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Late/Absence Procedures


95% – 100%                    90% – 94%                   BELOW 90

GOOD NEWS!               BE CAREFUL!                    STOP!




Traffic Light Letters

These letters are issued each half term in the school year and detail your child’s current attendance. Letters are colour coded as per the traffic lights above.


We can cope with coughs, colds and sneezes, so send your child in to school! We will ring you straight away if there is a problem.


Why is Regular School Attendance so Important?


Netherton Moss Primary School works closely with children and parents in connection with attendance so that each child can achieve their full potential. By law, all children of compulsory school age (five to 16) must receive a suitable full-time education. However, it is important to understand that when your child has a full time place in Reception or a part-time place in Nursery, we expect them to attend on every day that they are registered for.  Nursery children are marked on the school register the same as every other child in the school, and we closely monitor their attendance.


Once your child is registered at school, you are legally responsible for making sure that they attend regularly. If your child fails to do so, you risk getting a penalty notice or being prosecuted. You also need to think about the negative impact upon the following:


  •  their learning
  •  their friendships
  •  their self-esteem and confidence


Netherton Moss Primary monitors the attendance of every child in the school and in partnership with the Education Welfare Office, we will work and support those children and their families who are not attending school without sufficient reason. 90% attendance sounds good, but means that your child misses:


– one half day each week

– nearly four weeks every school year

– more than a whole school year in their academic career



Is your child absent today? Just give us a ring:
0151 525 5026



Our whole school attendance for the Autumn term was 94.57%.  Not bad but we can do much better!!


Our school’s target for the 2015/ 2016 school year is 95%.  Together we can  achieve it!



Timekeeping is also important in the education of your child. If your child is persistantly late then they are missing out on important learning opportunities at the start of the day. Children who are late are generally reluctant to enter the class once work has begun, and can often become upset.  They can also disrupt the class by disturbing ALL the other children who have already become involved in the school day.



Doors open at 8:45 and close at 9:00.
Children arriving after this time must be signed in the late book by an adult.
School finishes at 3:00pm


Attendance and Punctuality Rewards

At Netherton Moss Primary School we like to encourage and praise children who attend school regularly. Throughout the year our staff work closely with families providing support to help overcome barriers in improving attendance. Throughout the year there are many opportunities for children to win many exciting prizes through celebrating good punctuality and attendance.


Look at what we do at Netherton Moss to help improve attendance:


  • Weekly attendance and punctuality stickers in each class
  • Junior class receives a trophy for best weekly attendance
  • Infant class receives ‘SAM the Bear’ for best weekly attendance
  • Raffle for 100% attendance and punctuality (2 x £5 gift vouchers each week)
  • Half termly certificates for attendance of 98% and above
  • Termly certificates for attendance of 98% and above
  • Annual raffle for excellent attendance and punctuality
  • Year 6 award and £20 gift voucher presented at leavers assembly for the best attendee whilst at Netherton Moss (Last year we had three winners)
  • Year 6 award and £20 gift voucher presented at leavers assembly for the best timekeeper whilst at Netherton Moss (Last year we had two winners)
  • Annual celebration for 100% attendance with all the schools in our Horizon cluster
  • Annual big prize for one lucky fabulous attendee with good punctuality.


Harvey Jones won £100 worth of Toys R Us vouchers for his fantastic attendance and punctuality last year.