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Welcome to Netherton Moss Primary School

Welcome to Netherton We want this to be an interactive website – so we want you to keep popping in here to see what’s happening:) The news, as it happens, will be updated here by our roving reporters. All the latest hot gossip – who’s moving in to which class, who’s teaching who, where which class is going!! It’s all here! We hope you will respond to any posts and develop a stimulating dialogue. But remember that in order to place a comment you will need to add your name and email and that all comments are monitored. It is important that children using our site are safe from malicious remarks, and people are accountable for their comments. Don’t be shy! Looking forward to hearing from you!


Mission Statement – the School Vision for the Future


Netherton Moss will lay the foundations for life by offering a positive, rich experience for all children. It will be characterised by high standards in literacy and numeracy, and a rich broad curriculum. This will be carried out in a happy, safe and supportive atmosphere, which focuses on the health and well being of all children and adults. There will be a strong commitment to helping all children succeed underpinned by positive relationships with parents and the community. In our school, children will be engaged by learning that develops and challenges them and excites their imagination. They will enjoy the richness of their learning by experiencing different things and learning in many different ways: by listening, watching and doing. Children will learn through physical, expressive and creative activities. They will take pride in their learning and will want to do well, having confidence to ‘have a go’. We will use out-of-doors, local and the wider environment. There will be visits out of school and visitors coming in to school to enrich teaching and learning. They will learn from each other and from adults and other teachers. We will encourage their parents and grandparents to be involved. We will provide well for their social, emotional, spiritual and cultural development. We will offer every child – whatever their individual characteristics – the chance to achieve, and we will achieve high standards for all children, giving them foundations for future learning, and for success in life.