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Welcome to Daisy Class 2018-19

Week Two: Nature is Alive


The wellies had arrived, the smiles beamed and the sun was shining… let’s begin our second week of Forest School.


Jayne arrived but this time with a special letter for Daisy Class. It was from our friend the hedgehog.


The letter explained that we had to ‘be kind to nature’ and we had to be careful of our surroundings. The letter explained to the children how nature is a living thing, from the trees to the grass to the tiny insects. We had to be KIND.


We were off… firstly, we had to go on a jigsaw hunt. Finding all the big jigsaws pieces was hard in the leafy forest. But we did it!! Putting the pieces together was another task.


Around the wood circle/fire pit, Jayne spoke about how we have to be really careful if there was a ‘real’ campfire.


The exploring continued. This time the aim was bigger and better; a tent for all thirty children!! With help from some of our Daisy Class members, the tent was constructed. Beaming smiles all around!


The water was back; this time the children were making special ‘nature soups’ and ‘magical nature potions’ (one that could make you invisible!).


Recipe for the soup;

Grass, water, twigs, more grass and a little more grass.


As well as learning about nature being alive found out how we can USE nature, for example, using crushed leaves to make a liquid which we can paint with! COOL!


We also learnt about the different smells in nature; this week we learned about Lavender.


With the relaxing smell of Lavender still with us, the second week was over. Bring on the third week.

The Colours of May


Daisy Class has been covered in colours this term.


We have been learning all about colours; mixing colours, looking at the work of Jackson Pollock and Piet Mondrian, and also going on some colour hunts around the classroom and outside.


The rainbow has been a feature of the term, we have been making our own rainbows using salt dough and paint!


Colours have allowed us to explore not only painting, but also to explore and experiment with different textures.

Mixing paints has been fun too! We have been mixing the primary colours and seeing what colours they make.


We are also going to look at chameleons; how they change colour and how we could create our own chameleons using different materials.


Elmer’ has been the story of the week, we have been reading one of ‘Elmer’s tales each day.


Let’s go on a colour hunt!

Our Second Classroom


 Whatever the weather Daisy Class bring the classroom outdoors but fortunately for us this week the sun has been shining on Netherton Moss.


The outside area allows us to explore learning outside. This week we have been painting outside, threading and weaving, constructing as well as using the sand pit and the mud kitchen.


Number work using chalk outside is always a big hit, making number work fun and different.


However, outside is just as fun for some well needed busy time as well!!


Week One: Exploring Nature


Waterproof jackets – ü

Own clothes - ü

Hats/sun cream- ü

30 wellies-ü


This tick list could only mean one thing Forest Schools is BACK!!


With Jayne the forest ranger ready to explore, Daisy Class are taken out of the walls of the school and into the green, leafy, and certainly muddy ‘forest’ in the grounds.


With the ‘wooden circle’ safely constructed by everyone finding twigs and the boundary rope laid out … the fun can begin.


After learning all about being safe in the woods, the nature hunt can begin.

We searched for all different shapes and sizes of leaves. Looking around for the different colours in the forest while also being aware of looking after and ‘being kind’ to nature.


After we had snack time outside (which was exciting!), the children were allowed to explore even further. The mud was a big hit, some children even helped Jayne construct a tent! While others decided to use different types of nature’s materials to create some lovely pictures!


After we had all tidied away and joined Jayne back around the circle. We looked forward to getting our wellies on again next Tuesday!!

New noisy members of Daisy Class


We had some new members of Netherton Moss today. Some were furry, some were smooth, some had wings and some had lots and lots of tiny legs. Good job we had ‘Boo’s Zoo 2 You’ to show us what they were!!


Daisy Class had a fantastic morning looking at all the different animals today. We learnt all about where the animals lived, what food they ate and what was special about them.


Some members of Daisy Class were very very brave and even held snakes (Including Miss Ramzan but Mr Riley stayed a distance away from the snakes!).


There were meerkats, snakes, guinea pigs, owls, millipedes and many more. We look forward to seeing them again soon!

Happy Easter from Daisy Class!!

Picture 1

EGG-cellent end of term


The end of term was wrapped up with the Easter Experience, an Easter bonnet competition and a very special visitor…


The 5th of April had arrived and so did thirty Easter bonnets!! We created our own Easter egg design and we also learnt all about spring. During the Easter Experience, the visitors from St. Oswald’s spoke to Daisy Class all about Easter, along with activities that helped us learn all about the Easter story.


After lunchtime Daisy Class had noticed some footprints all around our class. The footprints led us all around the classroom eventually leading us to the BIG box of chocolate treats!!


We then found a letter underneath the box…

Daisy and the Beanstalk


Jack and the Beanstalk  gave Daisy Class an idea. If Jack had beanstalk why couldn’t we? And so that is what we did. We each planted a runner bean. We watered them, cared for them and watched them grow.


Weeks had gone by but still no Giant… but our ‘beanstalks’ carried on growing.


We measured each of our ‘beanstalks’ every day in number work. At the end of term we then, using our knowledge of growing and measuring, worked as a class to put the ‘beanstalks’ in order of size.


Here is the outcome…

Outside fun


Thirty children + magic’ window pens and chalks = a colourful outside area!


The windows are now decorated with spellings, letters, pictures and more!! While the floor (and many other surfaces) are covered in lovely colourful chalk drawings!!


While the chalks and pens allow the children to become creative, they also help encourage writing and spelling.


Outside = learning!!

We had a GIANT visitor today


Friday treat time with no biscuits?? What are we meant to do??


On Friday morning we had 30 very surprised and shocked faces as they came into Daisy Class and found out that the Giant had not only made a mess but had eaten ALL of our biscuits!!


Later that day we went out to look for the Giant, looking around for any signs of him!! We found biscuit crumbs everywhere… and then we found MASSIVE footprints in the mud!! But still no sighting of the Giant, we will make sure we lock our biscuits away this week!!

Picture 1



Number Work – Number Dice


One way of making number work fun and active is adding a number dice into the mix!!


With everyone having a go in the circle, it allowed for the whole class to develop their number skills. We would roll the dice and whatever number it would land on we would have to add another number to it and work out the answer! For example, if the dice landed on the number 4 we would ask them to add on 3 and so on.


Rolling the dice allowed for number work to be different and fun; the children explored numbers but with a fun activity!!


Number Work – Heavier and Lighter


A bean bag or a toy fish?

A tennis ball or a pencil?


Today in Daisy class we learnt all about weight!! We used items in our classroom to see what was heavier and what was lighter. We then had to put the objects in the right columns; heavier or lighter. We all enjoyed using our scales and exploring different types of weight!!


The sun is out and so is Daisy Class


We are very lucky to have our own outside area and when the sun does eventually appear, there is nothing to stop us all going out to explore!! With the sand pit and mud kitchen we are not afraid of getting messy (with our overalls and wellies on of course). The magnifying glasses and binoculars help us explore the outside world even closer!!


Outside allows our Daisies to explore; getting muddy, getting messy in the sand and even finding new career prospects (future mechanics perhaps).


With tree stumps allowing us to have outside circle time and the watering utensils to help us keep our Daisy plants growing…the outside area becomes alive with our mini daisy explorers!



Daisy Orchestra


On Wednesday afternoons it is certain that you can hear the tapping of tambourines, the shaking of maracas and beating of the drums being played as you walk past Daisy Class.


Using our listening skills we can copy and repeat musical beats! Our mini musicians can also tap out their names using the instruments!!


We may have a couple of future musicians in our class!! 





There is a lot of measuring to be done.

This week Daisy Class noticed something had appeared in our classroom… To their amazement, it was a magic giant BEANSTALK!!

This past week in Daisy Class we have been reading ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ together which we have loved. So much so we have been doing role play with some of our fantastic mini actors!!

On a normal Tuesday morning some of our Daisies noticed something strange had appeared … GIANT FOOTPRINTS!!

  The Giant has been… he has climbed down the magic Beanstalk Mr Riley!!”

Two MASSIVE footprints had been found with a GIANT letter as well, the letter asked our Daisies to find items in the classroom that may be LONGER or SHORTER than the Giants footprints but first some of our Daisies wanted to see if their feet would be the same as the Giants and so we started to measure.

After all the measuring had been done, it was now time to plant our very own magic beans with Mrs Jones…

We will have to wait and see if our beanstalks grow as big as the one in the story. However something tells me that it is not the last we have seen of the Giant and his boots…

Red Nose Day 2019


Mufti day had arrived and so did thirty red noses… with our pound coins collected and all of our red cupcakes eaten, Red Nose Day was a success!!

Thankfully no one lost their red nose either!!

The Tin Forest


During World Book Week, all the classes in Netherton Moss had been reading the same book; The Tin Forest…

There was once a wide, windswept place… but where there is a dream hope can grow.’

After reading the book as a class, Mrs Jones asked the class a few questions; how did they think the ‘old man’ felt at the beginning and at the end of the book. Mrs Jones also asked the class to describe the setting at the beginning of the book… “sad” “dark” “silver” “dirty” and at the end of the book “happy” “rainbow” “animals” “flowers” and “green”.

We then on our tables drew the ‘old mans’ dream, adding colour to his once ‘windswept place’. Daisy Class also wrote letters to the ‘old man’ describing what they liked the most in his jungle, there was some fantastic handwriting in class!

  The week was jam packed full of fun and creative thing to be done; we drew our own dreams, we painted and added 3D materials to our drawings, we created tin birds and flowers… AND we even planted our own seeds (currently watching them grow and making sure our watering monitor keeps them well watered!)

The Tin Forest allowed our Daisies to explore colours, materials, shapes (2D and 3D) and most importantly we had fun in the process. Successful week I think!!

Pancake Day 2019


Pancake Day had arrived… and so did thirty very excited Daisy Class pupils!! We wrote our own recipes and we got to design our very own pancakes in class. It was a chocolate, strawberry, syrup, marshmallow and sprinkled delight after playtime!! We then created our very own ‘Daisy Class Tally Chart’ about our favourite toppings.

In the afternoon Mr Riley and groups of five went next door into Poppy Classes very own pancake shop!! Using our class coins some of Daisy Class purchased a pancake each from the shop and they were delicious!!

It is safe to say everyone enjoyed Pancake Day, with our chocolate and sprinkled covered faces!!



For World Book Day, Netherton Moss had a pyjama day!! The pupils had to bring in their favourite bedtime story; we had The Gruffalo, Paw Patrol, Room on the Broom and many more!! After talking and showing the class all about our favourite books, we then shared some of our stories with Poppy Class next door!! It was a super day for Daisy Class.

Picture 1

March Madness


Daisy class have a lot of things planned for the month of March; World Book Day, Pancake Day, Mother’s Day and of course some fairy tales along the way… speaking of fairy tales has anyone seen my porridge??

February Sunshine!!


The sun was shining on Daisy Class in February!! One afternoon Mr Riley and Mrs Jones opened up the outside area for the whole class; the sand pit, the mud kitchen and construction!! We made sure we all had our overalls and our wellies on before we went exploring. We built sandcastles and we even made our famous ‘Daisy Muddy Soup’. Unfortunately the rain came for a couple of days after but we will be straight outside when the sun appears again (we hope)!!


3…2...1…BLAST OFF!!


This term Daisy class has been exploring space!! The role play area magically turned into a “very cool” space machine for the term (which went down very well with our little astronauts). We learned about all the different planets; using paints and foam we even created our own planets with Mrs Jones!! We also created our new ‘Daisy Cinema’ and we had fun doing some space yoga!! The yoga has now became a weekly routine to bring calmness and relaxation to our busy days in Daisy class!!


Mrs Jones, Miss Ramzan and Mr Riley also received a very special gift from ‘The Man On The Moon’!! A special night light that projected stars and the moon around our class room; the children loved the lights and wanted to write a letter to say thank you and so that’s what we did!! (We will be sending the letters to ‘space’ and hopefully get a response for next term).


We have loved learning about space this term and we are really looking forward to next terms topic… FAIRYTALES!!

Chinese New Year!!


We also celebrated Chinese New Year in Daisy Class!! We learnt all about the history of the New Year celebrations; we read books as a class, we watched videos of the celebrations and we also tried some Chinese food!! Noodles and prawn crackers were a hit with the children!! The children also created their own lucky red envelopes with a chocolate coin inside for the celebration!! Using gold markers they gave Chinese writing ago and loved it! Very happy with their creations, as you can see in the photos! However for some strange reason some of the chocolates coins do not make it home for some our children!! Wonder why with the chocolate around their mouths!!

Picture 1

January chills!!


2019 brought cold and more cold!!

Mr Riley loves the snow and so he decided to take Daisy class outside to the wintery wonderland!! Wrapped up in our coats, hats, gloves and scarfs of course!! The children loved trying to catch the snowflakes falling down, and even some children tried to count them as they fell down from the sky!! (Who knew snowflakes and number work would be such a good match!!). As well as number work, Mr Riley also asked the children to describe the snow; what does it feels like? What does it look like and so on. We received some superb responses!!

Welcome to Daisy Class 2018-19


What a great start to our new year in Daisy Class. Everyone has settled in really well and they  have been busy exploring their new classroom.

Topic Letter

Welcome to Daisy!



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Summer Term Topic Letter

Mrs Clucas's last day in Daisy Class.


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