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Curriculum and Organisation

At Netherton Moss we view the curriculum as an integrated body with connections across all subject areas. Please click on the Essentials Content below for a general overview of the curriculum across the school from Year 1 to Year 6.

The links below will take you to other sites with related content that we have used to support teaching these areas in the past. You may well find them useful to support your child’s learning at home.


They are external sites and so we have no control over how they might change. Do let us know if you spot anything inappropriate.


If you need to see the more technical description on each area you are welcome to come and read our policies on any subject in school.

Our Curriculum


  • is broad and balanced
  • encompasses the National Curriculum
  • strives to stimulate the imagination


The Core subjects are English, Maths, Science, ICT and RE, with all other subjects included in the under the headingFoundation subjects. The government has published a document entitled ‘Excellence and Enjoyment‘  which urges schools to become more creative and, as the name suggests, bring enjoyment back into the curriculum. We welcome this, as we hope the enjoyment was always there! Religious Education RE is conducted according to the 1988 Education Reform Act. We teach it largely through festivals – of both Christian and other religions – as well as consideration of feelings, attitudes and values. The inclusion of other faiths and cultures is a vital aspect of RE. Parents have the right to withdraw children from the Daily Act of Collective Worship. Sex Education This is taught as part of our comprehensive Health Programme. The staff, together with the governors, has developed the schemes of work. There is extensive consultation with parents. The Education Act of 1994 gives parents the right to withdraw children from those parts of the Sex Education programme which are not included in the National Curriculum. We have achieved all the Standards in the Healthy School Scheme. Record of Achievement The record of achievement is a positive reflection of each children’s many successes collected through their school life. The children, staff and parents can make contributions. It is concerned with all aspects of the child’s development – interests, hobbies, thoughts and feelings, as well as academic achievement. The Record of Achievement will be taken with the child when the time comes to leave Netherton Moss and pass on to their next stage of education. Special Educational Needs Every child is an individual and therefore has special needs. We deal with all our children on this basis, but, when it is considered that a child has a particular learning need, we follow the DfES’s Code of Practice on the identification and assessment of Special Needs. This sets out different stages during which the special needs are assessed and involves the class teacher, Special Needs Co-ordinator, support teacher and specialist from outside the school and the parents. The process may result in a formal Statement of Special Educational Needs. Additional funding is available for children at this stage of the Code of Practice. Assessment Assessment goes on all the time. Your child’s progress is noted at every stage by the teacher so that appropriate new work can be planned. However, in addition, at the end of each Key Stage the children must complete prescribed tasks and/or tests in the Core Subjects. Homework Policy The government has issued guidance on homework that recommends small amounts of regular homework. Many children enjoy working at home and it is a good way of involving parents with their child’s learning.  Each term children will bring home  letter telling you about the work they are doing in class and asking you to help in certain ways. In addition, we have developed the following programme of homework:


Early Years Unit Year 1 & 2 Year 3 & 4 Year 4, 5 & 6
  • sharing a book every night.
  • Reading each night
  • small list of spellings once a week
  • topic related activities
  • Reading each night
  • spellings once a week
  • maths, English or topic related activities
  • Reading each night
  • spellings once a week
  • maths, English or topic related activities
  • revision work for SAT


We ask all parents to discuss the homework with their children and help to make sure that it is brought back to school on the designated day. Children may not get all activities every week. Physical Education Our aim in this area is based on developing each child to his/her full potential from the point of view of both skills and fitness. There is, of course, no difference in PE between girls and boys. We recognise the importance for every child of learning to swim and be safe in water. Children in years three and four swim all year and occasionally, some children in year five may be encouraged to continue to extend and consolidate the progress they have made for a time. Organised, competitive sport is and extra curricula activity, with thriving teams in running and football. We are very fortunate in having extensive playing fields, separate gymnasium and hall.


  • Swimming:All children need a towel and swimming cap.
  • Boys: close fitting trunks/shorts – not loose, flapping shorts.
  • Girls: swimming costume – not bikini
  • Verrucca socks are available from the school office.
  • Earrings are not to be worn.
  • Gym/dance: All children – dark blue shorts and white T-shirt.
  • Pumps or bare feet.
  • Out door PE: All children – dark blue shorts and white T-shirt. Children can wear track suites as well, in colder weather.
  • Trainers