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Year 3


Monday 27th July

Hi Clover Class, 

we hope that you have enjoyed the first week of your summer holidays.  As promised, please find below the images send by Chester Zoo in the adoption pack.  If any of you make a visit to Chester Zoo over the holidays you may see a plaque by the Orangutan enclosure with Clover Class 19/20 on it ! 

Enjoy the rest of the holidays - hopefully the sun will make an appearance again soon ! We look forward to seeing you all back in school in September . 

Mrs Washington & Mrs Windsor

Wednesday 1st July

Hi Clover Class, 

We cannot believe that there are just over 2 weeks left until the summer holidays and we are so sad that you haven't been able to come back to school and spend some time in year 3 before we finish  crying . 


You may have heard that another TTRockstars competition has started today and you have until Sunday evening to try and get as many points as possible. We will be competing against other year 3 classes from local schools so lets see how many points we can get for Clover Classsmiley .  Please see the poster below for more details.


After trying some TT Rockstars, why not have a go at our weekly PE Challenges below ?



If you need your TT Rockstars login or need anything else , please do not hesitate to contact us on


Take care and stay safe

Mrs Washington & Mrs Windsor. 

Monday 22nd June


Hi Clover Class ! 

Mrs Windsor and I are missing you all lots . It seems like such a long time since we were all in school together. Please find below some ideas to try at home this week.


BBC Bitesize and Celebrity Supply teacher on CBBC continue to have some online lessons this week which you can take a look at. You can also see previous lessons which include a number of the topics we have learnt about this year including volcanoes and light and dark.


Your weekly PE challenge is as follows:


With some children spending more time on-line during lockdown, it is important that they keep safe whilst doing so. Please have a look at the website below which gives guidance for parents, and for children, about keeping young people safe on-line.


As always, please feel free to call school or email us on if you need anything.

Mrs Washington & Mrs Windsor



Wednesday 17th June

Hi Clover Class ! We hope that you are all okay ?  How did you get on with the Stone Age project ? We would love to hear from you and see any pictures of your work.  You could try making your very own model of Stonehenge like Sam did (see pictures below) , or you could make your own Stone Age jewellery from plasticine or clay, or you try to make a replica Stone Age axe or even do some Stone Age cave paintings. 


Don't forget BBC Bitesize are continuing to offer daily lessons for children which can be accessed on


CBBC  are also now running a series of lessons each morning led by celebrity supply teachers ! You can be taught Spanish by Gary Lineker, PE by Marcus Rashford, Food Science by Heston Blumenthal and science by Tim Peake !  If you miss any of the daily lessons you can watch them on catch up on the BBC iplayer  .


This time of year in school we would normally be getting ready for sports week.  Why not have a go at these challenges below:



As always, if you need any help, would like any additional work packs or would like to send us  some pictures of your work, then please e-mail .

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Washington & Mrs Windsor




Thursday 4th June

Welcome back to the final half term of this school year.   This term in school we would normally be learning about the Stone Age. People living in the Stone Age had two main concerns – food and shelter. People in the Stone Age were hunter-gatherers. This means that they either hunted the food they needed or gathered food from trees and other plants. Your challenge is to do a project on the Stone Age . What interesting facts can you find ? The questions below might help with your project research.

Why was it called the Stone Age ?

When was the Stone Age ?

The Stone Age is split into three periods. What are they called ? 

What was life like in the Stone Age?

What animals lived during the Stone Age?

What did people eat during the Stone Age ?

What type of houses did people live in during the Stone Age?

Did children go to school during the Stone Age ?

What is Skara Brae and why is it important ? 


There are lots of great resources online to help your research including:


Don't forget BBC bitesize classes are back online after the half term break. They offer a wide range of home learning lessons and resources tailored to each year group.


If you don't have regular access to the internet or electronic devices, please do not hesitate to call school on 525 5026  or email to ask for a home learning pack .


Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Washington & Mrs Windsor.





Thursday 21st May

Hi Clover Class  ! 

Hope you are all keeping safe and well ? Mrs Windsor and I are missing seeing you all in school each day. It's been lovely talking to parents on the phone finding out what everyone has been doing at home including learning some new skills!


Don't forget the TT Rockstars competition is running until May 28th - it's a great opportunity to practise your timetables as well as gain a few points for Clover Class and yourself as part of  the competition with Year 4 !  


Both myself and Mrs Christian have set work on Education City - so why not log on and try some maths or literacy games .


The BBC bitesize website continue to offer daily lessons across lots of subject areas for each year group and is free to access.


Classroom Secrets, the scheme we use in school for maths,  are also currently offering free access to their kids version of their website which has grammar, punctuation, spellings, reading maths and history games for each year group.


If anyone has forgotten their TTRockstars or Education City password, just drop me an email at


Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Washington & Mrs Windsor




Wednesday 13th May

Hi all, hope you are all keeping well.  

Today we have started a TT Rockstars competition between Clover Class and Jazz Class with lots of prizes to be won, so why not log in and earn some points for yourself and Clover class. If you have forgotten your password, then just drop an email to the address below and we will reply as soon as we can.


Best of luck everyone !

Mrs Washington & Mrs Windsor. 



Tuesday 12th May

Well done Sam who has been keeping busy over the bank holiday weekend, making bunting and creating his own tin can alley game  for his family's VE day celebrations. We hope you all enjoyed the VE day bank holiday, especially the glorious weather which accompanied it. 


Well done also to Grace who, despite being in school quite a bit over the last few weeks, has also manged to do some literacy work on Education City at home , scoring 100% for expanded nouns phrases ! 


Don't forget that you can access lots of great resources via the BBC bitesize page
and also via Education City and TT Rockstars. Also,  if you need any more packs of work, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Take care, 

Mrs Washington & Mrs Windsor







Monday 11th May 


 I have loaded some new games onto Education City for you to try.   If you do maths or English in Apollo Base log on to Education City to try them out.  Keep up the hard work - love from Mrs Christian x 

Tuesday 5th May

Hi Clover Class,

This week we have a special bank holiday to celebrate 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day (V.E. Day), which took place on May 8th 1945. This day marks the end of World WarII in Europe.  You may even be planning a little tea party to celebrate this special day.

This week, your challenge is to do a project on World War II and VE day. 

You could research online some of the following:

  • What it was like to be a child in primary school in Britain during WWII ?
  • What people ate in Britain during WWII ?
  • How people coped with food rationing ?
  • Liverpool was heavily bombed during the war, including areas of Bootle .Try and find out if you live near an area that was bombed.
  • If you have any elderly relatives ( aged 75+) you could call them and ask if they remember anything about the war or the VE day celebrations?


You could have a go at making model of some of the aircraft used during WWII , recycling items from your house. You could also try making your own ration book . Can you bake an  eggless cake using a wartime recipe?


Some of the websites below may help with your research.


We would love to see pictures of your work or simply how you celebrated this special V.E Day. 

Please send any images to . 


Take care & stay safe 

Mrs Washington & Mrs Windsor




Tuesday 28th April 

We hope you are all keeping well at home. Today is National Superhero Day !   Why not create your own superhero - draw a picture of them , and write about what makes them a superhero. What is their special power ? You can dress up as a superhero and create your superhero pose .  There lots of comic/film characters to take inspiration from , but don't forget our NHS superheroes and those working in offices,  shops and  care homes and binmen and bus drivers who are keeping the country running at the moment ! 


As always, we would love to see what you have been doing at home so you can email photos to 


Take care and stay safe 

Mrs Washington & Mrs Windsor

Monday 27th April

A big thank you to Sam who dropped off a gift into school today. He has been working hard at home with his mum and dad and has built, and decorated,  lots of bird boxes for family and neighbours, and has made one for school too.   Some photos of the bird box can be found below. 

Better Energy School Awards


Environmentally-themed artwork, poetry, drama, creative writing, music, gardening, creating nature areas, projects to reduce the use of plastic, paper recycling or composting schemes, energy saving projects, or research based on Science or Geography are all potential entries for the Awards.


Please could parents/carers send children's work related to Eco by next Friday, 1st May, to school email address,

Tuesday 21st April

A big well done to Sam who has been keeping very busy during lockdown ! It was so lovely to be sent some pictures this morning of all the different activities he has been doing at home  over the last few weeks , including learning some new cookery and woodwork skills ! 

If you have any pictures you would like to share, then please email to :


Take care & stay safe 

Mrs Washington & Mrs Winsdsor


Monday 20th April 

Morning all  and welcome back to the Summer term. We are missing seeing you all and being together in Clover Class. We are sure you all are missing being with your friends too, but it is important that we continue to stay safe at home and follow the Government guidelines.


The BBC Bitesize website will start a series of daily lessons/activities today , with a full weekly timetable available, covering the various subjects of the National Curriculum. The lessons are set by Year Group. Please find attached below a link to the Year 3 timetable for this week:


We would also like to set you a challenge to write a poem called "Staying Home". This poem can be about what you have been doing at home, anything new you have learned ( like learning to cook or mastering your time tables ! ), why we have to stay at home at the moment or how you are feeling about not being in school.  You can choose any style of poetry you like and make it rhyming or non-rhyming, You could also add some of the features we have learned about in school this year including similies ( eg. as quiet as a mouse, as fast as a cheetah) or alliteration (eg.  perfect pink polka dot pillows, spicy sizzling sausages) . 

We would love to see or hear about how you have been getting on with this challenge so when you have written your poem why not take a picture of it,  or just type it, and then email it to us . We can then put some of the poems here on our class page . 


If you feel like dropping us a line just  to say hello we would  love to hear from you as we miss chatting to you all  so please feel free to email and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can smiley.




Mrs Washington & Mrs Windsor



Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hi all,

Hope you are all keeping well and staying safe ? I have spoken to a few parents on the phone over the last few days and it has been so lovely to hear what the children have been doing at home : learning to tell the time,  practising times tables and spellings , playing times table bingo, writing stories, reading and some even enjoying the daily Joe Wicks exercise sessions online. 

Please find below some more ideas to try at home:


National Museums Liverpool is launching a fantastic new home learning project called #MyHomeIsMyMuseum where you get to create your own museum exhibition or art gallery! For more information visit :


Amazon has announced that they are offering free subscription to their audible Stories. Audible works on most devices, including phones, tablets, Echo, Sonos and more. It even remembers and picks up where you left off when you switch from one device to another. For more information visit:


Mrs Washington & Mrs Windsor


Monday 30th March 2020

The current situation we all find ourselves in can be overwhelming and lead to an increase in anxiety levels for some children. This is particularly so for those children with ADHD, social communication difficulties or ASD.  Please find below advice from the ADHD Foundation and the National Autistic Society offering tips to support these children during COVID -19.

Further advice and support can be found on :


This week is also World Autism Awareness Week . Resources are available from :

Monday 30th March 2020

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all okay and enjoyed your first week at home? In Clover Class we have a class timetable, outlining what we will be doing for the day. It's generally the first thing the children look at when they come into class each morning. They like routine and like to know what the day ahead will bring so why not try and do your own timetable at home and make sure you include time away from the screen ( tablet/TV)  and some exercise. Why not challenge the children to create their own exercise class for the whole family, incorporating some of the balances and movements we have learned so far this year in PE ? 

Please find some more home learning ideas below and don't forget to keep checking in with the website regularly.

Mrs Washington & Mrs Windsor


More ideas for home learning

26th March 2020

Home learning updates:

We hope you are all okay at home and staying safe ? We are missing seeing you all in class each day, but hope you are enjoying this time at home with your families.


Remember, learning at home doesn't need to be computer based. There are lots of other interesting and fun things you can do, without sitting in front of a phone, tablet or computer screen. Please see some suggestions below.


Mrs Washington & Mrs Windsor


Shadow drawing

25th March 2020

Please sign up to the fabulous Oxford Owl education site to support your child at home with reading, English and maths.  You can choose activities by age group or by subject.  

There is a fabulous, free, age group specific ebook library - giving you a choice over books to read and listen to at home with your child. 


There are also lots of other activities to support your child with English and maths - all geared specifically to your child’s age group.  

Creating an account is free and really simple. Visit, click on join us and add a few personal details including an email address and you are ready to go.   Have fun,  we hope that you enjoy using the online library and all the other activities available

Friday 20th March 2020

Please find below details of the home learning pack that was sent home with the children this week. We will continue to update with further suggestions so please check our class page on the website regularly.


Whilst at home Clover Class, please remember to look out for one another, stay safe and be kind.


Mrs Washington & Mrs Windsor

Monday 16th March

For their third Forest School session, the children made bug hotels by hollowing out the inside of branches of elder trees found in our school grounds, tying them together and leaving them around our wooded area. They also made their own whistles , again by hollowing out parts of thicker branches. As usual, the children really enjoyed exploring and playing in the Forest School area and rounded the session off by toasting marshmallows around the campfire to make tasty s'mores and they even entertained us all with a few tunes on their whistles !

Monday 9th March 2020

During the second session of Forest School , the children in Clover Class learned how to use a flint and steel to light a fire. It was quick tricky at first, but everyone had a go and managed to successfully light a fire. The children also made boggarts from clay and they made hot chocolate using the Kelly kettle

Thursday 5th March 2020


Today we celebrated World Book Day in school. We have been reading a book called Greta and the Giants, inspired by the story of environmental activist, Greta Thunberg. Some of the children came to school dressed as animals and Mrs Washington and Mrs Windsor dressed as park rangers.  The children have all been given a £1 book token today which entitles  them to a free £1 World Book Day book  or £1 off a book or audiobook costing £2.99 or more in all participating bookshops. 

Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Today Clover Class joined the children from Jazz class and went on a trip to see a concert by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and had a visit to the World Museum, Liverpool.  The theme of this year's concert was Our Global Vision which looked at how we need to look after our planet  - which links in with our whole school book study this week  of Greta and the Giants.  We all enjoyed listening to the great music from the Orchestra. 

In the afternoon we went to the Museum and visited the Ancient Egypt gallery, the natural history centre and the bug house. Some of the children even got to handle some animal skulls! Please see some photos below. 

Monday 2nd March 2020


Today the whole of Clover Class took part in a Forest School session , some in the morning and the rest in the afternoon. The children had a go at making name pendants from wood collected in our own woods, even trying  a bit of drilling and sawing ! They also make bird feeders from toilet rolls and had great fun exploring the woodland  area. The session ended with toasting marshmallows. We can't wait until next week !

Thursday 27th February 2020


The children had a great coaching session this afternoon with our visitors from the Jamie Carragher Academy. It was a great start to our football PE lessons for this half term and the children had lots of fun working on their dribbling skills and even had a go at taking some penalties. 

23rd January 2020


Well done to our superstar spellers who attended a spelling and vocabulary  bee at the Beacon school this week. They competed against year 3 children from other schools and got  2nd and 3rd place ! Well done - we are all very proud of you.

23rd January 2020



This week in school we have been learning about Chinese New Year, and how Chinese people around the world celebrate . This year the Chinese are celebrating the Year of the Rat. Kung Hei Fat Choi ! Happy New Year !


We have also learned about the types of food people eat in China and had a go at making our own vegetable chow mein, chopping all the vegetables ourselves. We even got to try out our chopstick skills !


8 Times Table Song | Skip Counting by 8 Multiplication Song

Children who do maths in Apollo Base have started to practise counting in multiples of 8 - to help with their 8 x tables.
The song gets faster and faster - see if you can keep up!

Skip Counting By 3 Song | The 3 Times Tables Song For Kids

Video: Skip Counting by 3

Children who do maths in Apollo Base have been learning to skip count in 3's and have been using these facts to help with their 3 x tables. Keep up the hard work and enjoy practising at home.

16th & 17th December 2019

Children from both Clover and Sunflower class have enjoyed an end of term overnight visit to Crosby Hall. The children took part in lots of great activities including the outdoor adventure course, christmas decorations making, egg drop challenge, "midnight" walk, shelter building, toasting marshmallows and they even had a surprise  visit from Father Christmas ! Please see a selection of photographs below. 

13th November 2019

This afternoon, Clover Class managed to dodge the rain showers and took our learning outside. This term we have been learning about human and animal skeletons and we used our knowledge of the human skeleton to create some environmental art. The children worked in small groups and founds branches and twigs from around the junior playground to create their very own skeletons. A selection of photographs from their fabulous creations can be found below.

6th November 2019

Clover Class has been learning all about the Ancient Egyptians as part of our Autumn term history topic, so we have started to learn some Egyptian dance during one of our weekly PE lessons. During our first lesson we  learned a few dance moves including  the Pharaoh Flick, Egyptian Walk, Cleopatra Arms and the Tutankhamun Turn.  


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

25th October 2019


Clover Class finished off this half term with some healthy pizza cooking on Friday afternoon !  Over the last few weeks in science, we have been learning about the different food groups and how our body needs food to survive.  The children  decided on the ingredients for their pizzas making sure they had a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins, fats  and dairy and some good sources of vitamins. Once the food preparation has been completed,  the children then made their own pizzas and we had just enough time to eat the pizzas before home time ! 

21st October 2019


Today Pop Project visited school to entertain us with their Walking on Sunshine show. Their focus this year was mental health and they talked and sang their way through the 5 steps to happiness. The children joined in with the activities and the songs , and even a bit of dancing too !


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

18th October 2019


Clover Class had a fantastic trip to Chester Zoo today. The children loved seeing all the animals, particularly those we have been learning about during our Chester Zoo workshops over the last 4 weeks like the orangutans.The children also did an activity where they pretended to be hornbills and had seal up the entrance to their 'nest' with clay .   Although it did rain quite a bit in the afternoon, it didn't dampen our spirits too much as it gave us the perfect excuse to visit some of the indoor enclosures including the bat house and and the aquarium. A great day out was had by all !

11th October 2019

We've had our final two Chester Zoo workshops ahead of our trip to Chester Zoo on October 18th. The children learned more about the rainforests and the animals who live there and what Chester Zoo was doing to help them.  There was a quiz during the final workshop and the children did really well answering questions about palm oil, what sustainable means, what Chester Zoo is doing to help look after the rainforests and the animals living there and what the children can do to help too. They even had a go at designing some poster to raise awareness . We are all looking forward to going to Chester Zoo next week. 

2nd October 2019

This morning, Clover Class took part in our annual Horizon fun run. This year it took place in school with the juniors having to complete 4 laps of the junior yard !  Our  daily mile sessions have really helped build the children's stamina for running. Well done to Mason G, Daniel, Katie and Harlow who went to Hatton Hill today to race against other year 3 children from local schools. 




27th September 2019


Clover Class had the second of their Chester Zoo workshops today, continuing to look at the impact of rainforest destruction as a result of non-sustainable palm oil plantations.

In today's workshop the children got to learn about some of the animals and fruits from the rainforests. They got to handle skulls and feather of the hornbill toucan and parts of the orangutan skeleton. They also got to smell some of the very stinky fruits and plants of the rainforest ! The workshop ended with our favourite Palm Oil Conga song.  

Palm Oil Conga

Still image for this video

19th September 2019


Clover Class made the most of the lovely weather this afternoon and had their PE lesson outside. The children are learning how to play hockey and although it was only their second lesson they've mastered some great ball dribbling skills !



17th September 2019


We were very lucky this afternoon to have a theatre production of Pinocchio in school ! Clover Class joined the rest of school to watch this fabulous performance and joined in with the laughter and songs. 


13th September 2019

Welcome back ! 

We have had a very busy first full week back in Clover Class. The children have been settling well into the juniors and enjoying time out on the junior yard. 

A number of important letters have been sent home this week including the hometime collection letter, internet and photograph permissions letter and the flu nasal spray letter. Could I please ask that these are signed as soon as possible and returned to school. 

We have lots of exciting things planned for this term including,  in the coming weeks,  a visiting theatre company production of Pinocchio, Chester Zoo workshops in school, a visit to Chester Zoo and  a Macmillan coffee morning. 

Keep checking our class page for news and  photographs  of what the children have been up to in school. 

Mrs Washington


Friday 5th July

This week was Sports Week in school. All of Clover Class joined in with the various sporting activities throughout the week and a great time was had by all.  Please see a selection of photographs from the week below  and a reflection on Sports Week written by Clover Class.

Tuesday 25th June

Clover Class had a great trip out this afternoon . It was Miss Greer's last day with us and so as a special treat we went to Rowan Adventure Park. The rain thankfully stopped in time for our visit and a great time was had by all. Please see some photographs below. 

Friday 7th June

Linked to our recent study of plants in our science lessons,  this afternoon Clover class were busy sketching a selection of leaves picked from around the school grounds.

Tuesday 4th June

Today we had a special visit from decathlete, Matt Lee. Matt put the children through their paces with  some circuit training and then there was a special assembly where he told us about how he trains for the 10 events he completes in and also the about the importance of diet and nutrition for top athletes. There was then opportunities for the children to ask Matt some questions. Please find some photographs below.

Friday 17th May 2019

We have had a very busy day today in Clover Class! This morning we did our daily mile at 9.45am instead of our usual lunchtime slot.  Other Year 3 children from around Sefton were also  all running their mile at 9.45am this morning too. Thankfully the rain had stopped by then.  

This afternoon we learnt how to spell our name using the Spanish alphabet and continued with our recorder lessons. Because the children reached their class dojo target they also got some golden time. Some children chose to stay indoors to play  or colour, whilst other took advantage of the nice weather and went outside to play or to help Mrs Windsor with some planting. Please see some photos below.


Still image for this video

Thursday 9th May 2019

A huge well done to the 8 children from Clover Class who took part today in a times tables competition with other Year 3 children from local schools. During the competition the children had to answer multiplication and division questions on their own,  and as part of their team.  They all did incredibly well and made us very proud. 

Wednesday 8th May - Mindfulness and Meditation

Today, the children have been participating in a series of workshops to learn about the basic principles of mindfulness and meditation. The children really enjoyed working with the team, learning to understand their various emotions, affirming their positive qualities and continuing to develop their calming and self-soothing techniques.

Friday 3rd May

Well done to the children in Clover Class who received awards at our celebration assembly today.  Don't forget we have a whole term left , with lots of opportunity to earn dojo points for bronze, silver or gold awards and to demonstrate our school expectations.

Monday 29th April 2019


We had some very exciting visitors in school today ! Boo's Zoo2You brought in lots of animals for us to see including an owl, owlet, millipede, skunk, bosc monitor lizard, a large and a small burmese python and meerkats. The children were able to see these animals up close and have a go at stroking them and even holding some of them! Please see a selection of photographs below. 

Tuesday 26th March

We've had a very busy day in Clover Class today. This morning we attended the Easter Experience  where visitors from St Oswald's Church told us all about the Easter Story. 


This afternoon as part of our Rocks & Fossils topic in science , we investigated the permeability of difference types of soils. We measured how much water soaked through each sample of soil after 3 minutes to find out which type of soil was the most permeable.

Easter Experience 26th March

Permeability Investigation 26th March

Monday 25th March

A group of children from Years 3 & 4 attended an athletics event today at Kings Leadership Academy Hawthornes, competing against 11 other local primary schools. The children took part in a number of activities including relay, hurdles, soft javelin and  long jump . Well done to everyone who took part.  A selection of photographs from today's event can be found below.

Thursday 7th March

To celebrate  World Book Day, Clover Class came to school in their pyjamas and  brought their favourite bedtime story. 


Like all the other classes in school,  this week we have been reading the Tin Forest, by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson.  We have done some descriptive writing about the forest and in the afternoons we have been doing art relating to the book. We have sketched some scenes from the book and had a go at some 3D art.  The paper flowers were big hit with the children, even if it did take us  a couple of attempts to get the flowers looking right! These flowers, as well as some other 3D art,  will form part of a display we have been working on with Sunflower Class. We will post some pictures of the display once it is finished. 

Wednesday 6th March 

Clover Class had a great day out on our trip today. We had a busy morning at the Walker Art Gallery where we met Luigi and Leda who brought us back in time to talk about Leonardo da Vinci and his very busy life ! We learned about his famous paintings and his work as an inventor,  a botanist, anatomist and geologist.  We then had a go a writing backwards ( Leonardo wrote everything backwards!) and sketched some inventions of our own.  After saying goodbye to Luigi and Leda we had a go at sketching some of the paintings on display in the Renaissance gallery, including a copy of the Mona Lisa and painting of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. Some of the children even got to dress up as the royals from the paintings! Please see some photos below.

After a busy morning in the Walker Art Gallery we headed off to the Philharmonic Hall to see the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra perform their Sounds Values concert. The  concert, which was themed around British Values, featured music from many composers including Handel, Mendelssohn, Grainger and Williams. The finale involved a song called All Our Different Voices, which was written especially for the concert. We have been practising singing and signing this song in school over the last few weeks and the children really enjoyed joining all the other schools and the orchestra to perform this song.

A great day out was had by all ! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Tuesday 12th February 


Today we had a visit from Pop Project . The theme of their visit was “I feel good” and they spoke to us about how important it was to have a healthy body, mind and spirit. We joined in with singing, dancing and even a bit of Tai Chi ! 

 Thursday 7th February 2019

Well done to the children in Clover Class who received awards in our celebration assembly today. 

 February 6th 2019   


This week in school we have been learning about Chinese New Year, and how Chinese people around the world celebrate . This year the Chinese are celebrating the Year of the Pig. Kung Hei Fat Choi ! Happy New Year !


We have also had a go at preparing and cooking a vegetable chow mein and have even had a go at eating our food with some chopsticks. Please see images below:

Chinese Cooking 6th February

January 2019

Welcome back and Happy New Year ! We have lots of exciting things planned for spring term. Please take at look at our topic letter below for more details. 

Wednesday 12th December 2018 - Christmas Dinner !

Thursday 6th December 2018

Our annual Santa Dash took place at school today. Wearing their new Christmas hats,  Clover Class joined the rest of the juniors and managed to dodge the showers and the very large puddles on the junior playground ! The children had to get their sheets stamped after every lap and had a great time. Well done to everyone who took part. A selection of photographs from the event can be found below.

Santa Dash - December 6th 2018

Friday 2nd November 2018


Children came to school today dressed ready for our Bonfire Disco which was in the afternoon.  To keep with the Bonfire theme, during the morning we learned about Guy Fawkes, we did a bonfire safety quiz and we wrote a poem about Bonfire Night. We also managed to squeeze in a bit of  Bonfire Night colouring and Bonfire Night wordsearches ! . 

Wednesday 31st October 2018


Well done to the children in Clover Class who received awards in our celebration assembly today. 

Wednesday 10th October 2018


This afternoon, Clover Class made the most of the lovely weather and took our learning outside. This term we have been learning about human and animal skeletons and we used our knowledge of the human skeleton to create some environmental art. The children worked in small groups and founds branches and twigs from around the junior playground to create their very own skeletons. A selection of photographs from their fabulous creations can be found below.

Mrs Christian's maths group have been working really hard counting forwards and backwards in 2's, 3's and 5's to 100. 

Check out the link below to learn the Multiples of 3 Rap!


Mrs Christian


Skip Counting By 3 Song | The 3 Times Tables Song For Kids


Just a reminder that the Year 3 'Meet the Teacher' meeting will take place on Monday 24th September at 2.15pm . Looking forward to seeing you then .


Mrs Washington 

September 2018


Welcome back to school everyone ! Please find below our Clover Class Topic Letter for Autumn term.



Mrs Washington

Clover Class Topic Letter - Autumn 2018

14th June 2018- We've had a very busy day today in Clover Class. This morning we walked to Litherland Sports Park for the Horizon Fun Run. Our Year 3 boys raced against other Year 3 boys and the girls raced against Year 3 girls from other schools too.  It was incredibly windy , particularly when we arrived, but all the children did extremely well. Our daily mile-a-day at school this year has really paid off ! A special well done to Jess who came first in the Year 3 race. 

This afternoon we painted the Stone Age necklaces that we designed and made from clay last week. The children worked really hard on their design and did a great job painting their necklaces. 

Please see photos of both events below.

18th May 2018 - Today there was much excitement in school ahead of tomorrow's Royal Wedding. Many children from Clover Class came to school dressed as princes, princesses, queens and knights. We made flags in the morning and had a party outside with the rest of school in the afternoon. We had even had some special visitors !

25/4/18 Making sculptures of the terracotta army

Today, Clover Class attended a whole school assembly and a class workshop delivered by a Science Boffin ! We saw lots of exciting experiments in the hall including disappearing water, flying toilet roll and expanding elephant toothpaste ! During our workshop we learned about the plant life cycle, and carried out some scientific experiments replicating how roots take in water and how bees pollinate flowers. We had great fun being bees and eating pollen (cheesy wotsits !) Please some photographs below . 

Visit by Science Boffins to Netherton Moss on Thursday 12th April 2018

Today, Clover Class visited the world famous Terracotta Warriors at Liverpool Museum.  We had a great day which included a visit to the see the Terracotta Warriors exhibition, a workshop to learn more about Emperor Qin (for whom the Terracotta Warriors were made), a visit to the Ancient Egypt gallery and a quick visit to the bug house ! Please see below a small selection of photos from today. 

Trip to the see the Terracotta Warriors at World Museum, Liverpool on April 10th 2018

We hope you had an enjoyable Easter break and that you are ready for summer term in Clover Class ! 

Please have a look at our topic letter below to find out all the exciting things we have planned for this term.