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Happy New Year! It is a welcome back for children who are already members of Marigold Nursery and for Mrs Von Bargen and I but for our new admissions, it is the start of a new adventure! We hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas holiday and are feeling refreshed and ready for a new term. The start of a new term is always exciting for our children as they re-connect with old friends, settle back into routines and begin a new educational journey. 

Below you will find a planning overview for Spring 1 and our new topic letter for this half term!

Happy reading :)

We're all set up for our Christmas Craft Morning!

We're all set up for our Christmas Craft Morning! 1
We're all set up for our Christmas Craft Morning! 2
We're all set up for our Christmas Craft Morning! 3
We're all set up for our Christmas Craft Morning! 4

The Jolly Christmas Postman

This week we read The Jolly Christmas Postman. The children loved discovering what each envelope contained that was delivered to each recipient and took the time to ponder over each image within the book to find each fairytale character. The children were asked who they would like to send letters to and funnily enough, their answer was SANTA!!!

The children wrote their own letters to Santa by drawing what was on their wish list and all signed off their letter with their name. We then decided to post our letters to the North Pole and wave them goodbye. We hope our letters reach Santa in time for Christmas Eve!

The Snowman- Outdoor learning

We have been learning all about The Snowman written by Raymond Briggs in the past couple of weeks. We learnt about the effect of heat on ice which gave us many opportunities to develop our language and learn about cause and effect moments. The children used masks and puppets to role play the story and created story mountains using images from the text. Our environment was based on the text which included; using tweezers to pinch and place cotton wool buds in bottles to create snowmen, plenty of creative resources to build a snowman, an ice cave with many wintery stories and many writing opportunities such as writing Christmas cards and following pencil control paths.


In the images above, you will see the children creating houses for the Snowman to live in within our woodland area. They decided that larger twigs would be the most appropriate and that leaves could be used as a roof. One of our children recalled an event from the text in which the snowmen danced with each other so we decided to join them in the fun!

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 1
Remembrance Day 2

In Marigold Nursery, many children noticed that members of staff were wearing poppies therefore they questioned the meaning behind them. As this was a keen interest, the children took part in a week's worth of learning based on Armistice Day. The children learnt about the many roles within the armed forces and showed care and concern for those who were injured and their families. The children gathered many new pieces of vocabulary and by the end of the week, after accessing a selection of focused activities related to Remembrance, were able to talk about their new knowledge.

The poppies we have created encouraged the children to use mark making tools effectively and opened up discussions about size and colour. We are very proud of our poppy wreath!

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night 1

Bonfire night is always an exciting time of year for our children! The children couldn't wait to talk about their experiences so we decided to embrace their interests and plan a variety of activities that our children would not only enjoy, but develop from.

The week started with the children listening to stories and watching animations about Guy Fawkes.

Following this, the children learnt about fire safety and were given the opportunity to express their feelings and emotions towards the night. We learnt many rhymes to develop vocabulary and our P.E. lesson allowed our children to move their bodies based on video clips they had seen of firework displays.

The children created beautiful firework paintings which encouraged them to draw shapes and develop their fine motor skills. Also, the children had access to a glitter tray where they could make their own markings to represent fireworks.

To develop mathematically, the children were given various shapes in order to create rockets that could zoom to the sky and explode!

Overall, the week was engaging and exciting and we can't wait to do it all over again next year!

Dates for Diary November - January

Our Halloween Party / Craft Morning 2018!

On Wednesday 31st October our fabulous children dressed up in their scary Halloween costumes and took part in a selection of traditional Halloween activities such as duck apple, pin the wart on the witch and pumpkin carving. They also created a weaved spider web, sparkly witch wands and blow monsters. It was such a special day which I'm sure our children will cherish!

Autumn 1- Medium Term Plan

Owl Babies Woodland Walk

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Staying Healthy with Nurse Helen- Monday 17th September 2018

Staying Healthy with Nurse Helen- Monday 17th September 2018 1
Staying Healthy with Nurse Helen- Monday 17th September 2018 2
Staying Healthy with Nurse Helen- Monday 17th September 2018 3
Staying Healthy with Nurse Helen- Monday 17th September 2018 4

Meet the Teacher 

All parents are welcome to attend Nursery on Tuesday 25th September at 2:00pm for a meeting with the class teacher to discuss our curriculum and events.

Following the meeting you are welcome to take your child home.

We look forward to seeing you then smiley

Macmillan Coffee Morning- Wednesday 26th September 2018 at 11:00am

Our Curriculum

Children develop quickly in the early years, and we aim to do all we can to help your child have the best possible start in life. Children have a right, to provision which enables them to develop their personalities, talents and abilities irrespective of ethnicity, culture or religion, home language, family background, learning difficulties, disabilities or gender. In our school we use ‘Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage’ to support us in our planning to implement our curriculum. If you would like more information please visit the following website.


Have you met Marigold Bear?

Marigold is a new addition to our Nursery! Each week a child who has tried really hard to display our school values (Excellence, Friendship, Respect) will be chosen to take Marigold Bear home. The children are really excited to take Marigold on some adventures and to share everything they get up to with their class. 

Home Learning

We have a display board in our Nursery which will be used to keep you informed about what we’re learning each week. There is an additional ‘Home Learning’ board which will be used to display any activities you have carried out at home with your child or any observations you have made of significant milestones e.g. joining in with rhyme or story plots, giving meaning to marks they make as they draw or write, using number names correctly etc.

We urge you to keep us as informed as possible about the development of your child at home and believe that by working as partnership we can achieve great things!

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