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School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

November 2016

At the end of October, our school council organised a Harvest Appeal for the South Sefton Foodbank.  Many thanks to everyone who donated food in support of this appeal.

On November 29th, some of our school councillors visited the food bank at Waterloo Town Hall to see the wonderful work they do.

At the food bank we saw groups of volunteers helping sort the donated food into categories like cereals, soup, tea and tinned meats and fish. The food bank was very busy on the day of our visit as, in addition to their usual food parcels, they were busy preparing special food parcels for Christmas. Gayle, the food bank coordinator, also showed us where people in need come to get the emergency food parcels and explained how it is allocated to single people and families.

Gayle presented us with a certificate of thanks for the food donation from our Harvest appeal and explained that they will be asking local schools to get involved again around Easter. We look forward to supporting to our local community again by organising another food appeal at Easter.


Netherton Moss School Council.

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October 2016

At the start of term we elected our new School Councillors for 2016/17. They are:

Year 6: Elliot

Year 5: Luke and Amelia

Year 4: Daisy and Kyle

Year 3: James and Charlotte

Year 2: Ethan and Jessica

All the new School Councillors are looking forward to their new roles. We have had a couple of school council meetings already this term and have lots of exciting things planned for this year !


June 2016

28th June 2016

Today, members of our school council attended a Horizon public speaking competition at Litherland High School.  Along with other local schools, we prepared something to read on the theme of healthy relationships. Over the last couple of weeks the school council have met to discuss what a good friendship looks like and using this information we put together ‘A Recipe for a Good Friendship’  which was read at today’s competition by Connie and Bethany. The girls did a fantastic job, speaking clearly and with confidence in front of a large group of people.

After the public speaking event, all the school councillors attended workshops run by a local anti-bullying organisation, Bully Busters, who focused on the themes of friendships and also on bullying.

Well done to all the school councillors who took part today.

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May 2016

From 16th May to 20th May, our school took part in Walk to School Week. School councillors visited each class the previous week to tell everyone about this event and to encourage children to take part by explaining the benefits of walking to school such as:


  • Walking help you stay healthy and fit
  • It is better for the environment, as cars and buses pollute the air.
  • It is cheaper than going by bus.
  • You can walk with your friends and have a chat before school.
  • When you walk to school, you get to see nature all around you (trees, plants, birds and insects)

Well done to all the children who took part, and a special congratulations to Jazz class who had the highest percentage of walkers during that week (66%). A £20 voucher, from the sponsors Merseytravel, will be given to Jazz class.


November 2015


School Councillors are looking forward to the Christmas Fair which will take place on the afternoon of December 2nd. We will have our own stall at the fair ! Come and say hello !


October 2015


Following the success of previous Halloween discos, the school council decided to organise a Halloween disco for the last day of term, Friday 23rd October.

Everyone came to school in Halloween costumes and in the afternoon we had a great disco in the hall, with a drink and a snack served to everyone.

Not only did we have a great time, but we managed to raise over £180 for school funds.

Well done everyone !


September 2015:Welcome back !


This term we have elected our new School Councillors for 2015/16. They are:

Year 6: Sam and Olivia

Year 5: Scarlett and Luke

Year 4: Vincent and Peter

Year 3: Bethany and Connie

Year 2: Shea and Maisie

All the new School Councillors are looking forward to their new roles and to planning lots of great events throughout the year.


June 2015

Children in Year 5 asked their class representatives Charlie and Ruby for a Talent Show. We’re excited to announce that it’s been arranged for the afternoon of the Summer Fair on Thursday 9th July. Here’s the line up…



February 2015


Having spoken to the children in our classes about the changes they’d like to see at Golden Table, we wrote the following letter to Ms Glenville:



December 2014


Thank you to every one who attended our Christmas Fair, we had great fun!

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November 2014


What would you like to see at our special Golden Table lunches?


Our School Councillors will be making their way around the classes to ask for your suggestions…



Thank you to all who came to our MacMillan Coffee Morning. We managed to raise a fantastic £202.05!



First up, we are arranging a charity event. Join us on Friday 26th September when we will be raising money for MacMillan Cancer Support. It will take place from 9am until 10am. During this time you are welcomed to come and meet our new teachers and see us at work in our classrooms. If you wish to donate any cakes, please bring them in on the morning of the cake sale!


September 2014: Welcome back!


This term we have elected our new School Councillors for the year. They are:


Scarlet Class: Bethany Lake Murphy and Charlie O’Dea
Ruby Class: Ruby Edwards and Charlie Holt
Jazz Class: Robert Paterson and Laura Koo
Bluebell Class: Kieran Lake-Fennell and Thalia Bretherton

We are looking forward to a busy year listening to all of our pupils and organising some fun and exciting events for us to get involved in!


June 2014


May 2014


Summer Term Agenda


Our School Council met last week to discuss an agenda for this term. It was wonderful to see so many councillors sharing queries from their class members and acting on ‘pupil voice’.


We decided that the School Council will organise a ‘Walk to School Day’ in which they will try and promote walking as a healthy and eco-friendly way to get to school.


Our councilliors will also help to organise the Summer Fair and have asked all classes for their stall ideas…any more you think of, keep them coming!


Finally, in response to requests from children across the school they will be arranging an end of year disco and a ‘bring and play’ golden time special!


It’s going to be fun term ahead!





We will be fundraising to support The Amelia-Mae Foundation in their attempt to turn the nation purple and raise awareness of Neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of childhood cancer.


On Friday 4th April we hope to see as many people as possible wear purple and bring a £1 donation. This is for a fantastic cause and a brilliant charity that helps support families suffering from this terrible cancer.


February 2014

January 2014

Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to an exciting year full of lots of new projects. We are starting the year with an eco-friendly focus. This term we will be trying to save electricity.

To do this, we will be measuring how much electricity we use over a two week period by reading the school electricity meter. We will then measure the electricity again two weeks later having introduced our ‘Electricity Watch’ team! Our school councillors will be turning off lights and electrical devices not in use at playtimes and lunchtime. We should see a difference in our electricity use.

Please help us in school, let’s save as much as we can!





We are delighted to have raised  £102.84 at our Macmillan Coffee morning. This is a large amount of money going towards a worthy cause. Thank you for all your support and we hope you enjoyed our ‘Meet the Teacher’ event!







September 2013


Our classes have elected the following pupils of Netherton Moss as our
2013-2014 School Council:

Jazz Class: Alex G
Hannah H

Sunshine Class: Ben T
Emily S

Ruby Class: Sammy VB
Lewis C

Scarlet Class: Dylan M
Mia H

We can’t wait to kick start the year with our first charity event this Friday 20th September as we raise money for Jeans for Genes.


Bring a 50p donation and wear jeans all day to help raise money for children with genetic disorders.


Our School Council asked children from across the school what they would like to see £100 spent on for our playground.

They considered all of the responses they were given and have decided to spend the money on this fantastic playtime activity tub:



It contains the following:

1 jazz ball

2 table tennis bats

1 scoop racket

2 frisbees

8 skipping ropes

2 padder bats

10 number beanbags

2 rounders bats

2 rounders balls

1 flexi ball

1 foam ball

1 bean bag ball

4 tennis balls

2 mini tennis rackets

2 ankle skills

2 catch cups

10 marks

3 gameflow balls

1 shooting star ball

We can’t wait for it to arrive!




We have started our gardening club which the children have been greatly enjoying! Here you can see them working hard…




What would you like to see money being spent on for our playground?

Come and write your ideas in our suggestion box which is located by our school council board.



Our school councillors busy picking up litter!




We were delighted to be invited to St Ambrose Barlow High School to take part in an Enterprise day. We entered into a ‘design a vegetable patch logo’ competition along with other local schools: St Benedict’s, The Grange, Holy Spirit and Our Lady of Walsingham.

We also took part in lots of fun activities. As you can see below, we had great fun at a plant potting master class in the greenhouse!

Picture 1
Picture 2

The day was rounded off with an awards ceremony where a pupil from each school was shortlisted before the overall winner was announced.


Well done to our school councillors who have prepared a closing poem for an ‘eco’ themed arts celebration due to take place later this year. They’ve named it ‘Our World’. Take a look!


Our World

Being environmentally friendly is cool

Remember to switch the lights off in school

Ride on your bike to avoid pollution

Walking is another fantastic solution

Take care of our animals, from elephants to bees

Please don’t cut down any of our trees

To save the earth we have a plan

Recycle, recycle as much as we can!



We’re delighted to have raised £154.82 for Comic Relief. Well done to all of our school councillors who helped at our cake and coffee morning, fun was had by all!

Thank you for all of your kind contributions to this worthy cause.



We have entered an exciting competition in which our school councillors will be working hard to write a 30 second radio commercial about the five ways to wellbeing. One winning group will be picked from a primary school and a high school, and will be invited to a VIP tour around Juice FM. Their commercial will be professionally produced and aired on Juice FM during the weekly chart show, to thousands of listeners. Wish us luck!



Well done to our councillors who attended an eco conference along with other schools last week. They worked hard gathering lots of ideas to help achieve an eco-friendly environment in school. We look forward to choosing some to try out!



Winter Moss News

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To ensure our school is environmentally friendly, our Eco Councillors have been busy collecting recycled paper from our classrooms. We look forward to meeting with other local school children soon to gather ideas for further projects we can become involved in.


We have also been helping design an adventure park to be built at Rowan Park, with help from local park rangers. We are very excited to be involved in this and to see our ideas develop.



This term the School Council has been really busy.


First we held a Jeans for Genes day to raise money for people with genetic disorders. It was fun as we got to wear our jeans all day!



We also held a MacMillan Coffee morning. We were pleased to see lots of parents and we hope you enjoyed your guided tours of our school.


In October, we talked to pupils and decided to hold a Halloween Disco to raise money towards our school fund. We had scary fun making decorations for our school hall, it was a great success.



Following a whole school audit on safety, we made a safety video highlighting potential dangers around school.


Also, our Eco Councillors have created an ECO CODE for pupils to follow and help our school be environmentally friendly:


Everyone should respect our environment

Care for things around you

Only use energy and water when you need to


Carefully put litter in the bin

Only come in a car if you need to

Don’t forget to turn the lights off

Ensure that water is used sparingly



We also raised money for Children in Need, raffling a bag of Children in Need goodies. Congratulations to our winners Harvey and Ellie.


Most recently, we have been helping to arrange our annual Christmas Fair which is being held on Friday 30th November. We have collected donations for our stalls and have made posters to advertise this fun event.