could even experiment with stacking them and you could ask which shapes would work best.


I have attached a link to a bbc bitesize video which comes with a game that the children can play.


I have also attached a worksheet if you would like to re-create it at home or print it off if you have the facilities.


Have a great day and I look forward to seeing some fabulous work flying into my emails this week.


The Daisy Class Team

3D shape worksheet

                                         New Task 18                                                


Thursday 7th May 2020

Happy Thursday everyone!


As you might already know, it is a very special day tomorrow. Every year on the 8th May people across the country celebrate a day we call 'VE Day'. VE day is also known as 'Victory in Europe Day' and it marks the end of World War 2 when the fighting ended.

On this day people hold various celebrations, which you can read about in the Powerpoint I have attached below, to thank all of those who fought in the war or risked their own lives for our country.


Today, I would like you to choose an activity from the list below or choose a couple of activities if you are feeling REALLY creative. It would be lovely for you to spend some time researching VE day or simply sitting together with your family going through the slides of the presentation below. Sharing and enjoying family customs is all part of our children's understanding of the world.


I am really looking forward to celebrating VE day tomorrow. I plan on trying to recreate some wartime recipes, make flags and bunting to display in my window and my garden, have a picnic in my garden and sing some songs from the past. I would love to know what you choose to do tomorrow to celebrate.


Have a lovely day children and families and stay safe :).




- Choose a wartime recipe to try out at home.

- Create a spitfire model

- Write some facts about WW2 or VE day celebrations 

- Hold a discussion with your family about what happened on the 8th May 1945.

- Sing songs from WW2.

- Make bunting or flags

- Phone a family member who may have experienced WW2 to find out what it was really like.

- Play some games that were played by children in WW2 e.g. Hopscotch, jump Rope, marbles, hide and seek and musical statues.

                                             New Task 17                                            


Good Morning everybody!


Today I would like you to complete a little writing task for me. I would like you to imagine that you are an astronaut and to write a list of all of the things you might see or hear if you were in space.  Maybe you could have a browse on Youtube for some clips about Space or even use a book if you have any at home.


My Space Log

- Bright stars

- Zooming rockets

- Rocky moon

- Brave Astronauts

- Planets


Children will need some support in using 'Fred Talk' to sound out their words.


Don't forget to send us your work as we would love to see it!


Many Thanks

The Daisy Class Team


                                            New Task 16                                             

Tuesday 5th May


Happy Tuesday Daisies!

Today we are going to have a reading focus. We LOVE sharing stories in Daisy Class and today I am going to share with you a fabulous story written by a REAL LIFE ASTRONAUT!


Once you have listened to the story I would like you to answer the questions below. You could also have a little chat about your favourite part, what you have learnt from the story and what you would rate it out of 10.


This story was written by an astronaut. Why is this a good thing?


What was Chris’s excuse to not have a bath?


Why did Chris struggle to sleep?


Where did Chris travel to in his dream?


Why was Chris desperate to visit his next-door neighbour’s house?


Why was Chris no longer afraid of the dark?


I have also written a couple of space themed sentences below. It would be excellent if you could encourage your child to use their 'Fred Talk' to read the words. Fred Talk is what we say when we are encouraging the children to break up the word into sounds to help them read the word.

If a word is in red this means you don't use Fred Talk. Encourage the children to try to remember the word. You may remember that 'the' was one of our 'Daisy Words'.


The rocket is big.

The Sun is hot.

The rocket is fast.

Get in the ship.

Up, up, up, you, go.

You can jump on the moon.

Put the flag on the moon.

3, 2, 1, blast off!



Many Thanks

The Daisy Class Team

The Darkest Dark By Chris Hadfield

                                             New Task 15                                            


Monday 4th May 2020


Happy Monday everybody! Welcome to another week of home-schooling.

Today we are going to focus on mathematics.


At this point in the year our children recap properties of 2D shapes.  We talk about the number of sides each shape has and whether the sides are curved or straight. We also look at the amount of corners there are and we introduce the special word ‘vertex’ or ‘vertices’ if you are talking about more than one corner. The children would be encouraged to compare 2D shapes and to say what is the same and different.


Today I would like your children to have a look at some of the pictures below and to see if they can spot the shapes that are within each picture. Have a little chat about the properties of each shape and maybe have a go at drawing some of the shapes and writing down the amount of sides and corners.

Once they have completed this they could have a go at using triangles, squares, circles, pentagons, hexagons, semi-circles and ovals to create a picture of a rocket (link to our Space topic) or anything they have an interest in.

I have attached some images for you to explore below and a couple of sheets that you could print or re-create at home.


Have a lovely Monday and keep sending us your excellent work via email or twitter.


The Daisy Class Team



                                            New Task 14                                             


Happy Friday everybody! Guess what day it is today? NATIONAL SPACE DAY!!  This day is dedicated to the extraordinary achievements and opportunities that the exploration and use of outer space brings us.

Below I will list a selection of activities that you can have a go at today. You can choose 1 or complete a couple. I would be thrilled to see which activity you decide to choose. If you have any work that you are particularly proud of and would like to share it with us, please email or :).



-Watch a video clip about Space or look at some photographs of Space and think of some words to describe it. Can you write a poem using some of your words?

- Write a postcard from an astronaut.

- Think about what it might be like to go into Space. What would you hear? See? Smell? You could also descibe an alien that you have seen.



-Can you draw some rockets and write how many you have drawn?

- Maybe your parents could write some number sentences for you which include planets to help you count.


Understanding of the World

- I have attached a Powerpoint all about astronauts. Maybe you could write a factfile including all of the information you have learnt.

- Could you research the first man who travelled on the moon?



-You could do some moonwalking or walk around pretending you are a spaceman with no gravity holding you down.



-Could you create a rocket using finger painting?

-Create a rocket using recycled materials.

- You could even create planets using paper mache.


I have attached some useful resources below :).


Good luck and have a lovely Space themed day.


Man on the Moon

                                           New Task 13                                              



Good afternoon Daisies! 

I apologise that today's activity has come to you a little late. We had some technical issues at home but we are back up and running now :). Thank you for your patience.

Today, I have attached a couple of links to some cool phonics games that you might like to have a little go at today and over the next couple of weeks. Please note that if any of the games are too tricky please try phase 2 or if they are too easy try phase 3 or 4.


Forest Phonics

A simple spelling game using spelling patterns.
Aimed at children aged between 4 & 7yrs.


Choose a spelling pattern and you will be prompted to spell approximately ten words using that spelling pattern, e.g. 'ay' words. Your child will become more confident in their ability to spell by learning to spell through patterns. The sounds are easy to move around using the drag and drop sound cards. Each correct answer is rewarded with a funny animation.


Alien Escape


Race against the clock to help the alien escape to his spaceship!

You will see an alien waiting to cross a gap in the road. Next to the alien is a scrambled word and a picture. Click the letters in the correct order to spell the word in the picture, they will drop down to build a bridge across the gap. If you spell the word correctly the alien will walk across and climb up to the next gap. If the alien does not move, click on the letters to send them back to the top and try again.


Flash Card Phonics


This game is designed for a child to play with a teacher or family member. The child and adult sit together and start the game. You will see a pirate ship lowering a sail that shows a grapheme.

The child says the sound that the grapheme represents. If the child is correct, the adult clicks on the tick. If the child is wrong, the adult clicks on the 'x'.


Good luck :).

Don't forget, any problems please phone school or drop us an email at or


You can also use these email addresses to send photographs of any work you would like us to see.


                                         New Task 12                                         


Wednesday 29th April 


Good Morning Daisies! I hope you are all well and enjoying the tasks we are setting you each day. Don't forget, any problems please call school and somebody will get back to you from the Daisy Class team asap.


Today I would like you to watch the educational Youtube video below all about a NASA space shuttle. Within the video you will learn about how a rocket launches, what you will see when a rocket is launching, the important parts of a space shuttle, the effect of gravity on astronauts and how they safely land. Please listen really carefully to the information given to you as I am going to be asking you to label a space shuttle's parts at the end. There is lots of new vocabulary to learn. How fabulous!


I have also added a PowerPoint presentation which includes a song that you might like to learn at home called 'In a Rocket'. This song links to the 'Whatever Next' story posted yesterday.


As mentioned above, I have attached a word document containing an image of a NASA space shuttle. I would like you to talk about the parts and label them from what you can remember from the video. If you don't have access to a printer, why not try to draw your own space shuttle and use the vocabulary from the sheet to label it.


Good luck and we hope to see you soon.


The Daisy Class Team :) 


Labelling a space shuttle

                                        New Task 11                                          


Tuesday 28th April


Good morning Reception! I hope you are all well and getting some work done at home for us. We would love to see what you have been up to. Don't forget you can send pictures of your work to our twitter account :).


Today, I would like you to complete a short writing task based on our Summer 1 topic, 'Space'. Below I have attached a link to a really exciting video about the Moon. The video gives us lots of interesting facts about the Moon and also shows us a clip of the very first Moon landing by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

Once you have watched the video clip I would also like you to watch and listen to the story 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy. 

Following this, I would like you to pretend that you are Baby Bear and I want you to make a list of equipment that you might need if you were going to travel to the moon. Remember, it takes about 3 days to get there so think carefully.


Good luck and I hope to see you all soon!


The Daisy Class Team

Whatever Next!

                                          New Task 10                                        


27th April 2020


Good Morning Daisy Class! Hope you had a lovely sunny weekend and are ready for another week of home learning.

This morning I would like you to have a little go at making repeated patterns. A repeated pattern is when you copy, continue and create patterns using items from around your house or outdoors and can even be created using your own bodies.

Parents, please encourage your children to say the pattern aloud as this helps them to identify the part which repeats and supports them to continue the pattern. The children should be given opportunities to explore pattern in a range of contexts including, shapes, colours, sizes, actions and sounds.


Below are some examples that you could try at home. I would love to see some of your work.


yes  no  yes  no  yes  no  yes  no


Touch your head, touch your shoulders, touch your toes, touch your head, touch your shoulders, touch your toes etc.


sh, ch, sh, ch, sh, ch, sh, ch etc.


You could also collect leaves of 2 different colours and place them in a pattern e.g. green, yellow, green, yellow, green, yellow etc.




Good luck and have a lovely day :)



                                                              New Task 9                                                              


24th April 2020


Good morning Reception and parents! It's Friday!! Can you believe it? I bet you have all been very busy at home this week and I am soooo happy to see lots of children accessing our Education City activities too. Well done!


As we are now in the Summer Term, in Reception we move on to a topic called 'To infinity and beyond'. Can you guess what this topic all about? Thats right, SPACE! Below I have attached a link to a great video which helps the children to understand how Earth's rotation creates day and night. We will focus on Earth to start with, before moving on to the rest of our solar system. Once you have watched the video with your children there is a quiz at the bottom of the page. If you could complete this together that would be brilliant.


You might like to act out the process of the Earth spinning on it's axis and use a torch to act as the sun. Tell the children that they are Earth and that when they are facing the 'sun' (torch) it is daytime, when they are facing away from the sun it is night time. Keep asking them whether it is night or day as they spin. 


You might like to ask your child to write a couple of sentences explaining what they have learnt.


Thank you for all of your support and have a lovely weekend.


The Daisy Class Team

                                                             New Task 8                                                               



Today I would like you to spend some time together recalling the set 1 sounds that we have learnt in school. If you would like to take your learning to the next level I will also upload a list of the set 2 sounds. When we conduct our Read Write Inc. sessions at school we follow the same structure each day. Below is the structure we tend to use and would like you to have a go at, at home.

1) Introduce a new sound e.g. 'ch'. Ask the children to repeat the sound after you a couple of times.

2) Say a few words beginning with the 'ch' sound e.g. chips, chicks, chicken, chop etc.

3) Talk about the letters that are contained within the sound e.g. c and h make the sound ch.

4) We have a range of cards containing all of the sounds the children already know. Maybe you could make some of your own and quickly flash them up to your child to see how fast they can say them. Can they spot the new sound?

5) Sound out a word using 'Fred Talk' e.g. ch - o - p. Ask the children to blend the sounds together to create a word. Repeat with a couple of words starting with 'ch'.

6) Ask the children to write the sound ch on a piece of paper and see if they can write some words containing the 'ch' sound.

7) Finally, it would be super if your child could write a sentence or two with a word containing the 'ch' sound within them.


If you could try and repeat this sequence daily with your children, using a new sound each day, that would be brilliant!!


The Set 1 and Set 2 sounds can be found on the link below. 


Many Thanks everybody :)



Set 1 and Set 2 sounds (Set 3 not appropriate just yet)

                                             New Task 7                                            




Good morning everybody! Today I am going to give you a couple of maths problems. I would like you to have a chat with your parents about doubling. Doubling means to have 2 of something. 


E.g. Double 2 is 4     so     2 + 2 = 4


You might like to draw some ladybirds and give them spots on one side of the body and ask your child to DOUBLE it on the other side.


I would love to see what creative ideas you come up with. If you want to send me some of your work, please send a photograph to our twitter page :).


Click on the link below for the challenges.


                                                            New Task 6                                              


Good morning Daisy Class! It was lovely to speak to so many of your parents yesterday. They tell me you have been very busy at home which I am soooo pleased about. 


Today's work is based on Spring! As we have such beautiful weather at the moment I thought it would be nice to make the most of outdoor learning opportunities. I have attached a video link to the bottom of this message which I would like your children to watch. Following this, I would like them to write an acrostic poem based on spring and complete a spring scavenger hunt.

In an acrostic poem, the first letter of each line spells a word. The word is the theme of the poem so in this case you should write S P R I N G down the left hand side of your page to complete. An example can be found below.






Green grass


Ideas for your scavenger hunt can be found in the word document below too.


Good luck and have a lovely day!

Spring Scavenger Hunt

                                              New Task 5                                           

​​Monday 20th April

Welcome back everybody! We hope you have had a lovely Easter and are ready to get back to work. Today's task is to write a couple of sentences about the exciting things you have been up to over the Easter holidays. I have attached a word document containing the template you might like to use. Don't forget, if there is a piece of work that you complete that you are very proud of, you can post it on our twitter page for all of us to celebrate!!


Many Thanks

The Daisy Class Team


Easter Writing Template

                                            New Task 4                                       

Thursday 2nd April 2020

LO: To write a letter to a friend.

Letter writing

Good Morning Daisies. Today, I would like you to use your RWI sounds to write a letter to a friend in your class. I’m sure you are missing your friends very much and I’m certain that they would love to know what you have been up to. I have given you a template below just in case you aren’t sure what to include.


Stay safe and keep smiling!

Miss Rainford



To my friend _______________________________________,


I hope _____________________________________________


Whilst I have been off school I have ______________________




I am excited to play with you soon.


Love from ___________________________________.



                                          New Task 3                                         

1st April 2020

LO: To add two single digit numbers.


Addition to 10 and 20

Hello Daisies! Today we are going to practice our additions to 10 and to 20! We have been doing lots of this at school so you should be able to show your parents how fantastic you are.


If you can’t remember, I will give you an example below to jog your memory.

Example:       2 + 5 = 7                       We try to encourage our children

                        o o     o o o                                 to draw the amount of dots below

                                  o o                                   each number and then count them


If you are feeling REALLY clever you could have a go at popping the first number of the number sentence in your head and then counting on.


Please choose 6 number sentences from the green list and 2 from the blue list. GOOD LUCK!

3 + 1 =                                      7 + 6 =

5 + 2 =                                      9 + 6 =

7 + 3 =                                      10 + 2 =

4 + 3 =                                      4 + 7 =

6 + 2 =                                      6 + 5 =

9 + 1 =

10 + 0 =

2 + 8 =

                                            New Task 2                                       


Tuesday 31st March 2020

LO: To read fluently using their Read, Write, Inc. sounds (Fred Talk).


Who am I?


I am going to describe a superhero. Can you guess who I am describing by reading the clues?

(Please encourage your children to read the sentences by sounding out each word and then read back the full sentence. When the children sound out we call this ‘Fred Talk’. Some children may not have been introduced to the ‘igh’ trigraph yet so you could take this opportunity to introduce it to them today. We say ‘3 letters, 1 sound’)


I am strong.

I can jump high.

I live in America.

I am red and black.

I spin webs.

Who am I?

Monday 30th March 2020

The current situation we all find ourselves in can be overwhelming and lead to an increase in anxiety levels for some children. This is particularly so for those children with ADHD, social communication difficulties or ASD.  Please find below advice from the ADHD Foundation and the National Autistic Society offering tips to support these children during COVID -19.

Further advice and support can be found on :


This week is also World Autism Awareness Week . Resources are available from :


                                         New Task 1                                           

Monday 30th March

Learning Objectives: Enjoys an increasing range of books.

Uses some clearly identifiable letters to communicate meaning, representing some sounds correctly and in sequence


Supertato Follow Up Work


Q1. Can you remember what the Evil Pea cruelly did to some of the vegetables once he escaped from the freezer?

Q2. What powers did Supertato have to use to save the veggies?

Q3. How did Supertato finally catch the Evil Pea?

Q4. What was your favourite part of the story?

Q5. Which veggie did Evil Pea draw a silly face on?

Q6. Why did the other veggies think that Supertato was defeated?


Challenge: Can you design a sidekick vegetable for Supertato? It would be fantastic if you could write a couple of sentences to describe his powers using your Read Write Inc sounds.


                            Oxford Owl - Free Online Resource!

Please sign up to the fabulous Oxford Owl education site to support your child at home with reading.  As much as we LOVE reading books in Daisy class we also use Ebooks regularly. Why not give Oxford Owls a try before bedtime tonight? 


There is a fabulous free, age group specific ebook library - giving you lots of choice over books to read and listen to at home with your child. 

Creating an account is free and really simple. Visit, click on join us and add a few personal details including an email address and you are ready to go.  


Have fun, we hope you enjoy visiting the online library and all the other fabulous activities that are available. 

Daisy Topic Letter

First Week Update Letter

RWI Announcement

World Book Day 2020!

Planting for the future


After learning all about Greta’s mission about saving the forest and the planet, we decided to do something in Netherton Moss to hep the causes. This week Netherton Moss had the exciting opportunity to plant over 250 trees in our mini forest, in the hope that in many years to come the forest will be ever growing and flourishing with nature.


Waterproofs on, wellies on and shovels at the ready… we are ready to plant some trees. Daisy class loved planting the tress this afternoon, helping the planet and getting muddy at the same time… what more could we want? We are looking forward to seeing our trees grow, and hopefully creating a bigger and more flourishing forest for the decades of Daisies to come.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a potato!


You’ve heard of the baked potato, the baby potato and the mashed potato but have you heard of the new potato in town… the CHARACTER POTATO!


Throughout World Book Week we have been very busy learning all about Greta and we thought it would be cool if we made our own characters… but from a potato! As you can see from our photos below that our Daisies have been very busy at home creating their pot-tastic characters (sorry for the pun). We must admit that they all look very “appealing” (sorry once again).


We have every character you could think of, from Winnie The Pooh to Peter Rabbit to even Mr. Bump! And of course, we have SUPERTATO!


We must say a big thankyou to all the extended Daisies (the parents) who have taken the time to help create such fantastic potatoes! Well Done to everyone!


‘Greta and The Giants’


For this year’s World Book Day Netherton Moss entered the forest… with a little help from a girl called Greta. Throughout the week we have all been reading the story of ‘Greta and The Giants’ learning all about Greta’s mission to help save the forest and how WE can join the mission and help save the planet one small Daisy step at a time.


“No one is too small to make a difference


Today Daisy Class turned into a forest full of animals, we had tigers, birds, foxes, giraffes, cats, butterflies and many more. Lucky, we had the forest rangers at hand to look after all the animals! Greta would be proud of all our Daisies today and we certainly are.

Pancake Day 2020


As it was Pancake Day (our favourite day of the year!), we had the very exciting (and tasty) job of designing (and eating) our pancakes in the afternoon!

As a class we decided what type of food items we could use to make our faces on our pancakes: we decided to use bananas for eyes, strawberries for our nose, apple slices for our mouth and of course strawberry sauce for our hair!

There a few photos of our pancake creations below (before they were all eaten!)

Biscuits and Cards (and a couple of Goodbyes)


Another busy term comes to an end… we have certainly worked hard this term and so on Friday we had a fun filled day! In the morning, with the help of Miss Kent and Mrs Davies, Daisy Class took part in some Valentine’s Day themed baking! Making heart shaped biscuits in Moss Munch and later decorating them with red icing (however some biscuits seemed to go missing…)


After lunchtime, it was time to make our very own Valentines Day cards! The children loved making their own individual cards using paint, materials and of course glitter… (well most of the glitter is still on the carpet in Daisy Class!) We hope you loved the cards and the biscuits, as we loved making them!


Finally, it was time to say goodbye and good luck to Mrs Davies and Miss Power! Thankyou for all your help this term and we hope to see you soon.


We hope you all have a great half term and see you next week!!

"Who goes trip-trap over my bridge?"


This week in Daisy Class we have loved reading ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. One of our activities this week has been trying to build bridges with all sorts of different resources, for example, pasta and marshmallows! We even braved the cold outside to try and build bridges with our outdoor resources!


As you can see from our photos that everyone, including the staff, worked very hard to build all different kinds of bridges. We then spoke altogether about what resources worked best and which did not.


Another activity this week allowed the children to explore the different characters within the fairy tale; for example, one task was how we can prove that the troll was in fact a good character!


Next week we continue to enter the world of the ‘the three billy goats gruff’ (hopefully we will see no trolls in Daisy Class!)

Number of the week: 8


This week in Daisy Class we are focusing on the number eight. Throughout the week we will be doing different activities throughout the day which links to the number of the week.


We will be learning not only how to write the numeral but how else we can represent the number for example, using tally charts or using a ten chart.


We have also been going on number hunts! Trying to find either the number eight or eight items around the school!


I am sure if you ask one of our Daisies they will show you all the ways to represent the number 8.

Chinese New Year in Daisy Class


This week is Daisy Class we have been learning all about Chinese New Year.


Throughout the week we have learnt all about the traditions of the New Year celebrations for example, how people prepare for the celebration and why red is so important to Chinese New Year.


We have also read ‘The Chinese Zodiac Story’ which tells us how all the different animals had to race across a river and the first twelve who successfully made it to the other side would become the twelve zodiac signs. (We learnt all about the rat’s sneaky plan to win the race!)


On Friday, our very own ‘Chinese Restaurant’ opened! The class tried all different types of Chinese food including, egg fried rice, spring rolls, prawn crackers and even crispy seaweed! After we had tasted all the food, we then made our very own Chinese drums!


We wish you a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!

Santa is on his way…


Can hear the jingle bells? Santa is on his way so we better get on that coach to watch the magical ‘The Great Christmas Sleigh Ride’… and as we headed towards Southport we watched out for any reindeers or elves along the way.


As we watched the story of Lily and Jack trying to get their letters to Santa on Christmas Eve before its too late… Daisy & Marigold sat in amazement as a very special guest turned up to help Lily and Jack. Netherton Moss was up singing and dancing throughout the show (including the Netherton Moss staff…) as the show finished, we waited for our turn to go and MEET SANTA!!


We loved our trip out today to Southport. It sure made us feel very festive and ready for Christmas Day! After we had our packed lunches and we had received our gift from Santa we were ready to head back to school (with a few sleepy daisies on the way back).


Thankyou to The Atkinson for a wonderful and magical day out!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the staff in Daisy Class. We wish you a truly magical Christmas! See you in 2020.

A Spooky Disco Ball


Today in Daisy Class we had; a vampire, a zombie, a princess, a water fairy, a football player, a werewolf and many more spooky visitors! It must be the Bonfire/Halloween School Disco Day!


With the music on, the sweets open and the games ready… let the disco begin!

Remember, Remember

the 5th of November…



We hope you all had a wonderful and fun half term week!


This week we have been very busy getting ready for Bonfire Night and still celebrating Halloween.


For Bonfire Night, Daisy Class created some spectacular firework creations using paint, glitter, crayons and pastels.


Pop Project


Today we had a different start to the day as the Pop Project came into Netherton Moss to talk about being healthy, positive and most of all being HAPPY!


With songs, dances and a story we learnt all about what things can make us happy but also what we can do to make other people happy.



Our Daisy monsters have loved our Halloween activities this week… they have been making playdough witches, creating magical potions in our new potion lab, creating our own mini skeletons and so much more spooky goings on...

Operation ‘Daisy Garden


With our brushes ready and gloves on, operation ‘Daisy Garden’ was a go… While the sun was FINALLY out Daisy Class decided to go outside and give our garden a well deserved tidy up after all the cold weather we have been having!


After a good tidy up with help from all our daisies, our garden looks better than ever. We can’t wait to get outside and get planting when the weather is better!


Something spooky is happening to Daisy Class this week




Look at what we have done already…


What a busy few weeks we have had in Daisy Class… it has been jam packed with all exciting activities!


This term we have been reading The Rainbow Fish’; we have been talking about what makes a good friend, what we can do in Daisy Class to be kind and we have even been busy creating our own CD rainbow fishes!


We have been learning all about numbers as we have our number of the week, last week is was all about the number 5! We have also been learning our new sounds in RWI and learning to blend. Music and PE are proving to be a BIG hit with our Daisies!


We have all settled in well into Daisy Class and we are looking forward to what other exciting activities there are to come…

The day the jungle came to Daisy Class


Instead of our normal assembly on Thursday afternoon, today we had something different. We had a very special visitor come to Daisy Class today… a Zookeeper!


One of the many Zookeepers at Chester Zoo came into Daisy Class today to talk to us all about the different animals that live in the zoo and what exactly is it that happens in a zoo!


We learned all about what the animals eat, how they exercise and what they need to live a happy life!


The Zookeeper also brought in some items for us to look at and even smell! We loved learning all about the zoo today and we are looking forward to learning more next time!


And the class with 99% attendance is…



We were very happy when we were told in assembly that we had won the attendance award for this week out of the whole of KS1. That’s not it because even one of our own Daisies won the single attendance award for this week as well. It certainly was a busy assembly for Daisy Class.


Well done everyone! Keep it up!

‘You can find magic wherever you look.

 Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.’


Today Daisy Class was filled with tales of the Gruffalo and the mouse, Harry and his dinosaurs, the Rainbow fish and many more… As the pupils from Year Six came to visit Daisy Class today as our ‘Reading Buddies’ commenced with the new Daisies.


As you can see from our photos below you can see how our Daisies LOVED the reading buddies and even some of our Daisies tried to read to our year six pupils! It was a great success and we are looking forward to the next time!



There once lived a carpenter called Geppetto who created many wooden toys but one of his most famous creations was a wooden toy called Pinocchio…


Geppetto told us a story of Pinocchio and how he wished Pinocchio was a real boy… with contemporary twists and turns Netherton Moss watched how this wooden boy came to life with some help from the blue fairy.


We loved watching the tale of Pinocchio today as we followed him through his adventures of the Circus, the inside of a whale! and his first school day… we would like to say thank you to the theatre company for visiting us!!

Roald Dahl Day 2019


I’m going to fill my hungry empty tummy with something yummy yummy yummy yummy...’ said the enormous crocodile.


Today Daisy Class entered the magical world of Roald Dahl… As a class we read ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ where we all met the very greedy and very hungry ‘Enormous Crocodile’.


As we followed the other jungle animals, such as ‘Roly Poly Bird’ and ‘Trunky the Elephant’ trying to ruin the crocs scheming ways… The Crocodile himself learnt a very important lesson…


We loved reading today and we certainly laughed a lot at the things the crocodile got up too! We are looking forward to reading every day in class!

Exploring our new class…



As you can see in our photos below everyone have had a GREAT time in Daisy Class and it is only the beginning of what is going to be a fun filled year! We have all settled in already and we are getting used to our new school routine (snack time is already a big hit!) and that is just the start…


We are looking forward to the year ahead with our new Daisies and we are sure we are going to have an exciting time!! Keep checking back on our page for updates of what exciting things we get up too…

Our first week in Daisy Class. Look how well we've all settled in!

Welcome to Daisy Class 2018-19

Even Dinosaurs keep their teeth clean


Today we had a visit from the Dentist (Nursery Nurse) to teach us how to keep our teeth white and sparkling! Using GIANT teeth, we were shown how to keep our teeth and gums clean and healthy. We even had a turn of brushing the GIANT teeth ourselves.


We learnt all about which types of food and drinks are good for us and which ones we should limit. We learnt SO much about healthy eating and our teeth! (Even dinosaurs keep their teeth clean, as you can see in the photos!).

Real Life Superheroes


It was a very special day in Daisy Class today as we had real life superheroes visiting us today…the Police and the Paramedics! We were all very excited, we sat waiting patiently for the sirens of the police car and the lights of the ambulance van…


 The first superhero had arrived…it was…THE POLICE!


We had LOTS of questions to ask:

Do you like your job?

Do you like catching bad guys?

Do you drive a car/boat/helicopter?

How do you turn on the sirens and lights?

And so on.


The policeman answered ALL of our questions and he even had a presentation to show us what being a policeman is like! He showed us what equipment he uses including his radio, his police vest and handcuffs. The policeman then kindly let us all try on his police jacket (how cool!) and then even let us pretend to get arrested with his handcuffs! (How cool is he!)


Daisy Class loved seeing the policeman today and even some of our daisies said they would like to be in the police when they are older!


Just as the police car drove off, the lights of the ambulance van was heading towards Daisy Class…


We didn’t just have one Paramedic, we had TWO!! Before they arrived, we had all been thinking about what questions we would like to ask them…

How do you turn on the sirens?

Do you drive a boat?

Do you like saving people?

And so on.


All our questions were answered by the ambulance drivers, and then something very exciting happened…


We were allowed to go and SEE the ambulance!! We were shown all the equipment that they use when they need to save someone, all the bandages that they have to keep on the van and then we even got to sit in the front of the ambulance!! WOW!


Then something really fun happened, using the bandages that were spare…the paramedics wrapped everyone up!! Some of the daises had ‘fake’ leg injuries, arm injuries and even head injuries! Laughter could be heard everywhere!


Daisy Class thoroughly enjoyed today! We would like to say thank you to the Policeman and the Paramedics for coming in to visits us today. We are very grateful for all you do for us and if we see you in our local community, we will give you a wave! Thank you!



Sports Week had arrived… and it was our FIRST one EVER!

With activities planned for every day, it was certainly going to be a busy week for Daisy Class.


It was JAM packed with:

Egg & Spoon Races


Cups & Saucers

Stacking Cups



Sports Day

Circuits and a

Teachers Race!


The sun was shining over sports week and everyone in Daisy Class thoroughly enjoyed it! We were all winners! Some staff members got a bit too competitive in the teacher’s race… wonder who that was? Miss Walsh, Mr Riley and Miss Redmond!


Everyone had so much fun during sports week and we are looking forward to Sports Week in 2020.

Week Six: Anyone for a marshmallow?


Unfortunately today was our last Forest School with Jayne. But we have had a FANTASTIC time over the last six weeks. We have learnt all about nature, we have explored our ‘forest’ and we have found a new LOVE for the outside world.


Week 6 means one thing… marshmallow time! After exploring yet more of the forest, playing on the rope swings and bridges, building fairy dens and of course playing in the mud it was time for the campfire to be lit.


With our safety instructions given by Jayne we were ready to enter the fire pit circle. One by one we knelt down, as Jayne showed us, and we put our marshmallow over the heat of the fire and soon something began to happen… the marshmallows started to heat up and begin to burn slightly! All gooey and lovely!


Carefully with the help of an adult, the marshmallows were put between two CHOCOLATE biscuits! They were delicious. Believe me.


To leave our mark on the forest where we have had so much fun, Jayne gave us all pieces of clay. Our instruction was to make our own ‘Forest Face’ using anything that we find; grass, twigs, flowers, seeds etc.


Sticking the clay to the trees, our faces would stay there for the foreseeable and for whoever goes into our forest or even when we go back into the forest we will be able to see our clay faces all the time.


After saying a MASSIVE thank you to Jayne for being a wonderful ‘Forest Ranger’, it was time for lunch. But don’t worry, we have all made a pact to Jayne that we will keep exploring our forest whenever we can and learning more about how wonderful nature is.


Thank you Jayne, see you soon!





Daisy’s Day Out – Imagine That


The day that we had all been waiting for had finally arrived… our SCHOOL TRIP!


As the coach sets off, the first question was asked… “Are we there yet?”


After a very excited journey, playing ‘I Spy’ and trying not to eat the packed lunches too early, we arrived. ‘Imagine That’ here we come.

First stop was the ‘Art Area’, a place where Daisy Class could get a little messy! After painting our own magnets, and painting an ACTUAL car! The sand pit was a BIG hit, a few dinosaur fossils were found along the way.

Next was a place where imagination was key. ‘Imagination Village’ was just that, a village. There was a pizzeria, a hair dressers, a dress up shop, a vets, a cinema and even a supermarket. Our daisies imaginations could run free throughout this area.


After a well-earned lunch break, Daisy Class was invited for a special science show! With an erupting volcano, magic bubbles and a science experiment with helium and bubbles, our Daisies were truly amazed.


Straight after the science show, was our personal favourite… the slime making!! With a pot each and a magic element added to the pot, the making of the slime began… 30 seconds later, we had SLIME!


After playing outside, in the challenge area and the sandpit, Daisy Class were invited to go into the Science and Water Areas.


The areas were jam packed with giant bubbles to electric cars, water cannons to giant magnets and much more.


After hours of fun, the coach had arrived for our thirty tired Daisies. With a few sleepy heads on the coach, we set off home.


Thank you to ‘Imagine That’ for making our school trip AMAZING.

SUPER Outside Activities


With this terms topic being SUPERHEROES, we have been using our imagination in and outside the classroom.


 On Wednesday afternoon, the children outside had a SUPER task. They had to create their own superhero obstacle course and they had to create either a superhero headquarters/den or a superhero car.


The superheroes wasted no time, using our outside resources the obstacle course was created, the den was constructed and the car was red to fly…


Inside the classroom, some of the children used Lego to construct some SUPER vehicles, others used the play dough to create their very own ‘Superworm’ and the workshop was full of mini superhero creations!


With our capes and masks on, we are ready to tackle anything next week…




Week Five:  Sunshine and Smiles


Tuesday was here and so was the sun!! No need to find shelter, we sat around our fire circle.


Group photo taken, Jayne wanted to talk to everyone about something. On Jaynes venture around the forest area, she had found a lot of litter and plastic that had been left over sometime. The children spoke about what would happen to the litter and how it might affect nature and the animals.


We were ready to have some fun. As well as the swings and the bridges that had been left up from last week, this week Jayne had brought some mortars and pestles with her. We crushed leaves and berries to make some colourful pictures outside!


Knowing that the next forest schools will be out last one. Jayne wanted to talk to us about what we would be doing. Using her safety saw, Jayne showed us all how she uses the saw safely to cut the wood we will need for next week… for our MARSHMALLOWS.


Another Forest Schools is completed. We are already looking forward to the marshmallows next week…


Week Four: Rain, rain, go away

Come again another day


Tuesday had arrived and it had brought the rain!! But that doesn’t stop Daisy Class… with our wellies on, waterproofs zipped up and hoods up we headed to the rainy forest…


Finding cover underneath the canape was our first task. Gathered in our circle waiting for Jayne to speak, we noticed there was something different, apart from the rain, there was ropes…




We spilt into four separate groups, with the rain still falling we set off around the forest. Each group had a turn on the rope bridges, the rope swings and the tree hunt. We were having so much fun that we nearly forget about the rain altogether!


After each group had completed the tree hunt and found the different types of trees, it was time for free play. Every area had adult supervision and so the children could go and do whatever they would like; constructing, bug hunts, go on the swing and of course go into the mud.


The mud was even muddier this week!


After a fun morning in the forest, it was time to dry off. Wellies off, clean and dry clothes on and lunch was ready. Hopefully the sun may come back next week, we hope…



Superheroes in Training


 30 masks - ü

30 capes - ü

The superheroes are on there way!

A Champion Visit


As part of our ‘Healthy Eating’ week, Netherton Moss had a very special sporty visitor today… Decathlete Matt Lee.


In the afternoon, Daisy Class were invited to meet Matt and take part in a mini circuit. Including push ups and star jumps.


Everyone loved the circuits and we certainly felt healthy and strong afterwards. The energy level in Daisy Class was high afterwards! Thanks Matt!


In the whole school assembly we learned all about what Matt does in the Decathlon and we even got to ask him some questions. Hopefully we will take part in more circuits soon!


Let’s make a smoothie


First day back after half term is always a struggle! But smoothie making made it fun. Over the next two weeks we were learning all about ‘Healthy Eating’.


Today we got to not only try but also help prepare smoothies with the help from Nicki from Sefton. We learned all about the healthy choices we can make, our 5-a-day and what we should eat less off.


Making the right food choices will give us more energy and keep us strong! (Like Superheroes…)


Some of us even got to help Nicki and carefully chop up some of the fruit; strawberries and bananas. There was some super cutting!


After adding orange juice to the blender with the fruit, the button was pressed… and the smoothie was made!



The smoothie was a hit with most of the class. We are looking forward to making more smoothies and more healthy food! Including our ‘Fruit Kebabs’ being made very soon…


Week Three: 30 Mini Forest Rangers


Thirty mini forest rangers turned up on Tuesday morning… ready and raring to go and investigate!


Sitting around the fire pit, we learned all about how we have to be safe when the fire is eventually lit in Week Six for our marshmallows. We learned how the adults will need to use gloves, they will need to have water nearby and how to use the sticks to toast the marshmallows.


The sound of marshmallows caused an almighty cheer! (No doubt the cheer scared away a few birds in the trees!)


Week three was just as jam packed.


With more mud, some of our mini rangers wanted to create mud castles and use twigs as flags! Other used Jayne’s clear pots and magnifying glasses as they went exploring on a bug hunt… many bugs and insects were found (and safely returned thankfully!).


This week construction was the main attraction; many of our Daises wanted to build their own tents like Jayne had and even some staff gave it a go but with no joy!


Our mini rangers constructed tents in no time! Using cane, rope and materials like professionals already!


From what we learned last week about how we can USE nature, this week some of Daises used the utensils to crush leaves and grass to make paint! How fantastic!


And after all that, week three was complete. With the bugs safely away, tents constructed and the mud all washed away, the mini rangers looked forward to what next week will bring…

Ready… Steady… GO!!


THE FUN RUN had arrived.

Some walked, some ran and some even skipped around the marked course.

Chasing Mr Riley, Daisy Class were super-fast as they raced towards the finish line.

And finally…

Yay! We all crossed the line.

We are all ready for the next run, our pumps will be waiting.

Week Two: Nature is Alive


The wellies had arrived, the smiles beamed and the sun was shining… let’s begin our second week of Forest School.


Jayne arrived but this time with a special letter for Daisy Class. It was from our friend the hedgehog.


The letter explained that we had to ‘be kind to nature’ and we had to be careful of our surroundings. The letter explained to the children how nature is a living thing, from the trees to the grass to the tiny insects. We had to be KIND.


We were off… firstly, we had to go on a jigsaw hunt. Finding all the big jigsaws pieces was hard in the leafy forest. But we did it!! Putting the pieces together was another task.


Around the wood circle/fire pit, Jayne spoke about how we have to be really careful if there was a ‘real’ campfire.


The exploring continued. This time the aim was bigger and better; a tent for all thirty children!! With help from some of our Daisy Class members, the tent was constructed. Beaming smiles all around!


The water was back; this time the children were making special ‘nature soups’ and ‘magical nature potions’ (one that could make you invisible!).


Recipe for the soup;

Grass, water, twigs, more grass and a little more grass.


As well as learning about nature being alive found out how we can USE nature, for example, using crushed leaves to make a liquid which we can paint with! COOL!


We also learnt about the different smells in nature; this week we learned about Lavender.


With the relaxing smell of Lavender still with us, the second week was over. Bring on the third week.

The Colours of May


Daisy Class has been covered in colours this term.


We have been learning all about colours; mixing colours, looking at the work of Jackson Pollock and Piet Mondrian, and also going on some colour hunts around the classroom and outside.


The rainbow has been a feature of the term, we have been making our own rainbows using salt dough and paint!


Colours have allowed us to explore not only painting, but also to explore and experiment with different textures.

Mixing paints has been fun too! We have been mixing the primary colours and seeing what colours they make.


We are also going to look at chameleons; how they change colour and how we could create our own chameleons using different materials.


Elmer’ has been the story of the week, we have been reading one of ‘Elmer’s tales each day.


Let’s go on a colour hunt!

Our Second Classroom


 Whatever the weather Daisy Class bring the classroom outdoors but fortunately for us this week the sun has been shining on Netherton Moss.


The outside area allows us to explore learning outside. This week we have been painting outside, threading and weaving, constructing as well as using the sand pit and the mud kitchen.


Number work using chalk outside is always a big hit, making number work fun and different.


However, outside is just as fun for some well needed busy time as well!!


Week One: Exploring Nature


Waterproof jackets – ü

Own clothes - ü

Hats/sun cream- ü

30 wellies-ü


This tick list could only mean one thing Forest Schools is BACK!!


With Jayne the forest ranger ready to explore, Daisy Class are taken out of the walls of the school and into the green, leafy, and certainly muddy ‘forest’ in the grounds.


With the ‘wooden circle’ safely constructed by everyone finding twigs and the boundary rope laid out … the fun can begin.


After learning all about being safe in the woods, the nature hunt can begin.

We searched for all different shapes and sizes of leaves. Looking around for the different colours in the forest while also being aware of looking after and ‘being kind’ to nature.


After we had snack time outside (which was exciting!), the children were allowed to explore even further. The mud was a big hit, some children even helped Jayne construct a tent! While others decided to use different types of nature’s materials to create some lovely pictures!


After we had all tidied away and joined Jayne back around the circle. We looked forward to getting our wellies on again next Tuesday!!

New noisy members of Daisy Class


We had some new members of Netherton Moss today. Some were furry, some were smooth, some had wings and some had lots and lots of tiny legs. Good job we had ‘Boo’s Zoo 2 You’ to show us what they were!!


Daisy Class had a fantastic morning looking at all the different animals today. We learnt all about where the animals lived, what food they ate and what was special about them.


Some members of Daisy Class were very very brave and even held snakes (Including Miss Ramzan but Mr Riley stayed a distance away from the snakes!).


There were meerkats, snakes, guinea pigs, owls, millipedes and many more. We look forward to seeing them again soon!

Happy Easter from Daisy Class!!

EGG-cellent end of term


The end of term was wrapped up with the Easter Experience, an Easter bonnet competition and a very special visitor…


The 5th of April had arrived and so did thirty Easter bonnets!! We created our own Easter egg design and we also learnt all about spring. During the Easter Experience, the visitors from St. Oswald’s spoke to Daisy Class all about Easter, along with activities that helped us learn all about the Easter story.


After lunchtime Daisy Class had noticed some footprints all around our class. The footprints led us all around the classroom eventually leading us to the BIG box of chocolate treats!!


We then found a letter underneath the box…

Daisy and the Beanstalk


Jack and the Beanstalk  gave Daisy Class an idea. If Jack had beanstalk why couldn’t we? And so that is what we did. We each planted a runner bean. We watered them, cared for them and watched them grow.


Weeks had gone by but still no Giant… but our ‘beanstalks’ carried on growing.


We measured each of our ‘beanstalks’ every day in number work. At the end of term we then, using our knowledge of growing and measuring, worked as a class to put the ‘beanstalks’ in order of size.


Here is the outcome…

Outside fun


Thirty children + magic’ window pens and chalks = a colourful outside area!


The windows are now decorated with spellings, letters, pictures and more!! While the floor (and many other surfaces) are covered in lovely colourful chalk drawings!!


While the chalks and pens allow the children to become creative, they also help encourage writing and spelling.


Outside = learning!!

We had a GIANT visitor today


Friday treat time with no biscuits?? What are we meant to do??


On Friday morning we had 30 very surprised and shocked faces as they came into Daisy Class and found out that the Giant had not only made a mess but had eaten ALL of our biscuits!!


Later that day we went out to look for the Giant, looking around for any signs of him!! We found biscuit crumbs everywhere… and then we found MASSIVE footprints in the mud!! But still no sighting of the Giant, we will make sure we lock our biscuits away this week!!



Number Work – Number Dice


One way of making number work fun and active is adding a number dice into the mix!!


With everyone having a go in the circle, it allowed for the whole class to develop their number skills. We would roll the dice and whatever number it would land on we would have to add another number to it and work out the answer! For example, if the dice landed on the number 4 we would ask them to add on 3 and so on.


Rolling the dice allowed for number work to be different and fun; the children explored numbers but with a fun activity!!


Number Work – Heavier and Lighter


A bean bag or a toy fish?

A tennis ball or a pencil?


Today in Daisy class we learnt all about weight!! We used items in our classroom to see what was heavier and what was lighter. We then had to put the objects in the right columns; heavier or lighter. We all enjoyed using our scales and exploring different types of weight!!


The sun is out and so is Daisy Class


We are very lucky to have our own outside area and when the sun does eventually appear, there is nothing to stop us all going out to explore!! With the sand pit and mud kitchen we are not afraid of getting messy (with our overalls and wellies on of course). The magnifying glasses and binoculars help us explore the outside world even closer!!


Outside allows our Daisies to explore; getting muddy, getting messy in the sand and even finding new career prospects (future mechanics perhaps).


With tree stumps allowing us to have outside circle time and the watering utensils to help us keep our Daisy plants growing…the outside area becomes alive with our mini daisy explorers!



Daisy Orchestra


On Wednesday afternoons it is certain that you can hear the tapping of tambourines, the shaking of maracas and beating of the drums being played as you walk past Daisy Class.


Using our listening skills we can copy and repeat musical beats! Our mini musicians can also tap out their names using the instruments!!


We may have a couple of future musicians in our class!! 





There is a lot of measuring to be done.

This week Daisy Class noticed something had appeared in our classroom… To their amazement, it was a magic giant BEANSTALK!!

This past week in Daisy Class we have been reading ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ together which we have loved. So much so we have been doing role play with some of our fantastic mini actors!!

On a normal Tuesday morning some of our Daisies noticed something strange had appeared … GIANT FOOTPRINTS!!

  The Giant has been… he has climbed down the magic Beanstalk Mr Riley!!”

Two MASSIVE footprints had been found with a GIANT letter as well, the letter asked our Daisies to find items in the classroom that may be LONGER or SHORTER than the Giants footprints but first some of our Daisies wanted to see if their feet would be the same as the Giants and so we started to measure.

After all the measuring had been done, it was now time to plant our very own magic beans with Mrs Jones…

We will have to wait and see if our beanstalks grow as big as the one in the story. However something tells me that it is not the last we have seen of the Giant and his boots…

Red Nose Day 2019


Mufti day had arrived and so did thirty red noses… with our pound coins collected and all of our red cupcakes eaten, Red Nose Day was a success!!

Thankfully no one lost their red nose either!!

The Tin Forest


During World Book Week, all the classes in Netherton Moss had been reading the same book; The Tin Forest…

There was once a wide, windswept place… but where there is a dream hope can grow.’

After reading the book as a class, Mrs Jones asked the class a few questions; how did they think the ‘old man’ felt at the beginning and at the end of the book. Mrs Jones also asked the class to describe the setting at the beginning of the book… “sad” “dark” “silver” “dirty” and at the end of the book “happy” “rainbow” “animals” “flowers” and “green”.

We then on our tables drew the ‘old mans’ dream, adding colour to his once ‘windswept place’. Daisy Class also wrote letters to the ‘old man’ describing what they liked the most in his jungle, there was some fantastic handwriting in class!

  The week was jam packed full of fun and creative thing to be done; we drew our own dreams, we painted and added 3D materials to our drawings, we created tin birds and flowers… AND we even planted our own seeds (currently watching them grow and making sure our watering monitor keeps them well watered!)

The Tin Forest allowed our Daisies to explore colours, materials, shapes (2D and 3D) and most importantly we had fun in the process. Successful week I think!!

Pancake Day 2019


Pancake Day had arrived… and so did thirty very excited Daisy Class pupils!! We wrote our own recipes and we got to design our very own pancakes in class. It was a chocolate, strawberry, syrup, marshmallow and sprinkled delight after playtime!! We then created our very own ‘Daisy Class Tally Chart’ about our favourite toppings.

In the afternoon Mr Riley and groups of five went next door into Poppy Classes very own pancake shop!! Using our class coins some of Daisy Class purchased a pancake each from the shop and they were delicious!!

It is safe to say everyone enjoyed Pancake Day, with our chocolate and sprinkled covered faces!!



For World Book Day, Netherton Moss had a pyjama day!! The pupils had to bring in their favourite bedtime story; we had The Gruffalo, Paw Patrol, Room on the Broom and many more!! After talking and showing the class all about our favourite books, we then shared some of our stories with Poppy Class next door!! It was a super day for Daisy Class.

March Madness


Daisy class have a lot of things planned for the month of March; World Book Day, Pancake Day, Mother’s Day and of course some fairy tales along the way… speaking of fairy tales has anyone seen my porridge??

February Sunshine!!


The sun was shining on Daisy Class in February!! One afternoon Mr Riley and Mrs Jones opened up the outside area for the whole class; the sand pit, the mud kitchen and construction!! We made sure we all had our overalls and our wellies on before we went exploring. We built sandcastles and we even made our famous ‘Daisy Muddy Soup’. Unfortunately the rain came for a couple of days after but we will be straight outside when the sun appears again (we hope)!!


3…2...1…BLAST OFF!!


This term Daisy class has been exploring space!! The role play area magically turned into a “very cool” space machine for the term (which went down very well with our little astronauts). We learned about all the different planets; using paints and foam we even created our own planets with Mrs Jones!! We also created our new ‘Daisy Cinema’ and we had fun doing some space yoga!! The yoga has now became a weekly routine to bring calmness and relaxation to our busy days in Daisy class!!


Mrs Jones, Miss Ramzan and Mr Riley also received a very special gift from ‘The Man On The Moon’!! A special night light that projected stars and the moon around our class room; the children loved the lights and wanted to write a letter to say thank you and so that’s what we did!! (We will be sending the letters to ‘space’ and hopefully get a response for next term).


We have loved learning about space this term and we are really looking forward to next terms topic… FAIRYTALES!!

Chinese New Year!!


We also celebrated Chinese New Year in Daisy Class!! We learnt all about the history of the New Year celebrations; we read books as a class, we watched videos of the celebrations and we also tried some Chinese food!! Noodles and prawn crackers were a hit with the children!! The children also created their own lucky red envelopes with a chocolate coin inside for the celebration!! Using gold markers they gave Chinese writing ago and loved it! Very happy with their creations, as you can see in the photos! However for some strange reason some of the chocolates coins do not make it home for some our children!! Wonder why with the chocolate around their mouths!!

January chills!!


2019 brought cold and more cold!!

Mr Riley loves the snow and so he decided to take Daisy class outside to the wintery wonderland!! Wrapped up in our coats, hats, gloves and scarfs of course!! The children loved trying to catch the snowflakes falling down, and even some children tried to count them as they fell down from the sky!! (Who knew snowflakes and number work would be such a good match!!). As well as number work, Mr Riley also asked the children to describe the snow; what does it feels like? What does it look like and so on. We received some superb responses!!

Welcome to Daisy Class 2018-19


What a great start to our new year in Daisy Class. Everyone has settled in really well and they  have been busy exploring their new classroom.

Topic Letter

Welcome to Daisy!



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Summer Term Topic Letter

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